Study results: Pfizer deadly for white people

h/t Vox Day

82% white study. Maybe it’s deadlier for non-whites?

More people died from the modRNA genomic injection outcome than literally doing sweet FA. That’s without going into side effects. This stuff is toxic, folks.


“And before the Vaccine Nazis jump on the claim that there were more vaccinated participants than unvaccinated, there were 21,926 vaccinated and 21,921 unvaccinated participants.

That means the chance of dying is  1 in 1,462 for the vaccinated and 1 in 1,565 for the unvaccinated.”

I like those odds. Hopefully all my annoying relatives get every booster offered.

“Of course, this was before ADE and the Delta variant were combining to endanger the vaccinated, so “less than nothing” is the current best case scenario for the vaccines.”

It’s the Apocalypse and Hell has officially frozen over because I agree.
But India said the Indian/Delta variant doesn’t exist. This is just the mutation from the injection per se.

It isn’t about helping people, it’s about profits and compliance.

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