re Andy

There’s a video clip from a news site of Andrew peering out from behind Epstein’s door as others leave. He stayed AFTER Epstein was outed as a paedophile. SO yes, Andy knew what he was and didn’t care. Birds of a feather?

“As mentioned in the caption, the video is believed to be from back in 2010, two years after Epstein was first charged with child sex offences. The Prince seemingly leave the Manhattan apartment with an unidentified woman, before the camera goes on to show Prince Andrew seeing a young woman out the door.”

The woman needs money from a civil suit to last the years criminal proceedings would take. This is the thin end of a wedge and why he never paid her off. He knew it would lead to criminal charges, from others too, meaning other victims could come forward in the trial. He’d be in prison for the rest of his damned life. Prison’s too good for people who go after those young enough to be their child, or anyone’s child. It’s called sexual predation.

Coercion vitiates consent so legally even if she were 30 at the time she can still press charges.
Besides which, the papers are lying about the UK age of consent because they’re owned by …the Royals.
It IS illegal for an adult, especially a gross old man old enough to be her father, to have ANY form of sexual activity with a minor, including kissing. I’ve linked to information on this before.
The 16 age is for two 16yos.
For an adult 18+, it is illegal.

How old was Randy Andy?

The MRA types playing dumb should remember ignorance of the law is no excuse. Stop fondling kids if you don’t wanna do the time for the crime. The Rotherham defence doesn’t wash with the public.

Prostitution should never be legal in any form due to pressures of trafficking on the market. It’s a front for trafficking. Charities discuss this. Nobody in their right mind would choose to do that as an occupation so they must kidnap children or women (sometimes men). The Game or what has also been called Monarch/MKUltra programming is done on the victims so they don’t escape, like Stockholm Syndrome where they feel the abusers are safe and happy like a family, so the victim may be paraded in public or in photos. The women call one another sister which if it sounds like cult speak, is also exactly what cults do. Cult programming is the reason victims can seem fine at the time, due to compartmentalization.
Sexual trauma is lifelong for both sexes and the life outcomes data is clear, including risk of mental disorder and suicide. She deserves money at minimum for the therapy she will definitely need.

ANYONE siding with a pervert old man over a minor at the time seriously needs their head examined and should be ashamed at themselves for minimising it. You enable the rape of children and you are evil. Enablers are perhaps more evil because you see no personal benefit but side with the biggest monster in the room, hoping they’ll eat you last. Even the trafficking and exploitation (coercion vitiates consent, threatening and intimidation of the homeless is NOT an offer) of an adult would be illegal also. This has nothing to do with Hollywood’s MeToo crusade and seeks, indeed, to expose the Hollywood predators, it’s the Mossad/Epstein network. Didn’t you want this? You finally complain when some of the Q stuff begins to happen? Are you glowies? The MRAs are outing themselves as controlled ops by opposing this. Don’t you want to know what Jeffrey knew? I’ve outed enough people recently (Cavill, the Stranger Things ashtray*, Fiennes, Jolie and others) that I think I’ve proven my stripes on this subject.

The monsters minimising this are heartless and I suggest the pedo-supporters offer their own relatives as tribute or STFU.

*he thinks he did nothing wrong because her virginity was taken many years earlier by the rapper. And Cavill got there first when she was 14-15. I covered this before it broke, please note, it still fully hasn’t. They have a Lolita Fetish, so they can blame the child for coming onto them due to programming. Clearly we need more overt sexual coercion law.

Talk about the other ones who groomed you, then. She is so dumb in that video (title above is clickbait, don’t watch it) and brainwashed. I mean, a flat Earther who thinks she can sing… Sophia Myles is the English version of pretty, Millie is fug. Solid 4. The trafficked girls are given a lot of gum to chew to reduce their anxiety at their situation and keep the mouth muscles strong. Just a note….

I keep being proven right. I predicted Smugs’ move to LA.

But sure, they’re all just joking.

Because Elizabeth Taylor was known to be a prankster.

Prince William too –

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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