Tyrants in disguise

a series of useful memes that I totally stole from other people


Plato’s Natural Slaves.

“some of these people are not ready to be unplugged…. they will fight, to protect it”

Some 4channer can surely contrast that bullshit with Auschwitz tattoos?
Actually have they tried to QR scan themselves?

And the best one social media keeps removing….

I’d put this on a billboard in Muslim areas. But that’s just me. Chaotic neutral.

The heart disease cure molecule

#1 killer in the West

TLDR: chondroitin sulfate – the glue of life, makes blood vessels elastic

aka suggest to any modRNA morons having heart or headache problems.

You could literally save their life. Choose wisely. Choline also good.


For the narcissists like me, also helps hair growth.

Distribution of proteoglycans during the hair growth cycle in human skin

The involvement of proteoglycans in hair growth has been recognized through the observation of increased hair growth in diseases such as the mucopolysaccharidoses and pre-tibial myxedema, which involve an increase in skin proteoglycan content. In an attempt to understand this, we have examined the distribution of chondroitin 6 sulphate (C6S), unsulphated chondroitin (COS), dermatan sulphate (DS), and heparan sulphate proteoglycans (HSPG) in frozen tissue sections of normal scalp by immunostaining. Results show that during anagen, the thick connective tissue sheath around the follicle strains strongly for C6S, COS, and DS. COS is uniquely associated with this region and is not found beneath the epidermis or infundibular epithelium. HSPG is, however, localized in the basement membrane zone adjacent to the outer root sheath. In addition, all of these proteoglycans are localized in the dermal papilla. In mid-catagen, we observed significant loss of C6S and COS staining from both the dermal papilla and the connective tissue sheath, but no decrease in staining for HSPG. In late catagen, very little staining of C6S and COS was observed. In early anagen, we observed that C6S was again present in the connective tissue sheath and dermal papilla; however, COS staining appeared to be weaker and less closely associated with the follicle. HSPG staining was observed in early anagen in a pattern very similar to that found for other basement membrane components. Results for DS were not obtained for catagen or early anagen. These results provide further evidence that hair growth is associated with the presence of chondroitin proteoglycans in the follicle environment and that the cessation of growth is associated with their removal. Further studies are underway to characterize the relationship between hair growth and proteoglycans.

three decades ago they knew this

If you get hair loss issues despite that, try a B complex and iron. Maybe with biotin. Women get knock-on problems from excess blood loss (including childbirth) and our collective hivemind research suggests that works. If the problem is thickness, bamboo.
It contains silica. These are Woman Inc Secrets. Share with care.

One problem of oestrogen dominance in men is excess copper in the body. It tanks your T. Get a blood test and also check for iron and zinc. Post-partum women are usually iodine-deficient. If you really don’t have the other issues, check that, especially if you donate blood. Among many reasons women should be able to describe blood loss without grown men having a hissy fit.

Strategy requires premature action

Trump is a reader, he also has a prominent Jyeshtha. Considering he reads a lot about himself, I know for a fact he knows this. The Trump train and other elements of surprise like it require it. His inability to be defeated in debate is characteristic. It’s an open style compared to the sly linguistic trickery and cold deceit of Hasta people, especially the men like Peterson (where lunar energy becomes evil). This suggests what he’s doing. Waiting for the enemy to make mistakes, having walked in the cold light of the truth and thereby, defeat them. Like showing an opening in martial arts, make them think you’re not waiting for it. Mythology is fascinating, you needn’t believe in it. That’s why I didn’t bother memeing for 2020. I knew they’d try to steal it and he’d let them. I just didn’t expect it to take so long by the book but it’s all evidence and that fits. You prove your enemies are your enemies by showing the attack. If you’re premature, they have the strategic information to win instead. Ketu can enhance a planet up to 20x by the way, it purifies in a holy way whatever it touches, it’s God’s influence on our being here, who we are. The meaning of our birth. I have it with a strong Jupiter, so I know-know. In person, when I talk people listen, they sense the purity of the truth (albeit brusque at times) and it’s the same with him. There is righteousness and then there is apparent righteousness in the eyes of others. The People ultimately decide, who is on their side. The latter, apparent righteousness, has more political legitimacy. This is how Cabal kept winning by censoring, making everyone believe the propaganda with no alternative. The little guy gets screwed over if he isn’t strategic at all, because strategy is noble if dispensed correctly. Be wise as Serpents is the name of the Illuminati bloodlines book. A good quote. They went after him and now he seems out of the picture, their true plan is revealed going after everyone else. It would’ve looked cruel and mad if he hadn’t waited for that proof, giving future proves past wry meaning. Now everyone knows, oh, it IS personal. They are really after me, too. So nobody will wish to show pity or mercy to those who openly wished to enslave them. Devolution was his choice and depending on how long he permits those on very fixed incomes (the elderly, disabled on welfare) to suffer higher food prices they’ll eventually starve for, I believe it to be the correct one. Not everyone can afford gold, though. To assume this hedge is always possible is foolish. Pulling the cockroaches into the sunlight allows other people to surmise the problem. i.e. Not the person screaming about it.

