WTF is the Chanel guillotine?

If a person resists, arm and leg restraints spring forth from recessed compartments, rendering the victim immobile. Moreover, the smart guillotines employ biometric scanning, including facial recognition technology to exonerate persons mistakenly placed on the guillotine for execution.

The Deep State, and by association FEMA, recognized that some of its own people’s heads might accidentally wind up on the chopping block. They had to devise a way to stop the blade from lopping off friendly heads. So, when a person is face down waiting for the blade to fall, the computer scans the face and iris. If it matches a friendly face stored in a database, the blade won’t fall, and the person is set free.

After Obama left office, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security kept the smart guillotine project alive, using slush funds and black project money to fund three thousand of the villainous devices, each of which reportedly cost seventeen million dollars. FEMA ordered them from the Chinese, because the agency “felt guilty” about using Made-in-America products to execute Americans. In addition, the Chinese versions are less costly.

Upon a further look:

They’re claiming it’s “art”.

Created by – but does it work?

I agree with OP, they’re trying to make the beheading part in the Bible real. It’s too specific.

Even in the best case scenario it shows where the rich and powerful’s thoughts lie. And how sick they are.

But the criminal codes described about lethal execution are real. America is known for that.

comment: This is subject matter to inquire of Donald Trump as to whether he can verify that these were delivered by Obama.

So far, he can’t even verify an election. Don’t hold your breathe.

I see a story going round about Supreme Court but it seems to refer to this old case:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has admitted that, in direct violation of Federal law, it failed to provide a single vaccine safety report to Congress for thirty years, according to Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

“The 1986 National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act granted economic immunity to pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries and hence eviscerated their economic incentive for them to take responsibility for vaccine safety,” says Bigtree. “Market forces driving vaccine safety were simply eliminated.”

Congress therefore charged the Secretary of HHS with the explicit responsibility to assure vaccine safety. Biannual reports of HHS’s progress in improving vaccine safety were to be submitted to Congress. Yet, as ICAN has now proven, these reports were never created.

The 1986 Act shifted financial liability for vaccine injuries to the U.S. Government which has since 1986 paid over $3.9 billion for serious vaccine injuries.

That would be one way to destroy the Old World Order- bankruptcy.

I mean it could be true but I see no case number:

so file it under false until more numbers.

Just like this article claiming Harry and Meghan are dead. The Queen wishes. But she’s listed too.

SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS. I doubt Britney was in on this.

“BORIS JOHNSON ARRESTED & EXECUTED” – …..really? I know he disappeared with coof, but no.

JOHNNY DEPP ARRESTED & EXECUTED – He’s living in England, has for a while, as I mentioned before. He’s English so. Cotswolds or Sussex, depending where he wants to stay. I know the exact address of both and would be very surprised if he was dead, since I know people (one a Youtuber) who’ve seen him walking around with a loaf of bread tucked under his arm.

Granted, that was some months ago. But corpses are terrible at playing guitar. I’ve posted in person photos of him from the front of a concert, he’s goooood. He has a village in France to avoid people but he needs to be here for the case and hates speaking French.

I can tell this list is fake by cross-referencing the Epstein numbers, including one Ralph Fiennes. The English chin is distinctive as the name. Friend to Tilda Swinton, friend of Polanski and avid defender.

Emmanuel Macron PRES, OF FRANCE ARRESTED & EXECUTED – this one may be prognostic. If one country grows some balls, it’d be France.

Gal Gadot ARRESTED & EXECUTED – dubious, since she’s Israeli.

It is odd, however, how many child abuse cases are being prosecuted with high profile figures.

But one name is notably absent regarding CDAN’s and other gossip (true) info – Henry Cavill. He’s openly worked with the Chinese. And their minors.

There is some truth to it like the name Paul Ingram

The case is often cited by proponents[who?] of the idea that satanic ritual abuse actually exists as proof because Ingram was found guilty; in reality, Ingram was never charged with “satanic ritual abuse” but with six counts of rape in the third degree, and received an unusually long sentence – rather than a maximum of three and a half years, he was sentenced to twenty years.[5] The “satanic” aspects of the case were dropped by the prosecution[6] although the appearance of Satan was integral to Ingram’s confessions. The case has also been compared to the Salem witch trials.[7][8]

Why is the sentence for rape so short?

As the case proceeded, the accusations increased in scope and detail. Ingram was also accused of participating in hundreds of satanic rituals including the slaughter of 25 babies. Ericka claimed she had caught a sexually transmitted disease from him, and had a baby aborted when near term.[12][13]

False memory doesn’t exist. Or no testimony would ever be valid.

You can prove genetics of an STD to trace the same strain back to another person.

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