They fear the control group

Now the CBs have no more countries to play Monopoly money with, pump n dump, prey and run away, the bankers are learning the longest of cons (usury as money) isn’t going to work anymore. Remember China won’t fall for it because China invented paper fake money. So they KNOW.

I hope the real reasons behind historical cycles and stealing the tech of people like Tesla (lab fire, sure*) comes out too.

*then why shut the Tower project? If it didn’t work, why sell off the parts? Who bought them? Where are they?

Banks like BOE are private entities so technically we needn’t pay national debt as odious debt. The company, which has been stealing serf/slave money like income tax, can just go bankrupt, and the families of crooks running it can get a real job. We even have somewhere to deport them now.

These reports really are excellent.

Then again, England cannot have foreign rulers, as per the English Bill of Rights, ruling void all of Sunak’s spending and ’emergency’ powers of others, including Boris, who has foreign blood too. The Vaccine Minister is foreign born. Nobody has challenged this. His mere position is illegal. Mayor of London too.

Local councils are similarly full of inbreds from a particular continent who rig elections. All decisions on immigration, housing etc are voided.

Foreign rulers include the German princes fucking everything up with their cult of Marxism. “foreign princes

With the story of that shell company in America, what if British rule was never what happened? Remember, is the Royalty British or German? The soldiers were British. What if American income tax has been this whole time just a serf tax to the royals?

If England had lost WW2, the official plan of the Royals was to abandon us while they fled to Canada.

The Meghan shit is a distraction from Andrew. Who do you think paid for their pet projects?

I wish I’d gone the gold route but I had family to help out. No regrets but ouch. Hope God was watching on that one.

Like I said replying to the high IQ guy, they target white people first because our race is smallest so it’s a good pilot and also because white people will go Marxist Messiah Complex trying to help any other continent but our own, thwarting their efforts. We’re also highest Average IQ by race, as I’ve proven by adding up the scores of Asia. Asia is lying about their IQ to justify a reset. So by taking out the smartest ones, it’s smooth sailing.

Obviously, this activated the long dormant K element. Because they’re really really dumb.

White people are also the most dangerous race you do not want to piss off. Look at our civil wars. Riots are prelude.


Major channels on Youtube like Townsends have Freemasons. I pointed out one who was a blacksmith and then he covered his arm with the tattoo. Maybe Townsend is himself, who knows. These cults should be banned and all members investigated.

Well, then, if we’re so bad, let’s deport them all to Israel? No?

This is their sick sense of humour. Accusing us of what they’re doing, as they literally build concentration camps. The Germans and Austrians had MEGA PRISONS too.

Alex Jones the controlled ops shill is scaremongering to panic people to get the stab before September. One of those people being ‘warned’ would film it. Or have a CCTV camera. And if that were real, they wouldn’t be warned. Anne Frank was in a hospital facility.

They also have Cromwell as a statue, known traitor. Seeing that as a kid, I began to question things.
All the books said traitor. The People said traitor. Parliament said statue. So I welcome this.

Meanwhile, America is showing gay cannibal fanart.

From a fandom called Murder Husbands, so yes, it’s gay. What a time to be alive.

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