I expect other people to rip off this interpretation minus the mythos when the audits flood in. Brilliance lies in the avoidance of fucking up. It really is like chess. Joke about 3d underwater snorkel chess all you like but Trump is a billionaire and you’re not. He started from scratch several times. Boris could never. That’s real merit v. puppet.

It isn’t a torch-wielding mob….. yet.

Pro-mutant propaganda

But not everyone is consenting. People are being held down, including children.

Which version was Trump suggesting people take? Which version did Warpspeed approve? Any ingredient changes are totally illegal.
He said freedom to choose. Did the people forced have freedom? Collateral damage. Only adults can legally consent to be in clinical trials.

IF Cabal has cures to most disease, wouldn’t that include most caused by ‘jabs’? Short of death and stroke and brain damage, I mean. Well, I posted before about amino acid types and brain damage/IQ. So maybe not that last.

This vaccine damage, like all the others, for decades, reminds me specifically of the Extremis plotline in Iron Man 3.

Remember, it alters your whole body. Genomic therapy, not genetic. Genetic is smaller. Genomic is modRNA.
And in the trial phase, in that film, it killed the people they gave it to.
Then in Endgame, the depopulation ‘debate’ in pop culture over how great that would be for ‘The Planet’.
Surprised nobody has covered the angle through Marvel films, considering Disney CEO is/was a Satanist. Lots of Disney shows abused children. How many kids have gone missing at the parks? All the bodies they keep finding in mass graves, do you think there aren’t any for them? Why build random abandoned ‘parks’? Why build over old buildings?

re Aktion T4 – they went after kids too. I hope abused children sue their Karen parents who forced them, too. Even the disabled ones. God knows they’ve gone through enough. Oh yes, people forget they’ve pushed this onto disabled kids in the UK. Now, with proven murderous intent, what will they compare it to? What did I compare it to? T4.
Long-term effects explored: possible sterility. How many doses needed? Are some doses ‘contaminated’? Do we have the full ingredient list? Has the WHO developed an antifertility vaccine in the past? How often does it require injection? 2-4 times per year. How many times do we supposedly ‘need’ boosters? …
Why inject the elderly first? What if the different batches do different things? Fatal for care homes, fatal for disabled kids. Sterile for everyone else. Unless you’re their enemy. Why was I invited back in March? I’m young. They lied and said my age group was only permitted in past month or two. This is a lie. Others I know, still younger than myself, were offered same time as I. Commonality? Enemies of Cabal. How? GP appointments. If they know when and where, and you don’t know the person administering it personally, what’s to stop a plant administering a more fatal form? [nothing]

A number of years ago, I posted about network infiltration. It was random. Similar content?

Fire SFX no coincidence = Hellish.
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. The meme? Well that’s genome, as in Human Genome Project. Not genetic, a smaller scale.

“not just a nanotech virus but a subtle genetic upgrade which makes it seem more real and even more threatening since someone with a virus can look like anyone walking down the street” – read this in 2021, OOF

Turning people into weapons against the People.

Did you think years of injections were planned to do nothing?

Why did Trump and military need alternative treatments and other versions? Which versions did Cabal test and try to release? Like the ones confiscated for contaminated batches? What’s in them?

STUNNED nobody has drawn this parallel yet.

And the Arab stunt was FAKE.


p.s. when this is all over, my life is gonna feel reeeeal fucking boring. Maybe I’ll marry an eccentric billionaire or something. Buy a lot of designer handbags. Make cheese. Something. Probably lots of things to replace this fun.

All-Seeing Eye – blinded

Put this at the foot of the Freemasons. Name the Beast. This will be like watching Sauron fall, slowly at first.

Anti-fa is China’s Beast but FMs belong to the Cabal central. All cults must be forcibly dismantled. Upon entry, FMs must forsake God. This is signposted. Why? All religions have a version of Thou Shalt Not Kill and FMs are a death cult. See who had ‘Freemason grandads’ and watch how they conveniently moved to the countryside to homestead shortly before the pandemic. Freemasons are familial. You never stop being one. It’s like the Mafia. They thought war. They moved beyond the reach of nukes, away from meltdown towers in nuclear facilities. Not a coincidence. Nobody is discussing this yet. The Gray State exposed the FM connection, they could not afford it to be released (UK). Read the comic From Hell, note the mapping of all Freemason ‘Temples’. Those are Temples of Satan, in plain sight. People will freak. Freemasons are mostly responsible for the Illuminati shit and military intelligence has blinded them. It’s Biblical.

Lodges are slightly different. They hunt people. It needs to be remote to have their fun long-range. Why does Parliament still have a gun range? A comedy recently starred Harry Enfield playing Prince Charles attending a meeting of the Church of Satan. He was possessed by Satan, which suggests someone knows something. What if footage or provable intel to that effect of Satanic attendance came out? Divine right of kings is based on religious legitimacy, i.e. Protestantism. This is big. Knights of Malta, William is one. Why is Andrew the Queen’s favourite son? What is the Satanic form of worship (orgies)? I’ve been covering this for years. Do you think Philip lived so long from diet and exercise? What if adrenochrome was no longer available…? They get MRI scans every year, sure, but that doesn’t heal you… what blackmail material does Harry have on the Queen, so much the stress could bump her off? A woman photographed cruelly throttling a pheasant who’s been quoted as saying she isn’t as nice as everyone thinks?

