Scotland: Covid “vaccine” deadlier than Covid (FOI)

h/t Vox Day

to quote VD HERE:

“So, 59.6 people per month died of Covid (as opposed to WITH Covid), while 788.9 people per month have died within 28 days of being injected with a Covid vaccine. That suggests – it does not prove, but it suggests – that the Covid vaccines may be more lethal than the disease they are supposed to prevent.”

13x deadlier.

If we assume 88 of those were fluke deaths (a grand assumption) then it’s down to 700 v 60 (that’s fair) and becomes instead:

11.6x deadlier.

Removing 88 from 788 is way larger than the usual margin of error at 5% for measurement.

An ORDER OF MAGNITUDE MORE FATAL (assuming ‘wild’ coof dead weren’t intubated to death instead or lethal injectioned with Midazolam).


“However, since the total average monthly deaths in Scotland in 2018 was 4,875, it is unlikely that a random distribution would result in nearly 20 percent of all deaths being the deaths of those who were very recently vaccinated.”


For once I whole-heartedly agree.

More jabbees are probably going down as accidents and strokes, sudden heart attack.

Meanwhile, a man in hospital (Texas) was held down and forced a few months ago.

Press charges, for regular assault and needle-rape and for Nuremberg human rights violation. Take it international.

They’ll try to call you crazy. You do not consent to be part of an experiment. It’s that simple. You’ve seen the Gov data

You do not need a reason. No is a reason.

Denmark might wake up.

Doctors predict 62% fatally at risk due to D-dimer.

Who are we supposed to get antibodies from if the Useful Idiots have no control group? There are dozens of types of antibodies produced by natural viral infection. 1 (ONE) spike is nothing to mutate around.

It isn’t even the virus.

re UK: Mental Capacity Act means they can experiment on people, but they can’t assault them. Evil. That’s why they’re forcing it on disabled kids here, they don’t have to consent. They can also run experiments without the victim’s knowledge, things they’d normally need to pay for. Pure evil. They’ve been phoning around, trying to claim people were ‘vulnerable’ read: to them, when they weren’t. Vulnerable is legal wording in that and other docs like it. This is another Aktion T4 and the seals who clapped for the NHS will curse them.
The price for killing you, comrade? £10 a head (as quoted from previous NHS link I covered, a page on uptake).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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