My protocol and why, for each part

Why now? Lots of sales are on now, online.


[actually not kidding, for once]

This is based on absolutely no unnecessary exposure to potential shedders. I’m still avoiding them. Be cautious, not cocky. I could be totally wrong with this but I’d be doing it anyway, spike factories about or no. I’m not your doctor, I’m not my own doctor. This is my opinion of what works based on what I’m personally doing. If you have something that works, including homemade quinine, keep doing that. However, I haven’t been ill with a virus…. since I was a child, actually. I almost constantly had colds as a child and sought to find solutions. I’m unusually resilient to them now (the odd sniffle for ten minutes, every two years) and my habits appear to be why. This situation may no longer apply with an artificial GoF (gain of function) variation but I’m not about to idiotically test it on purpose so here we go:

AVOID tap water – this is just common sense. Fluoride and other trace toxins like cadmium mess with your immunity and brain and absorption of vitamins. Lead is in many old pipes in the First World. Mineral water, ideally in glass bottles, is not a luxury. If I had a well, I’d use that. Sick people have pissed in that pleb water. AVOID.


AVOID processed sugar, as much as possible. A little is fine, especially as pure opaque wildflower honey. Locally made is best for allergies. Got hayfever once. ONCE. Good with organic green tea. White tea has more antioxidants. Black tea has most fluoride, by a long shot, so avoid.

Take broad multivitamin (one I take claims 100% RDA of a cheap Vitamin D, same of C, A and B vitamins. It’s a gummy, don’t judge me.) It’s a supplement, not a replacement. Taken for? C and mostly the B vitamins vital for nerve health and healing. Also prevent depression and/or low energy. Diet already high in Omega 3 or would supplement that too.
D3/K2 drops, highest quality at max dose (RDA of D is far too low, use Thorne ones). This should be obvious. No zinc because I increased my uptake of seafood. High Zinc in women can cause low copper and give us fertility and hair problems. No thanks. Ratio of zinc needed in body of men/women roughly 6:1 zinc/copper, supplementing zinc tends to overdose. If you take zinc, sometimes (once a week) take copper too. Women likelier to lack copper and NOTICE. Women should take iron too but I eat meat. Buy an iron fish and use it to cook. Pat dry after use.
If you take Vitamin C expressly, because you’re older, liposomal only. Theoria Apophasis has recommended a good brand he takes on YT. It’s the fountain of youth if your immunity is waning due to age (40+). Hylauronic acid may also be a good gamble if you’re older, helps lubricate the joints before they’re damaged. Comes in powder form from labs. Big Pharma never mentions this. I take neither excepting multivitamin containing cheap C. This shall change as I age.

Choline caps + Vitamin E caps, occasionally. This is liver detox and reverses early liver damage (EARLY). Whatever is in your blood, your liver needs to sweep it out. If you eat a very rich or fatty meal, take it (1g choline, 400mg E) up to a few hours later and marvel at zero indigestion or heaviness. It doesn’t remove vitamins and minerals from your blood, since it’s a food supplement, it helps the liver detox itself of fatty deposits and hence, heal itself. E is an antioxidant and never apply topically where it oxidises rapidly. Always ingest in capsule form. Choline also helps to heal the heart, as much as possible, but I doubt it works against endogenously produced spikes. Better as heart damage preventative, if you have heart disease in the family. Relatives with both liver and heart damage in family (common co-morbid) usually deficient in choline, cumulative damage spirals to premature death. Worth a tenner. Don’t let this get popular.
It only works if your diet is straight or else don’t bother. Stop being a glutton. Cut carbs. It’s not that hard, piggy.