You can find these people on Facebook by listing Freemasonry as a topic of interest. Note the names. They’ll probably end up in some legal trouble shortly. Why does every major University with tunnels, have a secret Freemason society? They’re not listed on the website [SU] but if you google Uni Name + Freemason it pops up. Even interviews with members. Gammas who feel important. They think they’re changing the world. I’ve met some. They advocate depopulation. They’re also Marxist. I covered how Extinction Rebellion is a death cult to Saturn (homophone*) by its own logo. Do any such FM Universities have tunnels to royal boroughs or royal living places? That’s a short list, isn’t it? Leverage + Blackmail. Many go into civil service. The power behind the political face’s throne. Wormtongue is King.

People wouldn’t believe a genocide in their time (neither did Rwanda) until the dehumanisation begins.
When people know relatives being pink-triangled and yellow-starred (or pink braceleted in the case of US military) people start being reminded of what we were browbeaten with at school.

Rs didn’t go after military because you can’t really fake combat experience. The frauds were selected from the lowly recruits and promotion material was either fabricated (read: grounds for dismissal) and/or the stories used were stolen from soldiers deceased or killed if they talked (read: crime, grounds to dismiss and punish).

When people are shown the camps, including videos of people working in them playing dumb like the French bitchute video I posted a few weeks ago, they will be horrified. It’s a necessary horror.

The GPs in the UK have already accidentally on-purpose ‘leaked’ that they’re building lists. Why? To pass to whom?
The military has also been spotted at some supermarkets and testing sites, normalising their martial prescence.

In the UK, they also mentioned briefly in a news clip I’d linked that the army was going door to door intimidating people into disclosing their medical status. So papers please comes to you! This Australian BS about being a good little duckie under house arrest is while they tool the mega prisons, the concentration camps. That’s why I’ve covered them. That’s why I’ve mentioned the genocide angle (genetic or otherwise) for so long. Purchases can be proven, intent!
The way they’re rushing to ready the concentration camps can be proven in military court.
Body disposal en masse (crematoria?) + medical facilities (lethal injections, experimentation) prove plan. Global plot. Which drugs do they buy? Likely lethal injection ones like Midazolam. At killing doses. All meds are sold pre-dosed. Did the NHS buy those doses per head too? Look at the plot of the Island, China already piloted butchering camp members for clean organs. No spikes = clean. That’s why camps and no insta-kill.
Countries like Canada were encouraging relatives to rat on one another.
I told you for years to play the game ally or snitch. Who would keep your secrets and who would betray you?
This is important now. The Needle Nazis, as I called them, is not a mere meme. I was being quite literal.
The ww2 propaganda at school was to suspend belief that ‘it couldn’t happen here, we had so much education!’ hence the ‘Holocaust’ statue in London now…. except we never had a Holocaust in England. Sargon was smuzzled, smug puzzled, why this was needed. They cry out in pain as they strike you. They laid out the rule book, I’ve linked books where they openly talked about killing off so-called Aryans and we’ve all seen Marxists use the white genocide meme seriously and celebrate higher death than birth rates. The mask is slipping. Synagogue of Satan? Now, are some genetic Jews okay? My question is who cares? Investigate all the treason and find any rat who was part of this scam. Satanists may be a branch of Judaism, we know the Talmud includes pedo-bait and Kaballah is popular in Hollywood but honestly, I do not care. I care that they’re injecting kids with poison and tooling murder camps. That is reality now.

The immigrants are the intended guards. No loyalty to this People. Years of brainwashing to hate and blame us.

My only concern is that Trump’s slow movements will leave Australians and English in the cold. These camps already exist, they just need some fabricated grounds to begin round-ups. The guarded hotels near airports are a cold run. A …pilot test. Evil has a wicked sense of humour.
I have faith in God, not men, but second to that, Trump was in my area shortly before he left office and I feel a natural calm when thinking on whatever he told fake Buffoon Boris. “You can do this, but not that”.

I’ve posted about hyperinflation and deflation literally years ago.
I can see some pieces on the chessboard but even if it weren’t above my pay grade, I’m not writing it here.
Fear God and have heart. We fight principalities.

And to any rogue agents watching – following orders didn’t work a lifetime ago, either. I suggest you repent. They turn on their minions to hide the evidence. YOU are the evidence.

*Pronounce Saturn repeatedly as fast as you can. They don’t worship a planet. The r- is not used in English. Ss-ah-tuh-uhn. STN like a sigil. SAAAHTUUUN. = Satan. They’re telling you they worship Satan. That isn’t Roman paganism, is it? If someone tells you they do occult work and rituals for Saturn…. a planet doesn’t require ritual sacrifices, does it? The Bible prohibits misusing frankincense and other incense not for perfume but Satanists connect burning it to their rituals. Also musk because it’s the fertility of a mammal. Castration is Saturnian – limiting, denying, restricting. It works well with Ishtar fertility energy. Medieval scholars hated the associations of that planet but a cloud of dirt is not that energy. It’s a cover. Why does Hollywood pronounce it the Saturn way instead of Say Tan? It’s Say Toon like Amun Ra. The ooh sound. Sound is important.

re the German “Royals” IF Charles and William can be proven in on it, but Harry, being military, is not… and Harry has military contacts to track and record people he knows…. he could bump himself up the line of succession. Way up. That’s the plan, I’d guess. That’s why I predicted they’d move to America. Different military. Queen has no power there. Prosecution is done by the Queen here. Would she prosecute her direct lineage, for something she may have done also? Play the Big Cards now, Harry. By the time that book comes out heavily edited, no one will care. Queens don’t lawyer up over nothing.

