Vial audit results imminent & other stories

You may have seen this mad lad, badass in Christ:

IG here:
Thomas Humphrey. Ask him when the results are coming out, would you?

They were happy to inject him with it and let him carry it out in his blood, but carrying it out in his hand made them upset? It’s his. It’s free. Free means he can take it and do as he pleases.
The panicked ‘nurse’ reaction is telling. So it isn’t poison but we’re not allowed to check? They’d be legally responsible for administering it, like Aktion T4’s Nuremberg ruling. Following orders is no excuse.


When are the results? Why is nobody covering this?
Is no news, good news? Are they doing follow-ups because the findings are that bad?
It turns out, he wasn’t stealing them (maybe?) because he had a letter inviting him to pick them up, and free is free. But they still arrested him, later. On other charges, trumped up, it seems.
How many tests are they throwing at this thing?

At least a month. It’s been two.
Cut the music, man. Too loud!

After Midazolam was covered up with a false flag affair, NHS wanting to cover up blood damage in the walking jabbed temporarily when flu season hits in SEPTEMBER. Just in time to get emergency trials extended in October… because LOOK, DA SAFETY!

End 2024. But two jabs and you’re allowed to be human again, right, normies?

Once it’s in, it doesn’t come out. There is no proven limit to shedding, hence herd targets.

Natural ACE2 blockers may not work against this, by design. By all means try, pine needle tea and such. Ebay usually has good teas, including liquorice root in capsule form if you hate the taste. I’d take cysteine in case, with d3/k2 and C. Oh wait, I’m already taking most of those (not all) and hardly a sniffle. Actually, not one sniffle. No coof. MAGICAL.
nb. Eating lots of dark chocolate for the antioxidants (polyphenols help vitamin C) and trace minerals as well. Lindt does good Swiss bars on Amazon. The apocalypse is delicious. I would eat these anyway. Green tea is a good idea. White tea has most antioxidants. Want to add kelp with iodine. You can get liposomal Vitamin C but pricey. You can mix used tea with chocolate and eat it for added benefit.

Freedom of association looms and the mutant lepers are slowly realising.

As if I needed an excuse to avoid hippies and Boomers. I repeat myself.

Meanwhile, people are noticing the part of the Florida Bill I quoted a while back. Well, kinda. They really should reference my quoting of it. I was DETAILED.

DCA as cancer cure too. Proof why patents are needed, or the R/D equation is impossible, unless all companies are Gov-backed. However, forcing them to cease with-holding cures would be a good law too.
Beginning is pharma, 28m is !vaxx Floridean BS.

This is a war of principalities. Q warned us.

Brits warned not to wrangle a second Pfizer vaccine early: Study finds eight weeks is the ‘sweet spot’ between doses amid fears young people are trying to get follow-up jab quicker to go on holiday

Actually TWELVE:

It comes on the back of studies by AstraZeneca and Pfizer showing immunity is strongest when there is a twelve-week pause between doses. 

Given the MRI scan avoidance, how can you deny magnetism? And metal detectors at airports?

It found antibodies tended to drop off between doses but T-cells — a vital part of the immune system — remained at the same level, meaning people were still protected against the virus. 

FOUR TIMES A YEAR. 12 weeks = 3 months. Every 3 months. 4x a year.

It doesn’t actually work and never did.

So every 12 weeks or never again? Which is it? If t-cells are fine, you only need it once.

Researchers found antibody levels against the Delta variant low after a single dose and dropped off before the second dose. But they were strong after both jabs.

So the Variant India claimed didn’t exist, doesn’t matter. Neither does any other.

The Prime Minister claimed the new aim was for all adults to be fully inoculated by mid-September, when coronavirus rates are expected to rise and the NHS grapples with seasonal winter pressures.

They’re lying about uptake. They’ll use ADE and reactions filling hospitals as excuse for extension.


Why has the Government recently announced a tender for anticoagulants of 3,000,000,000? This is 2% of the entire NHS’s operating budget! Or put another way, 17 times more than was spent on anti-coagulants than last year. Why, exactly?

reply: Probably for the same reason Westminster Council put out a tender for “Temporary Body Storage Service”

Imagine destroying your heart (guard your heart) to go to Magaluf. At least Hell is warmer.

If your reason to have a medical procedure is to go on holiday then you seriously need to look at yourself in the mirror. A decision like this should not be made lightly because once it’s in you, it can’t be reversed. Theres no taking it out.. you should only have it if you personally feel threatened, at risk etx etc, not for some sunshine! Unforgivable.

The covid vaccines are the ONLY vaccines in the UK to have ’emergency authorisation’, people should really learn what that actually means before they decide to ‘sign’ the consent forms and get jabbed.

They have to go after the normal soon, with full dehumanisation tactics, because if the mutant sees a healthy control group, they’re finished. The Narrative collapses.

Here come the excuses

But Covid jabs are not a perfect shield. They slow the spread of the virus, help prevent disease, and reduce the risk of dying. They do not bring all this to an end.

they slow nothing, if anything it spreads faster now
they prevent nothing, peak infections now
they increase the risk of death by NHS data, the more injections the more fatality

“Imagine if all adults had already been fully vaccinated,” says Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University. “We know there would still be some hospitalisations, because the vaccines aren’t perfect, but for adults all those hospitalisations would be in vaccinated people. That wouldn’t mean the vaccines don’t help, just that they don’t provide perfect protection – and nobody ever said that they did.”

But they did, actually. Note the backpedal. Practically can see the smoke.

They don’t provide any protection.

Still transmitting, still infected, and majority of the fatal.

“If fully vaccinated, the risk of being hospitalised falls by about 90%,” said Prof David Spiegelhalter, chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, at Cambridge University. “But it doesn’t disappear, and as a large proportion of the highest risk people are now vaccinated it’s inevitable they will start to form the majority of the people with Covid in hospital, particularly as most of the unvaccinated people are young and therefore at low risk. Indeed, being young reduces the risk even more than being vaccinated.”

So there’s no reason to get it.
Let alone mandate it.

When it comes to deaths from Covid a fully vaccinated 80-year-old has a similar risk to an unvaccinated 50-year-old.


Future twists and turns in the pandemic may yet change the mathematics. Having a large wave of infections with roughly half the UK population vaccinated provides ripe conditions for a variant that can better evade the protection of vaccines.

If you’re wondering how the witch trials happened.

And suddenly menopause causes heavy bleeding. Er, no? Actually less. Heavy periods mean higher oestrogen, lower oestrogen means lighter or missed periods. Nothing about hormone levels, because this is a red herring for the jabs.

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