A Hair Skin Nails formulation containing MSM and collagen, among other trace things (branded HSN Plus). This works well with the topical retinols I’m using, hence avoiding an OD of Vitamin A, which causes more health problems than it solves. Collagen helps the vasculature, MSM helps… everything. Would recommend men supplement in bulk like athletes. Few downsides to larger doses. I am not an athlete, more an aesthete. I want shinier hair. You may judge me accordingly.
Sea Kelp extract + Iodine caps. Many trace minerals. Could I get it in a Centrum tablet? Yes, Would they be shit? Also yes. Sold to women for our hair. You sense a pattern. Luscious locks aren’t cheap. I don’t wanna have to chop it off at menopause. (Peanut butter good for hair too, ingested). Good for men, though (kelp), especially (TMI) the semen if a man intends to conceive soon (within a year). Iodine sharpens the mind, to counter natural chronic mercury exposure like fillings (still have them removed if you can), alongside B vitamins for the nerves to actually fire (synapses). Both count as nootropics imho. Do not tell people. I like my edge. This is why humans are attracted to glossy locks. Women fake it with salon treatments. One of those can buy a ten year supplement supply, you dumb hags.

Onto the specifics you likely expected:
Organic liquorice tea from Clipper. Everyday or other day. Three times a day if I leave the house, cup before double strength. May be mixed with ginger tea for digestion and taste. Ideally slice pure root THINLY into cup. Ceylon cinnamon also good, TINY sprinkle. English Mint for overactive stomach acid (I don’t trust the contaminants in foreign soil). A lot of this is old ‘hedge witch’ knowledge. Egyptians drank similar, see King Tut.
Eat fresh berries of any stripe for anthocyanins. Flavonoids and other polyphenols also found in green and white teas.
It’s not just for jam (too much sugar, a treat, may be blended with small amount of natural honey for enzyme benefit). Might add resveratrol jellies in future. Currently too young. Also will pick up CoQ10 again, skin retinol working fine.
Eat lots of garlic, or take as supplements. I eat it so this hardly counts. Ideally, thinly slice and allow to oxidise (in fridge) to produce more allicin (a natural antibiotic) on its surface. Same may be done with onions, know of no studies on it. Beef tallow has stearic acid I believe, good for health in general.
Grass fed butter is a natural source of vitamin A and others.
Dark chocolate (Lindt or Callebaut, in bags) has many minerals women especially need like magnesium. Organic hot chocolate powder if you drink it, same with coffee but this (coffee only) leeches vitamins, take nothing with it. If you need caffeine, crush tablets into your drink. If your throat tickles, boil water (or tea) and add a LOT of honey, or just let honey coat your throat and catch it early.
Add oregano (dried) to all foods possible if you like the taste, but for bang for buck, buy food grade essential oil from a specialist website. A few drops, may be added to teas. Potent stuff, more for men, you’ve been warned. Don’t take anymore, prefer dried. Dried can be had in any supermarket for cheap. It’s like three quid.
Pure pieces (100% liquorice, Amarelli) from Italy swallowed whole too, if I know I’m mixing with people, however briefly. Max 2 per day due to blood pressure increase (since taken in addition to Clipper tea). Don’t wanna end up in hospital for that, nowadays. Been taking liquorice on/off for about a decade and haven’t aged a day since. Seriously. Can be highly oestrogenic. Saw an Italian who did the same and at 62 he looked late 30s, early 40s tops. Still had thick, black hair. Warning: can interfere with medications, especially for the heart. Do not let it melt in your mouth, it will discolour your teeth by decades. Nobody told me …so I’m telling you. Allegedly blocks ACE2 (found in ovaries and testes) and I noted (TMI) easier periods so I believe it’s good to keep that system running. I’m the only woman I know without PCOS.
I may add cysteine caps (Precursor to glutathione) as flu season kicks in (late Sept/Oct here) but I’m young enough to think meh, whatever. I already produce probably enough naturally. Already taking MSM for an immune boost, see #2.
I may be lacking something random like manganese but I doubt this matters. When you get in on a cold day, apply a hot water bottle to your breasts. Stimulates circulation, prevents chest infections. Very relaxing. Skips fever need.
Fibre supplement (any, I chose inulin powder) also a prebiotic, detoxes an excess of oestrogen. That’s for vanity and for the fact my oestrogen in the cells (not blood) is excessively high. (You can tell by the curve of the figure, curves can turn into rolls very easily in women, oestrogen dominance, also causes hair loss and snapping). Taken at least five hours out of any food, ideally before bed (like choline). 15-50g, less for a man, 5-30g I’d guess. Also helps (HELPS) remove cortisol fat, which I think everyone has nowadays. Does not work miracles. Like a pound or two at best, per month until stable (it will seem to ‘stop working’ – hasn’t). With choline and exercise, can target the most deadly visceral fat. CAN, not does. Individual results vary. Your body has a natural set point. It will not diminish it. Neither does it alter genetic fat deposition. You’re never going to be underweight. My endogenous oestrogen (blood) is fine, it’s the environment causing the issue (xeno) especially via the skin (10x stronger).
I’d never endorse that anyway.