ModRNA lethal injection by fivefold (5x)

Recently a lot of info channels I used are censored or experiencing plant disinfo hoping someone like me will pick it up, so I’m filtering and using more secondhand linkage for a while. Big Brother doesn’t like the truth. The TVs are running 24/7 fear porn about the human non-modRNA apostates. Lots of dehumanisation and patronising twaddle. Rs think everyone is as rabbity and fear-prone as they. I don’t fear death, I fear the government tyranny. I now know exactly which of my relatives and friends are thick as pig shit. Around 80% of those who got the stab thought the government would actually leave them alone as payment for the guinea pig obedience… they’re slowly realising that is never going to happen and they’re going to medically rape kids with the STILL EXPERIMENTAL modRNA shit as young as 12 in schools if they go back in September. Very few parents are resisting this so considering the sequester in autopsy studies in ovaries/testes, it wouldn’t be a tragedy if their fertility were affected, let’s say that. Bear in mind, most of these kids in schools presently are non-white. This will go down in history as a mass ethics breach but muh following orders, right? There are laws where your kids have to be in some schooling, probably for this Agenda and few parents have the spine to home school. The rising death rate compared to last year must be due to the eugenics stick, as per Scottish FOI death data. I’m disgusted with my country and Australia. It is proof they fear the control group. They fear what it can prove. They’re still lying about the uptake or the street harassment wouldn’t be so desperate – in some city centres I know a girl who was cornered five separate times in one day, “offering” it to her and asking about it. How long until they’re ‘accompanied’ by military? Don’t talk to these people, unless you’re calling them Nazis. At least Aktion T4 required an appointment and they weren’t pimping it on street corners. The Nazis literally had more dignity and you had to willingly send the kid. They weren’t harassing people in public with their toxic needles in tow. So needless to say, I and my shrewder relatives are lying low, especially given the shedding risk. They’ll learn eventually and I’ve washed my hands of caring for people who volunteered for pain. Let them have it. They can have mine.
Note: supposedly there was a video of Indian soldiers being held down and RNA-raped with this shit, and many of them died. You could see them on the ground being resuscitated. This was on twitter until it was pulled or I’d link. None of the needles is safe. Wait until the full crest of the ADE/PIE wave this flu season when flu also magically re-appears as PCRs are dropped in America. That’s man behind the curtain time.

“The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern:

Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.”

Oh look, the thing I spoke about months ago.

“Do the math. An unvaccinated individual in the UK who contracts COVID has a 1 in 597 chance of dying. A fully-vaccinated individual has a 1 in 117 chance of dying, which is 5.1 times greater.”

About right.

Graphene or worse?

“The ministry reported that the doses came from a factory in Spain and have already been sent to 863 vaccination sites across Japan. Officials will alert each site, and also revealed three production lot numbers – 3004667, 3004734, and 3004956 – so people can check if they received a potentially contaminated dose.”

Arguably anything RNA/genomic is contaminated.


“Since the beginning of July, all-cause deaths have risen 12% over 2020 and 9% over the 2015-2019 average:”

and the gap is widening

My guess would be strokes and heart attacks and random accidents? Based on autopsy spike findings.

“Educated in the sciences, chemistry, pathology and board certified. There is something very wrong with the vaccines and what is going on with the vaccinated folks. Vaccines are usually designed to show the immune system the threat without the disease. Lymphocytes are the work horses of the immune system and they have life-time memory. Passing that memory and immunity on to each successive next generation of lymphocytes. While some lymphocytes only live weeks most live months and some live years. The loss of immunity to Covid in what appears to be six months is extremely troubling and raises the questions about exactly what is in these vaccines. Remember, these pharm had to get the Covid virus from the government to culture and make the vaccines. Very troubling.”

It isn’t about helping your body, it’s about destroying it. You will own nothing – immunity would protect you on the run from a tyrannical government. They’ve thought of everything. You can’t bug out if a cold kills you from ADE, which we are seeing in the death difference, another reason to push and coerce everyone to hide the difference.
This won’t work.

Proprietary ingredients are still not released. This suggests people will be furious when that can of worms is opened.

At this point, you can’t uninject the mutants but you can persuade them to avoid bioaccumulation damage with ‘boosters’ (proving it doesn’t work, and never did – for what was claimed) by your own autonomy. You can’t fix stupid. God didn’t make us responsible for other people’s willing submission to evil. Wash your hands of their fate. God gave them choice.


Many of the lemmings hopping off the cliff think the NHS (taxpayers like me) will pay for their treatment if/when they have any damage….. this has never been confirmed. People who checked with private health like Bupa also said they wouldn’t cover it (this might have changed, doubtful) due to the experimental nature of the damage. Private health models experimental damage from ‘vaccines’ in the past and it can last decades, obviating any possible profit.

