SAGE is hysterical

September seems to be the month they fear. Interesting.


SKYNET, maybe

They seem to want the modRNA-incubated variants to be more fatal and more soon. Rumour is their permitted time period to operate the mind trial is until August 2021 but that could just be cope. The virus is mental. Either way, September is the month to make the year I think. Will people resist in various ways? Will lawyers challenge the mandates? Emergency powers do have limits and Boris will do anything to get it extended from October eternally. With endless boosters even the biggest drug-enthusiasts are now saying w-w-wwait a second! I may have been had! Since there’s no vaccine aristocracy (it was a psyop) if everyone has supposedly got it – and must keep getting as many as the Tory investors want. And it s like well duh but you ll keep lining up to the trough to avoid dealing with the sunk cost fallacy and from a cognitive dissonance induced backfire effect. Combine the cheerleader effect of celebrities I guarantee never actually got it, or they’d have said in the videos and a lot of people are going to be pissed. Will it matter? I think they lied about uptake but to what degree, especially if men and women experience sterility? Occam will need apply to the jab damaged. No blaming anyone but your fool SELF. The goat herd mentality will kill others, or have them forced, which is unacceptable and I wonder when the Satanists will tear off the mask re concentration camp mega prisons. Hopefully this is timelined beyond when Trump’s audits are done. Satanists do need permission for possession, however subtle the sell.


Revelations prophesizes 1/3 will die during the tribulation.  It feels like the end times are close but I know there have been many times in every generation that is thought.

Well… either way, do I care? Would you rather die with a fight and some spirit and a shot of Heaven or after getting a shot that is Hell on earth BEFORE you die?

Either it protects the people who CHOSE to get it or it protects NOBODY – LOGICALLY.

Injecting disabled kids suggests kill-shot. The parents enabled it. Imprison them. Signing a kid up to an experiment must be illegal or made so. The effects are lifelong and CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT. Consent cannot be made for you or rapists would consent for their victims. The entire point of vaccine THEORY (hypothesis here) is that it protects those who are already vulnerable so they don’t need to get the shot e.g. autoimmune etc. Injecting them first suggests they want to test lethality on the GDP ‘dregs’ and know a wild virus, incubating or not, won’t finish them off. These people are sick.

Meanwhile, people are finally getting to mirroring my video link to Jolie talking about Satanic ritual initiation.

She’s almost certainly (definitely) the evil Grove woman in the CDAN blind. THAT one. I’ve already posted too much about it. Go look around. Angie = evil. The fight she refers to is the soul trying to avoid contamination.

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