There. Whew boy. I just ruined Big Pharma’s profit margins in one post.

I haven’t read most of this information anywhere, ever. Especially combined. Please credit.

Anything which can get past all that fucking deserves to.

I wanted to get adrenochrome-like effects, without being evil.

Hope this helps someone. Choline is naturally found in eggs along with other trace minerals. I suspect I have a minor liver problem due to family history or I wouldn’t bother to supplement it, at my age. I may alter this protocol upon new information and I shan’t be editing this post. I find it helps more to know WHY a person is taking something than just WHAT. Be careful with dosage. I think men can afford higher ones, like calories, plus ~20%. For MSM, choline and collagen, sky’s the limit. Anyone who got the poison jab or has eye problems, including computer fatigue, take lutein.
It’s more potent than vitamin E. Good for the heart, anti-inflammatory. Mega-dose. High dose is good prevention.

Yes, I’m a super-genius.

What follows is more information about liquorice than you ever wanted to know. But I wanted you to know so sit down and shut up. I WANT TO PROVE MY IQ FOR A CHANGE.

Warning: There are different types of oestrogenic effect in different kinds of liquorice:

The increased cancer risk associated with hormone therapies has encouraged many women to seek non-hormonal alternatives including botanical supplements such as hops (Humulus lupulus) and licorice (Glycyrrhiza spec.) to manage menopausal symptoms. Previous studies have shown estrogenic properties for hops, likely due to the presence of 8-prenylnarigenin, and chemopreventive effects mainly attributed to xanthohumol. Similarly, a combination of estrogenic and chemopreventive properties has been reported for various Glycyrrhiza species. The major goal of the current study was to evaluate the potential estrogenic effects of three licorice species (Glycyrrhiza glabra, G. uralensis, and G. inflata) in comparison with hops. Extracts of Glycyrrhiza species and spent hops induced estrogen responsive alkaline phosphatase activity in endometrial cancer cells, estrogen responsive element (ERE)-luciferase in MCF-7 cells, and Tff1 mRNA in T47D cells. The estrogenic activity decreased in the order H. lupulus > G. uralensis > G. inflata > G. glabra. Liquiritigenin was found to be the principle phytoestrogen of the licorice extracts; however, it exhibited lower estrogenic effects compared to 8-prenylnaringenin in functional assays. Isoliquiritigenin, the precursor chalcone of liquiritigenin, demonstrated significant estrogenic activities while xanthohumol, a metabolic precursor of 8-prenylnaringenin, was not estrogenic. Liquiritigenin showed ERβ selectivity in competitive binding assay and isoliquiritigenin was equipotent for ER subtypes. The estrogenic activity of isoliquiritigenin could be the result of its cyclization to liquiritigenin under physiological conditions. 8-Prenylnaringenin had nanomolar estrogenic potency without ER selectivity while xanthohumol did not bind ERs. These data demonstrated that Glycyrrhiza species with different contents of liquiritigenin have various levels of estrogenic activities, suggesting the importance of precise labeling of botanical supplements. Although hops shows strong estrogenic properties via ERα, licorice might have different estrogenic activities due to its ERβ selectivity, partial estrogen agonist activity, and non-enzymatic conversion of isoliquiritigenin to liquiritigenin.

nb Women detox oestrogen during our period (blood levels), men cannot. Excess cellular oestrogen requires fibre. In addition, men may donate blood.