Also, waiting on audits. Wondering if a news blackout would occur here. If so, won’t be around for a little while but likely fine. I don’t owe jack to anybody. Been working on anti-fragile for years. The only way I’m getting the poison is if they fucking kidnap me and I’ll go down fighting. We’ve all seen the studies I’ve covered. I’ve been blocked by most newspapers, so I know I’m over-target. Future stats prove my past inferences too, like here. I remain unbothered. We only need fear God, focus it there and you’ll be fine.

Corporate bailouts don’t work

even if you pretend it’s UBI to private citizens. Not one person with no financial interest wanted to bail out hotels and airlines. Capitalism means no bailouts. Bailouts are Marxist socialism. The self-fellating of the taxpayer paying the taxpayer – and also the government in ‘admin fees’ for the privilege, is mathematically impossible. They should’ve saved that money like a private citizen would be expected to do, rather than pumping and dumping their stock with buybacks – which ought to be illegal.

Actually, not everyone is on so-called furlough, many vital people in society like carers aren’t.

It’s largely been Communism for the middle-class, proving they are absolutely redundant to the real economy now. They are totally wastes of office space, as well as air.

Most modern workers are now objectively proven to be freeloaders riding coat-tails of the ones doing most of the work and now the companies are wondering how to cull the busywork population, legally.

Usury destroys businesses, as countries. Supranational capitalism always fails, it’s a classic pump and dump like stock markets, pitting one nation against another. You cannot compete fairly with countries that use child slavery. Capitalism is national or the domestic workforce is abused by foreigners. Libertarians are extra-national lampreys, leeching from one country, sucking it dry before “””immigrating””” to another fresh patch of grass.


I disagree with your claim of “they are not going to willingly nuke their own bottom line”. That’s a projection of yourself onto them. The oligarchs at the top don’t care about profits and line going up. They want to have all the money/wealth/power, not just make profits. If they take a bath on profits and lose many big businesses, but in the process eliminate most of the wealth/power/market potential of the working + middle classes, then their end goal of being “Landlord Monarchs” becomes more realized. Remember AA, the people at the top blatantly say what they want… for us to own nothing and have nothing which binds us to the land or our people. Never forget that.


zombie economy


This just shows how many people do useless jobs.


Vast majority of people produce next to zero real value and get paid for it. It’s all a bubble. Everything.

Yep, thank the hippies. Because the West can afford to import millions from Asia and Africa right?


The basic UK position is 113 % public debt to GDP ratio and 342% external debt to GDP ratio, this is not a tenable financial position to be in. The UK chancellor, is not as of yet , taking any real positive steps to reduce the situation. Ireland’s GDP debt Ratios are in an even more appalling state , 100.1% public debt and over 800% to external debt. I think you are correct in that we may have weathered the pandemic thus far, but our long term financials are in a very unstable situation are they not? . Are we not over exposed and in very vulnerable state, and if a 2007/8 loss of confidence were to occur what would be our position?. I am trying to guesstimate how long we have before the chickens come home to roost so to speak. I freely admit that I thought our business loss was higher than you suggest.

Marxism kills.

Over 90% debt/GDP, profits stall. We’re well over that now. I’ve covered true national debt before, it’s trillions. I believe it was called “we are absolutely fucked”.

There was a Jew Yorker comic, replace planet with West:


Multicultural economy = Empire and they always die.

