UK concentration camps

There is no need for mega prisons when deportations exist and most of the criminals are foreign.

Mega prisons… yeah they’ve been built before, actually. They were called camps.

Considering the timing, there’s only one thing these can be. Weird how the news doesn’t cover this, and it’s been largely forgotten, despite being official news.

It’s possible the crematorium next door could be used for quick disposal (high turnover permits low capacity), or this could be for political prisoners who speak out – at first, then go for everyone else with the army (explaining low capacity). It could be that mandating eternal boosters of anything they want to experiment on you with, might become an excuse (however temporary the law before being struck down) to imprison wrongthinkers on the subject – you know, the plebs who think they have a right to freedom without conditions and surveillance.
Or it might be like the plot from the Island, since they have special women’s facilities – maybe the non-mutant women would be victims of state sponsored rape programmes for the ‘public good’ i.e. demographic replacement, once everyone else is found infertile? Either way, it doesn’t look good but nobody is talking about it. That is eerie.

I think a maternity ward and its size would settle the matter.

The women needn’t birth their own children btw, IVF tools also come under the technical definition of rape (with an object). As does forced injections into the body against the person’s will. Anything less than a consent requirement *(due to Nuremberg and others) treats them as subhuman.

Family would feel content to report on family because they think it’s re-education or rehab or literally a forced jab facility. As if people would need more proof of the evil. When their relatives never come back… or they’re sent fake letters… it’ll be too late. Straight outta the Nazi playbook. But at least they felt like Good Citizens while betraying their kin.

It could be a flip moment and imprison unvaccinated for THEIR safety if the jab is found to shed….

A forced quarantine.

comment quotes

”New Children’s Prison – The government is also opening a ‘Secure School’ in Kent; a prison where children between the ages of 12-17 are locked up. It will be run by evangelical Christians, Oasis, and imprison more than 70 children as part of a wave of new children’s prisons that Corporate Watch reported on last year. Read a full profile on Oasis here”


Pretty sure we’re doomed. Even if Trump comes back I have lost all faith in the levers of power. Even if it happens this year, so much damage he has allowed to do by stepping down. So what if China wanted to nuke Chicago, nothing of value would be lost! versus practically most white people in the West being injected with something already causing baby deaths and miscarriage a la Children of Men.

“”The Prison Estates Transformation Programme that aims to create 10,000 new prison places by 2020 through the construction of six mega prisons and five new ‘residential centres’ for women””

Do they haz maternity wards and how large?

Why would women kept away from men in a prison, require a whole maternity wing?

So what, the breeder mares will be put in there then?

That’s not funny. That’s every woman’s worst nightmare. Most women would rather die than that.

“I believe the French have been rioting big time yesterday (Bastille day), over Macrons plans to make vaccines mandatory – the bit about 1 million people signing up for the vaccine after Macrons announcement is pure Behavioural Science Propaganda spread by MSM though of course the MSM wont cover The actual Backlash by the people rioting and show how people are waking up to this Deception. .”

Could be Great Awakening, probably too late now because you just couldn’t tell Grandma to piss off, could you? You just couldn’t tell the Boomer NO for once in their entitled fucking lives. They’ve been experimenting with substances since Woodstock, let only them get it and snuff it. Leave everyone else ALONE.

A lady phoned in to yesterday’s Alex Jones show describing it as a re-education camp which at a glance is a correct assessment? Maybe it’s for all the people who sent abusive tweets to Rashford…

Brainwashing is accompanied by torture or it doesn’t work. And everyone breaks under torture.

And yes, it’s next to a crematorium.


‘The prison estate will include 16 classrooms and 24 workshops for high-quality academic and vocational learning. Our aim is for all residents to have a meaningful qualification when they leave.

So you’re rewarding criminals with free gibs, best case scenario, but hard working law abiding normal people can’t get free academic learning?

After all the pathological altruism from do-gooder traitors, I’m of the opinion the anti-white whites deserve whatever happens to them. Certainly, once all the useful whites are out of the way, whichever method, dispensing of such high IQ people strategically vital to First World Living Standards is going to kill everyone else regardless. So if we go, we’re taking the whole world with us. China has Marxist money printer and can’t even build a dam. Victorians could, from scratch, mostly by hand. That’s IQ. It’s important.

They expect that painting their eggs gold mean it’s okay to eat the golden goose. When the machines stop running and they can’t figure out why, not being smart enough to build the fucking thing in the first place, only THEN will they realise they fucked up – alas, too late. Monkey see monkey do is not IQ, it’s a parlour trick. Build a decent fucking dam and we’ll talk. Stop forging your transcripts and cheating in office and we’ll talk.

With the expected opening in early 2022, a one of a kind new generation category C purpuse build Prison for the future; HMP Five Wells will be an integral part of the local community. The prison will have state of the art healthcare facilities, with a range of clinical spaces both within a dedicated centre and also out on the wings with an operational capacity of 1,680 by November 2022.

Does that include maternity wing, yes or no?

And what is said capacity of it?

Remember, RNA trial ends 2023, currently. Sheer coincidence.

I don’t care what the cost is, if I can say no to countless men before, I can turn down the offer of Boris’ secret sauce. The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not wander.

comment: Trailer for The Gray State film which I don’t think got released as the producer, his wife young child and dog got killed – perhaps it was a bit too near the truth?

But the good little goat herd will feel like super smart, extra special little goats for punishing those nasty, nasty lambs. They should’ve just complied with the “authorities”, no matter what they were saying.

Evil feels good. So they’ll feel righteous.

55 seconds – Fed news. Clever.

End, Freemason Apron. Butchers of the sacrificial lamb.

When they make it compulsory to buy food, it’s definitely the Mark. As per Revelations.

Apparently Ontario is combining food stamps with ‘vaccine’ cards or something? Rumours about EBT and other things vital for life.

comment re prison camps:

I would bet that anyone coming into the prison system unjabbed won’t retain that status for very long.

If it were just about injecting people, there’d be no need for holding facilities. They’d just be taken into an army base and sent home. They don’t want to send them home.

The issue of how to “motivate” vaccine compliance has generated increasing interest, with commentators such as Mike Cernovich writing: “Government won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine.”

Just like Aktion T4, they’re coming for the disabled kids.

Note the legal wording:

No medicine is completely safe and all are a balance of risk and benefit.

But the Pfizer jab wouldn’t have been approved for UK use if it wasn’t considered safe.

The approval people can see the future?

Recovery from heart damage is a myth, heart failure is progressive.

Both Pfizer and Moderna are conducting trials of their vaccines on children as young as six months old.

They’re now saying the RNA people can be causing variants. So when the ADE happens, they can say they told ya so.

As more of us become immune, through vaccination and catching Covid, the more beneficial it is for the virus to evolve ways of dodging that immunity – known as immune escape.

ModRNA doesn’t make you immune. Natural exposure might and herd immunity from that was in APRIL.

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  1. Funny that it is a ‘Nazi play’ when it is the jews doing it. As bright as you are, you really ought to study that subject in greater detail.

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