It’s about inflammation management in the body. Too much, you can’t heal. Too low, you get infected easily.


Mechanism of action: A number of active chemicals, including glycyrrhizin, are thought to account for its biologic activity. Diammonium glycyrrhizinate is a substance that is extracted and purified from licorice and may be useful in the treatment of UC. Evidence has also reported that diammonium glycyrrhizinate could improve intestinal mucosal inflammation in rats and, importantly, reduce expression of NF-κB, tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α), and intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM-1) in inflamed mucosa. Clinical studies on licorice have also been performed in combination with other herbs and demonstrated to be effective in the management of UC. The antiestrogenic action documented for licorice at high concentration has been associated with licorice-binding estrogen receptors. However, estrogenic activity has also been reported for licorice and is attributed to its isoflavone constituents. It has been suggested that licorice may exert its mineralocorticoid effect via an inhibition of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. Evidences have proven that licorice could also suppress both plasma renin activity and aldosterone secretion. In addition, licorice has been shown to have chemopreventive effects through influencing Bcl-2/Bax and inhibiting carcinogenesis [70, 71].View chapterPurchase book

Published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology, the study found that exposure to the licorice compound isoliquiritigenin reduced expression of genes related to the production of sex hormones, causing a decrease in estrogen production.

Specifically, they identified a minimum 50 percent reduction in expression of a gene for aromatase – an enzyme responsible for turning testosterone into estrogen.

Supporting this theory, Flaws points out that aromatase inhibitors are used in cancer therapy to halt tumor growth, but one side effect of these drugs is reduced fertility. As such, she hypothesizes isoliquiritigenin may have the same effects.

[Men could try it, just saying].

Glycyrrhiza glabra, or licorice, has many effects in the body. Although commonly known for its distinctive flavor in teas and candies, the far reaching effects of licorice make it a strongly influential herbal medicine. According to Paul Bergner, author of the journal article “Glycyrrhiza: Licorice Root and Testosterone”, licorice has been shown to reduce circulating testosterone levels in studies of women with polycistic ovarian syndrome as well as in men and animal studies 4Licorice is able to prolong the half-life of the hormone cortisol, which may be important in the treatment of adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. 

Furthermore, Bergner expresses that in a trial of licorice over a 7-day period, in addition to lowering testosterone levels, glycyrrhiza was also able to increase production of progesterone in the form of 17-hydroxy-progesterone 4.

Both mentioned types I use are GLABRA:

Most herbalists generally believe that glycyrrhiza exhibits alterative action on estrogen metabolism (i.e., when estrogen levels are too high, it inhibits estrogen action, and when estrogens are too low, it potentiates estrogen action when used in greater amounts).4 Glycyrrhetinic acid has been shown to antagonize many of the effects of estrogens, particularly exogenous estrogens.5 The estrogenic action of glycyrrhiza is a result of its isoflavone content, as many isoflavone structures (e.g., daidzein and genistein from soy) are known to possess estrogenic effect. The estrogenic activity of the isoflavones appears to be more significant than the estrogen antagonism of glycyrrhetinic acid.6 Interestingly, these same components inhibit breast cancer cell growth.7