about Only Fans

So-called prostitution has never existed. It only occurs in societies with usury, financial slavery. Men work hard or die in battle and saddle their families with debt because cost of living (evil concept) outpaces “inflation” (a synthetic form of slavery caused by usury). Inflation is unnatural and must be opposed by all sensible people.
The natural eventual outcome of facebook bikini photos, Only Fans realised a certain tribe’s millennia-long ploy might be exposed (who funded the Barbary slavers? who told them where to go?) because some minors and adults were being groomed or forced by threat of violence (trafficking) into producing ‘content’ for the site. All it took was one 14yo who looked 18 with enough make-up and they’d investigate the whole termite mound. How many women and men in illusory ‘sex work’ exist? Of that number, how many are insane, or runaways coerced (i.e. not consenting, legally) or trafficked (threatened on pain of death or other violent revenge)? They were talking about verified accounts (someone on the backend in IT told me) because rumour has it most of those people either gave fake legal names (trafficking victims, with missing persons reports) or false ages (meaning OF produces and solicits CP, making all the investors and owners (((responsible))), for once. And we can’t have THAT.)
Pimps do not exist, ((libertarians)) lie – humans do not need owners for something they would FREELY do anyway, they’re cretinous YKW’s threatening wyppo – debase yourself or death. A transaction between two individuals does NOT need an ‘agency’ or ‘pimp’ or ‘intermediary’ platform ‘managing’ them. That is not an industry and not a profession. That is not work. The ‘world’s oldest profession’ is slave owner (pimp). Hollywood mocks this (keep your pimp hand strong). The slaves didn’t get to choose i.e. what a profession is. What you profess to and consent to do.
So they wanted to regulate their ((own)) without government oversight, which would blow open the whole keg stand.
With no piggy in the middle man to (((profiteer))) from white sexuality, they’d need to work the farms and otherwise get a real job. We all know a certain tribe is incapable of earning money independently, instead needing to lamprey from the labours of others.
Hence, immigration. Polite invasion. Constantly. ((Epstein and Co.))
One thing is for certain, the world must come to a universal, global age of consent and/or majority. India is 18. In the olden days, people were more mentally mature, just look at O level to GCSE difficulty levels. Neuroscience dictates 18 would be the minimum. Perhaps even higher age of consent for sex would be needed in the cases of riskier types, by disease (anal) or “kink”.
These Sodom habits including lechery were kept underground for a reason. Catcalling and other harassment was illegal until rappers normalised it. It used to end in a lynching even if a white man did it, because they knew that’s how sexual predators fished for prey. That’s how sexual violence starts the “hey random 13yo, I just wanna talk…” Pick-up is teaching the tactics of predation that white men with a spine used to lynch. Hollywood’s success was fed by the spiritual ties produced by the ‘sex sells’ the Bible warned of. It drains you lifelong and this draining only happens to men. That’s why there’s no female gaze. Women do not produce energy for spiritual ties, only permit them to implant into the soul or aura. Women are being blamed for Hollywood’s switched up business model, seeing the success of streaming. All you need is a type of RSS open platform software for any type of porn site, and they’re done. They need a monopoly and due to capitalist development barriers to entry, the banks only lend out fake fiat usury loans to their own Fans, who promise them that market capture of monopoly. Anti-trust must be applied to banks first. Anyone should be able to start a bank. For public morality, why don’t we know who exactly owns these sites? Same with porn ones. They’ve got in trouble before for posting illegally filmed porn (model releases are needed to prove consent, because sex is automatically private i.e. intimate), for posting minors (CP) and trafficked adults too, in addition to rapes (often where the woman looks drugged or asleep). Certain fetishes e.g. rape, should not permitted as ‘art’ as incitement. Yet Hollywood started this. There are no videos showing bank robbery step by step ‘for art’. This is so much worse. Art has always been censored as it should be. Art corrupts. Art inspires the act. Art incites. Japanese schoolgirls have been attacked more, the more fetishised in ‘art’ they are. Studies of prison deviants show they practice using porn, mentally. Snuff films are already illegal, rape films must be too. Again Hollywood started this and impotent men escalate to such material after the 3d pron has damaged their peepee. Look at the average age minors view adult content now. It’s being used to groom children, even by other corrupted children. This must be stopped. Make child corruption an actual law. It was in ancient times. This must be expressly illegal. Proof of adulthood to access such sites protects children, who need to use the internet for homework now – thank the schools. It’s no coincidence.
We have the AI to wipe adult content from innocent searches that school children must look up, yet it isn’t implemented. Because the inclusion is deliberate. Curiosity will cause them to click. Kids are idiots. Their brain hasn’t developed, like an idiot’s never does. There are literal children with porn addictions, as young as pre-school (UNICEF data, I believe?) and nobody cares. The parents turn a blind eye because they think it’s safe, only to wonder why little Timmy becomes a mentally disturbed man. Gatekeeping to anyone with a credit card, not to charge it but prove age verification, is the only way free porn can continue to exist online. It’s no different than showing ID to attend a strip club or burlesque show. The digital space must be segregated. This perversion is endemic.
As it stands, countries producing “child pornography” (an illegitimate concept) with lower (muh legalism) ages of consent are broadcasting to countries with more reasonable conservative ones. A universal age of consent must be agreed. 16 year olds aren’t marrying anymore to make babies (even certain fake Catholics claiming to be trad have recently gotten married and… zero babies, so they’re on the whore pills* too!) and even with parental consent, that is child abuse. Child brides are rape victims, not consenting parties. The Taliban is not based, they’re the same child raping scum as the Rotherham lot. Are we the First World or not? Do we set the fucking standard or rot?
And you wonder why the boat people come here? They think the streets are paved with trafficked white girls. Then, when they find they’re not, they form rape gangs and make it happen.
The natural outcome of a culture of ((lewd)) men who do what they please (as thou wilt Satanism) fornication pop culture is rape, rape fetishes, abortion clinics and Only Fans. This is the fruit of sowing your ((wild)) oats, another tribal myth. Respecting the women of your country was always patriotic until they showed up. Now we have multicultural Brotherhood (brotherhood is actually racially segregated, by definition?) worshipping on the tribal cock of corporate ‘success’ i.e. being a globalist wanker. Men are to blame for their own degeneracy, including that lechery. You do not answer for the souls of some imaginary hivemind collective of ‘women’ when you die, only yourself. Also, blaming the 99% for the actions of the 1% or less is SJW logic. The feeble appeals to moral authority of barren degenerate bachelors (the Russell Brand love the sinner types) will be met with ridicule, by everyone. Reee at yourself. This is the world you created. Your habits shape your society. Jesus hated hypocrites. The three generations of hippies (no sexual mores) who permitted this are to blame. The average 1950s white man wouldn’t have permitted a single strip club in ‘their town’ let alone 3 plus a Hooter’s for their young daughters to get groped at. Enabling this violation of values to get your personal end off gets ‘progressively’ worse until you see the Frankenstein’s monster you made rear up to finally kill its creator. You fed this Beast. It’s yours. America hasn’t been Christian for three generations now and you live the wages of sin.
The punishment of degeneracy is living in that society. Drink it in, son.

