Signal boost for Vox

Google has tried to take down Vox’s site and while I’m hardly the guy’s biggest fan, you can find some of his info here:

Hoping his site is restored soon. The enemy of my enemy is my fren.

also backup site

comment on a DM article here

Here’s another way of looking at it, mix and match will ensure that any potential long term effects will not be attributable to any single vaccine producer as each vaccinated person will have ‘multiple’ brands in their system. Just something to think about.

It also means if they vaccinate everyone with a mix of different vaccines, no one vaccine can be blamed and everybody will get the side effects. We’re not stupid we see what you’re doing.

This is to ensure the politicians/lawmakers who bought shares in the various big pharmas pre-covid are all getting a spread of the money. When the govt stops paying for the shots (probably early 2022) you’ll be paying for your 3 month booster out of your own pocket in order for your vaccine ID to be up-to-date which permits you to do the things you did before this started.

They fear 1, audit results and 2. the control group showing the damage reactions. No control group > no trials.

Now you see why I selectively quoted from his blog so much, I suspected it might go down. Also why I’m here instead of there. I was reading up on copyright. Apparently the copyright rights here are better.

Apparently Theoria Apophasis has just joined bitchute too, but yet to post.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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