New World Order rising

They’re doing 2-3 years’ worth of tyranny ahead of schedule. They’re on the run. Q is, how long will this audit BS take?

You will own nothing and be happy – that includes food. Somebody could write to the supermarkets for official comment in light of discrimination laws. I like Ken. He tells the truth. He knows celebrities too, the ones who care about cameras. Do not befriend the people who would have forcibly sterilised you or killed you (starvation or otherwise) once this is over. These inhumane wicked people are the same evil as Aktion T4’s doctors, nurses, officials and police. They’ve shown they hate you and freedom itself. Their power is illegitimate and they’ll find their golden pension does not exist, with so many dead, injured, diseased, or hating them. It’s like the weebs praising Chinese immigration from HK. They’re nice until they get the numbers and there’s already proof the Chinese in the West spy for the CCP. The Trojan Horse is shaped like a puss and we can see clearly who the traitors are now. “But they’re so nice!” So was Judas. Until he wasn’t. Sealed with a kiss. Beware the traitors within our gates. The consolation is that, if we do go to war with China, as Taiwan noise hints, the Chinese won’t suffer a single white man to survive betraying their kind. They’ll be exterminated shortly after the patriots and the place they’ll go for dishonouring their mother/father/blood is decidedly warmer. The chinks hate us for the Opium wars run by a certain religion, it was not even us. The English were too busy dying of cholera.


There are a lot of Australians pushing back but a huge number are drinking the kook aid. And yes, they are in favour of locking up or force vaccinating the unvaccinated. It’s pretty scary.

Incitement of genocide is still a crime. Hang all those who advocated this, too.

Every serving Australian police ‘officer’ is well over the line of treason now, we wont forget…

Bullshit. You’ll go soft as soon as they claim they didn’t know better and were just following orders. You can’t even protect your children, you’re a fucking disgrace.

Yes ken, that’s right! Australia has many compliant Karen’s here! Even the organised government gangs aka police say they are proud of how compliant Australians are!! I’m English living in Australia for 16 years and I want to get out! The best way to describe Australia is like one giant science experiment gone wrong!

Last I checked most of your Marxist tyrants were men. Are not your major politicians men? They are Maoists.

I live in Queensland and the state premier basically said you can’t enter this state unless you have at least 1 jab as a result the truckers are planning to go on strike across the country and refuse to go into our state as many refuse to have it, so there could be food shortages due to that!

Finally, men with balls.

Denying care to people because they have health issues is called eugenics, this is no different than what the nazis did

regarding comments on Aus MSM sites, they won’t allow any dissenting comments and it’s bots and agents posting the pro camp comments.

77th brigade keep reporting my comments for removal, ones which literally quote the NHS and CDC. e.g. the jabbed have a higher viral load and the jabs don’t stop transmission. This causes ‘breakthrough cases’ with higher fatality. These are facts.

Much like the overwhelming comments supporting “quarantine” camps that Ken talked about, people in my own facebook feed are saying some pretty unbelievable things lately too. Basically they are totally fine with forcing everyone to comply with whatever the government says and whoever doesn’t follow the rules is an idiot. Pretty scary stuff. At least I’m fortunate to have a few close friends that still have common sense.

If you’re wondering how genocide happens…. dehumanisation is a step. Auschwitz was a hospital camp.

This is why society used to leave its idiots to die of exposure, by cliff or forest. Because stupidity will literally kill you, by demanding you copy it. They are the drowning person who will pull you under too. Nature has no mercy on stupid people – including those who follow them.

Every few years or so starting as a child, I had strange nightmares about being in a Chinese concentration camp but always an adult, Even as a child. Their getting stronger.

They’ve already been built in UK as mega prisons and US Fema.

If there’s a lot of people in the camp’s, would that make them concentration camps? Same poisenous sweet with a shiny new wrapper

These “rules” and “orders” in Australia are categorically NOT true law. They are being implemented under a false “state of emergency” order. The rogues in executive govt granted themselves special privileges to act outside of actual long-standing true legislation (chiefly the Australian Biosecurity Act of 2015 – an extensive, fair, equitable and ethical piece of true health law). EVERYTHING that is being ordered and mandated now is UNLAWFUL. Justice IS coming and WILL catch up to ALL of these war criminals. YES – we are IN WW3.

People break the law all the time. This is why the people responsible need to swing. It puts off the next batch.

It’s called a deterrent. The effect of punishment is deterrent. When child rapists get a year or two, child rape is de facto legal, with a brief fine of time. By reducing the sentence, it is normalised culturally until the law is abolished. That is how slippery slope works. Precedent and case law.

People who took the inoculation are showing up in mass with Leukemia. Doctors and Nurses cant deny it.

In france it’s also terrible, people are fighting, hitting restaurant owners that asked for covid-pass and ID papers.

Get them in the night, before they get you.

I’ll let you figure out if I’m joking. But they’ve plainly made their allegiance clear – is it to France?

Have we realized yet that government—as a concept—is the root of all problems?

Supranational governance is illegitimate. Power to the People, not their invaders. Even the Chinese in Australia posing as investors. When Australian whites are dead it’s easy to invade. Is the CCP mandating the shots to buy food? No? Not strange to anyone else?

Be careful what you believe from the comments, most Australians I know true beings wish these politicians and police and military hung for treason

It is treason. Enforcing tyranny is not their job. They work for you, they are paid by you. They act like an invading army.

It all started in Rome when Constantine came to power and usurped the catholic church and placed the first poop in control of it and it still goes on today. The Iron Cross

Popes have never been Christian.

Jesus’ word is final, no adding to it.

In the UK our Parliament will be voting on health passports early next month. I expect it will pass. Keep up the good work

London nor most MPs are English though. Is that legitimate?

I’m not going along with the line to the slaughterhouse. You can’t make me. I won’t be turned. I will not submit to coercion. I am a human being, not a slave. You’ll have to throw me in a camp and face the evil you became. If I die, it won’t be as a coward. I meet my maker knowing I did good.

Fun fact: the weight of the cows following behind pushes the hesitating ones ahead who smell death.

Amidst all this madness, in Denmark they’re ending all restrictions. My friend in Copenhagen told me that you no longer need to show a juice passport to enter movie theatres, gyms, restaurants, bars, etc … and as of October masks go. They’re basically going back to fully normal. The situation in Aus and NZ is stomach churning and deeply worrying.

Hit them in the pockets. Starve the Beast.

When the CDC drops PCR tests and this shows up as basically flu, I wonder if it won’t be too late.

Best comment:

Did Australia ever become not a prison colony?

Meanwhile, Trump doesn’t seem to give a shit about UK and Aus freedoms. Not a single supportive comment.

This is part where all the darkness is exposed. This is why. It wont last forever. Blessings ❤


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