Those of us who never partook have been able to see the orcs on the horizon for a while.
We tried warning you but were told we’re ‘no fun’. Pleasure Island hears vague donkey noises, but you’re not supposed to notice. The guy who trafficked them in that film was literally the Devil btw.

*they’re only whore pills if used for Biblical whoredom i.e. sex minus procreation potential (even in marriage). Used for hormonal purposes is medically valid, especially if the user is not sexually active or using barrier methods (no chemical abortions). In this way, plenty of men are actually responsible for abortions spiritually (to God) and morally (personally) since they fornicate with no barrier method and rely on chemical abortion to bail them out of paternal responsibility. Don’t speak to us of hypoagency when you do that bullshit. Some just assume 100% of women are on the abortion pill (because they think porn is real – they are morons) and get angry when the babymaking… results in a baby. Like duh. You did the ONE thing to make the baby. School told you this. It wasn’t the woman’s job to endanger her health with that toxic bullshit because you didn’t want to wear a condom. No sympathy for stupid fuckers. Muh dick men should be shot. They would be, in a patriarchy. If you want sexual relief with zero “risk” of reproduction, it’s called masturbation. Abstention is really the only 100% way, by avoiding the opposite sex entirely with your rotten seed. Give free vasectomies out to r-types at age 18, I’d happily fund that than let the stupids breed. Better than funding twenty abortions from the lounge lizards and their harem of matching skanks later. Still, the Pill is unsafe for women (and the male one for men) and should be banned as a blanket use to minors, especially as contraception. This has been used as thin end of the wedge for pedos to argue medical and hence sexual consent. There is no room for discussion.

The patreon paypigs are just as bad as OF simps, but instead of sexual content they think their “fave” is really friends with them. It’s pimped out friendship, the exact same thing. How much worse is paying for an imaginary friend? You don’t pay for actual friends or access to their opinions. Simps for social love are so much sadder.

At least men paying for a digital wife are basing it on real urges to procreate.

Link: FDA approval illegal

The makers can apply for full authorization, of course, but the EUAs are void as of this morning and under black letter law cannot be administered to anyone in the United States as they are now unlicensed and unlawful products in human beings until and unless they are given full approval themselves. No medical provider can offer or administer any other than the Pfizer Covid-19 shot in the United States as of the moment of that approval.

…In addition the FDA broke the law itself when it issued the “approval.” The law requires a full hearing and the data from the full set of trials; the trials are not capable of being completed until early 2022 by the original submissions and they deliberately did not hold the hearing. This is a black letter violation of the law as well, but nobody cares.

from https://voxday.net/2021/08/23/fda-approves-pfake-vaccine/

DS: so they can backtrack later and call it a clerical error.

VD “Now that Comirnaty has been formally declared to meet the US government’s high standards for safety and effectiveness, there is obviously no need for Pfizer to be provided any more immunity from legal liability, right?”


With this approval, no legal immunity would stand in court. If you all claim safe, you are liable. Like a car.

Safety is proven by liability.


“Contra the attempts of the media to invert statistical reality, 95.87 percent of the people now dying of Covid are vaccinated. Remember, there are no official or reliable statistics recording or reporting this data in the United States, but the same is not true in other countries.”

Wait until the fertility problems… in men and women.
Boomers expecting more spawn will suddenly not be so happy…

New World Order rising

They’re doing 2-3 years’ worth of tyranny ahead of schedule. They’re on the run. Q is, how long will this audit BS take?

You will own nothing and be happy – that includes food. Somebody could write to the supermarkets for official comment in light of discrimination laws. I like Ken. He tells the truth. He knows celebrities too, the ones who care about cameras. Do not befriend the people who would have forcibly sterilised you or killed you (starvation or otherwise) once this is over. These inhumane wicked people are the same evil as Aktion T4’s doctors, nurses, officials and police. They’ve shown they hate you and freedom itself. Their power is illegitimate and they’ll find their golden pension does not exist, with so many dead, injured, diseased, or hating them. It’s like the weebs praising Chinese immigration from HK. They’re nice until they get the numbers and there’s already proof the Chinese in the West spy for the CCP. The Trojan Horse is shaped like a puss and we can see clearly who the traitors are now. “But they’re so nice!” So was Judas. Until he wasn’t. Sealed with a kiss. Beware the traitors within our gates. The consolation is that, if we do go to war with China, as Taiwan noise hints, the Chinese won’t suffer a single white man to survive betraying their kind. They’ll be exterminated shortly after the patriots and the place they’ll go for dishonouring their mother/father/blood is decidedly warmer. The chinks hate us for the Opium wars run by a certain religion, it was not even us. The English were too busy dying of cholera.


There are a lot of Australians pushing back but a huge number are drinking the kook aid. And yes, they are in favour of locking up or force vaccinating the unvaccinated. It’s pretty scary.

Incitement of genocide is still a crime. Hang all those who advocated this, too.

