Segregation society at Marxist university

Easy to prove medical discrimination when it’s official policy. The same laws that cover medical disability cover this. Some people literally cannot get it, for various reasons including family history. Heads must roll for this.

Universities are public spaces, anyone can go there. Permitting non-mutant visitors is irrational if you’re banning them from living there, especially since the viral load is higher in the modified human mutants, who also have a higher risk of death (so no argument of prevention). The purpose of real vaccines (RNA is not) is to shield the unvaccinated via herd immunity. So they’re tacitly admitting the jabs do nothing. They don’t work or they could shield and protect the uninjected residents. The absolute risk is lowest among that age group, this is anti-science.

The new no blacks, no dogs, no Irish?
Universities get taxpayer funding, they cannot segregate nor deny access.
Cut off ALL funding.

Universities have never been autonomous, they provide a service like any private business and must abide by the national law and international e.g. Nuremberg, human rights, equality act. They have a legal duty of care, including prevention of discrimination, coercion and medical harm, including damage reactions.

And the students can sue the Uni for any and all damage reactions, now. That’s what mandating means, they’re trying to get around it with the living situation clause, which won’t stand up in court.
I think they’ll find they’re on the wrong side of history.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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