Glycyrrhiza has significant anti-inflammatory and antiallergic activity.1516 Although both glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid bind to glucocorticoid receptors, and much of glycyrrhiza’s anti-inflammatory activity has been explained by its “cortisol-like effects,” many of the effects of glycyrrhiza actually antagonize or counteract cortisol.17 Antagonism to such actions of cortisol includes activation of tryptophan oxygenase, accumulation of hepatic glycogen, stimulation of hepatic cholesterol synthesis, inhibition of thymus atrophy, and inhibition of adrenocorticotropic hormone synthesis and secretion. Glycyrrhizin does, however, reinforce cortisol’s inhibition of antibody formation, stress reaction, and inflammation. Like its mineralocorticoid effect, glycyrrhiza’s major influence on glucocorticoid metabolism is probably related to its suppression of 5-β-reductase activity, thus increasing the half-life of cortisol. Glycyrrhetinic acid can also increase the conversion of cortisol to the more powerful cortisone.18

Glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid were shown to induce interferon.24 The induction of interferon leads to significant antiviral activity, because interferons bind to cell surfaces, where they stimulate synthesis of intracellular proteins that block the transcription of viral DNA. The induction of interferon is also followed by activation of macrophages and augmentation of natural killer cell activity.

Glycyrrhizin was shown to directly inhibit the growth of several DNA and RNA viruses in cell cultures (vaccinia, Epstein-Barr, herpes simplex, Newcastle disease, vesicular stomatitis viruses, severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS]-associated coronavirus, and HIV) and to inactivate herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) irreversibly.25262728 Administration of glycyrrhizin to mice with herpetic encephalitis increased their survival rate on average about 2.5 times, whereas it reduced HSV-1 replication in the brain to 45.6% of the controls.29 Glycyrrhizin, as stated earlier, also inhibited the thymolytic* and immunosuppressive action of cortisone. Other licorice components exerted immunomodulatory effects as well.30

Yes, you read that right. Even HIV.
a glandular structure of largely lymphoid tissue that functions especially in cell-mediated immunity by being the site where T cells develop, is present in the young of most vertebrates typically in the upper anterior chest or at the base of the neck, and gradually decreases in size and activity after puberty

Licorice may exert some memory-enhancing effects. In a study in mice, licorice was shown to enhance learning and memory in mice as determined by the elevated plus-maze and passive avoidance paradigm. Furthermore, licorice significantly reversed the amnesia induced by diazepam and scopolamine. Although anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may contribute favorably to the memory-enhancing effect, because scopolamine-induced amnesia was reversed as well, it is possible that the beneficial effect on learning and memory was a result of facilitation of cholinergic transmission.41

The outbreak of SARS warrants the search for antiviral compounds to treat the disease. At present, no specific treatment has been identified for SARS-associated coronavirus infection. We assessed the antiviral potential of ribavirin, 6-azauridine, pyrazofurin, mycophenolic acid, and glycyrrhizin against two clinical isolates of coronavirus (FFM-1 and FFM-2) from patients with SARS admitted to the clinical centre of Frankfurt University, Germany. Of all the compounds, glycyrrhizin was the most active in inhibiting replication of the SARS-associated virus. Our findings suggest that glycyrrhizin should be assessed for treatment of SARS.


Glycyrrhizin Effectively Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication by Inhibiting the Viral Main Protease

The outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 developed into a global pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide. Despite one year of intensive research, the current treatment options for SARS-CoV-2 infected people are still limited. Clearly, novel antiviral compounds for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients are still urgently needed. Complementary medicine is used along with standard medical treatment and accessible to a vast majority of people worldwide. Natural products with antiviral activity may contribute to improve the overall condition of SARS-CoV-2 infected individuals. In the present study, we investigated the antiviral activity of glycyrrhizin, the primary active ingredient of the licorice root, against SARS-CoV-2. We demonstrated that glycyrrhizin potently inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication in vitro. Furthermore, we uncovered the underlying mechanism and showed that glycyrrhizin blocks the viral replication by inhibiting the viral main protease Mpro that is essential for viral replication. Our data indicate that the consumption of glycyrrhizin-containing products such as licorice root tea of black licorice may be of great benefit for SARS-CoV-2 infected people. Furthermore, glycyrrhizin is a good candidate for further investigation for clinical use to treat COVID-19 patients.

Beating a pandemic by drinking tea. It’s so me.

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