Every serving Australian police ‘officer’ is well over the line of treason now, we wont forget…

Bullshit. You’ll go soft as soon as they claim they didn’t know better and were just following orders. You can’t even protect your children, you’re a fucking disgrace.

Yes ken, that’s right! Australia has many compliant Karen’s here! Even the organised government gangs aka police say they are proud of how compliant Australians are!! I’m English living in Australia for 16 years and I want to get out! The best way to describe Australia is like one giant science experiment gone wrong!

Last I checked most of your Marxist tyrants were men. Are not your major politicians men? They are Maoists.

I live in Queensland and the state premier basically said you can’t enter this state unless you have at least 1 jab as a result the truckers are planning to go on strike across the country and refuse to go into our state as many refuse to have it, so there could be food shortages due to that!

Finally, men with balls.

Denying care to people because they have health issues is called eugenics, this is no different than what the nazis did

regarding comments on Aus MSM sites, they won’t allow any dissenting comments and it’s bots and agents posting the pro camp comments.

77th brigade keep reporting my comments for removal, ones which literally quote the NHS and CDC. e.g. the jabbed have a higher viral load and the jabs don’t stop transmission. This causes ‘breakthrough cases’ with higher fatality. These are facts.

Much like the overwhelming comments supporting “quarantine” camps that Ken talked about, people in my own facebook feed are saying some pretty unbelievable things lately too. Basically they are totally fine with forcing everyone to comply with whatever the government says and whoever doesn’t follow the rules is an idiot. Pretty scary stuff. At least I’m fortunate to have a few close friends that still have common sense.

If you’re wondering how genocide happens…. dehumanisation is a step. Auschwitz was a hospital camp.

This is why society used to leave its idiots to die of exposure, by cliff or forest. Because stupidity will literally kill you, by demanding you copy it. They are the drowning person who will pull you under too. Nature has no mercy on stupid people – including those who follow them.

Every few years or so starting as a child, I had strange nightmares about being in a Chinese concentration camp but always an adult, Even as a child. Their getting stronger.

They’ve already been built in UK as mega prisons and US Fema.

If there’s a lot of people in the camp’s, would that make them concentration camps? Same poisenous sweet with a shiny new wrapper

These “rules” and “orders” in Australia are categorically NOT true law. They are being implemented under a false “state of emergency” order. The rogues in executive govt granted themselves special privileges to act outside of actual long-standing true legislation (chiefly the Australian Biosecurity Act of 2015 – an extensive, fair, equitable and ethical piece of true health law). EVERYTHING that is being ordered and mandated now is UNLAWFUL. Justice IS coming and WILL catch up to ALL of these war criminals. YES – we are IN WW3.

People break the law all the time. This is why the people responsible need to swing. It puts off the next batch.

It’s called a deterrent. The effect of punishment is deterrent. When child rapists get a year or two, child rape is de facto legal, with a brief fine of time. By reducing the sentence, it is normalised culturally until the law is abolished. That is how slippery slope works. Precedent and case law.

People who took the inoculation are showing up in mass with Leukemia. Doctors and Nurses cant deny it.

In france it’s also terrible, people are fighting, hitting restaurant owners that asked for covid-pass and ID papers.

Get them in the night, before they get you.

I’ll let you figure out if I’m joking. But they’ve plainly made their allegiance clear – is it to France?

Have we realized yet that government—as a concept—is the root of all problems?

Supranational governance is illegitimate. Power to the People, not their invaders. Even the Chinese in Australia posing as investors. When Australian whites are dead it’s easy to invade. Is the CCP mandating the shots to buy food? No? Not strange to anyone else?

Be careful what you believe from the comments, most Australians I know true beings wish these politicians and police and military hung for treason

It is treason. Enforcing tyranny is not their job. They work for you, they are paid by you. They act like an invading army.

It all started in Rome when Constantine came to power and usurped the catholic church and placed the first poop in control of it and it still goes on today. The Iron Cross

Popes have never been Christian.

Jesus’ word is final, no adding to it.

In the UK our Parliament will be voting on health passports early next month. I expect it will pass. Keep up the good work

London nor most MPs are English though. Is that legitimate?

I’m not going along with the line to the slaughterhouse. You can’t make me. I won’t be turned. I will not submit to coercion. I am a human being, not a slave. You’ll have to throw me in a camp and face the evil you became. If I die, it won’t be as a coward. I meet my maker knowing I did good.

Fun fact: the weight of the cows following behind pushes the hesitating ones ahead who smell death.

Amidst all this madness, in Denmark they’re ending all restrictions. My friend in Copenhagen told me that you no longer need to show a juice passport to enter movie theatres, gyms, restaurants, bars, etc … and as of October masks go. They’re basically going back to fully normal. The situation in Aus and NZ is stomach churning and deeply worrying.

Hit them in the pockets. Starve the Beast.

When the CDC drops PCR tests and this shows up as basically flu, I wonder if it won’t be too late.

Best comment:

Did Australia ever become not a prison colony?

Meanwhile, Trump doesn’t seem to give a shit about UK and Aus freedoms. Not a single supportive comment.

This is part where all the darkness is exposed. This is why. It wont last forever. Blessings ❤