about Only Fans

So-called prostitution has never existed. It only occurs in societies with usury, financial slavery. Men work hard or die in battle and saddle their families with debt because cost of living (evil concept) outpaces “inflation” (a synthetic form of slavery caused by usury). Inflation is unnatural and must be opposed by all sensible people.
The natural eventual outcome of facebook bikini photos, Only Fans realised a certain tribe’s millennia-long ploy might be exposed (who funded the Barbary slavers? who told them where to go?) because some minors and adults were being groomed or forced by threat of violence (trafficking) into producing ‘content’ for the site. All it took was one 14yo who looked 18 with enough make-up and they’d investigate the whole termite mound. How many women and men in illusory ‘sex work’ exist? Of that number, how many are insane, or runaways coerced (i.e. not consenting, legally) or trafficked (threatened on pain of death or other violent revenge)? They were talking about verified accounts (someone on the backend in IT told me) because rumour has it most of those people either gave fake legal names (trafficking victims, with missing persons reports) or false ages (meaning OF produces and solicits CP, making all the investors and owners (((responsible))), for once. And we can’t have THAT.)
Pimps do not exist, ((libertarians)) lie – humans do not need owners for something they would FREELY do anyway, they’re cretinous YKW’s threatening wyppo – debase yourself or death. A transaction between two individuals does NOT need an ‘agency’ or ‘pimp’ or ‘intermediary’ platform ‘managing’ them. That is not an industry and not a profession. That is not work. The ‘world’s oldest profession’ is slave owner (pimp). Hollywood mocks this (keep your pimp hand strong). The slaves didn’t get to choose i.e. what a profession is. What you profess to and consent to do.
So they wanted to regulate their ((own)) without government oversight, which would blow open the whole keg stand.
With no piggy in the middle man to (((profiteer))) from white sexuality, they’d need to work the farms and otherwise get a real job. We all know a certain tribe is incapable of earning money independently, instead needing to lamprey from the labours of others.
Hence, immigration. Polite invasion. Constantly. ((Epstein and Co.))
One thing is for certain, the world must come to a universal, global age of consent and/or majority. India is 18. In the olden days, people were more mentally mature, just look at O level to GCSE difficulty levels. Neuroscience dictates 18 would be the minimum. Perhaps even higher age of consent for sex would be needed in the cases of riskier types, by disease (anal) or “kink”.
These Sodom habits including lechery were kept underground for a reason. Catcalling and other harassment was illegal until rappers normalised it. It used to end in a lynching even if a white man did it, because they knew that’s how sexual predators fished for prey. That’s how sexual violence starts the “hey random 13yo, I just wanna talk…” Pick-up is teaching the tactics of predation that white men with a spine used to lynch. Hollywood’s success was fed by the spiritual ties produced by the ‘sex sells’ the Bible warned of. It drains you lifelong and this draining only happens to men. That’s why there’s no female gaze. Women do not produce energy for spiritual ties, only permit them to implant into the soul or aura. Women are being blamed for Hollywood’s switched up business model, seeing the success of streaming. All you need is a type of RSS open platform software for any type of porn site, and they’re done. They need a monopoly and due to capitalist development barriers to entry, the banks only lend out fake fiat usury loans to their own Fans, who promise them that market capture of monopoly. Anti-trust must be applied to banks first. Anyone should be able to start a bank. For public morality, why don’t we know who exactly owns these sites? Same with porn ones. They’ve got in trouble before for posting illegally filmed porn (model releases are needed to prove consent, because sex is automatically private i.e. intimate), for posting minors (CP) and trafficked adults too, in addition to rapes (often where the woman looks drugged or asleep). Certain fetishes e.g. rape, should not permitted as ‘art’ as incitement. Yet Hollywood started this. There are no videos showing bank robbery step by step ‘for art’. This is so much worse. Art has always been censored as it should be. Art corrupts. Art inspires the act. Art incites. Japanese schoolgirls have been attacked more, the more fetishised in ‘art’ they are. Studies of prison deviants show they practice using porn, mentally. Snuff films are already illegal, rape films must be too. Again Hollywood started this and impotent men escalate to such material after the 3d pron has damaged their peepee. Look at the average age minors view adult content now. It’s being used to groom children, even by other corrupted children. This must be stopped. Make child corruption an actual law. It was in ancient times. This must be expressly illegal. Proof of adulthood to access such sites protects children, who need to use the internet for homework now – thank the schools. It’s no coincidence.
We have the AI to wipe adult content from innocent searches that school children must look up, yet it isn’t implemented. Because the inclusion is deliberate. Curiosity will cause them to click. Kids are idiots. Their brain hasn’t developed, like an idiot’s never does. There are literal children with porn addictions, as young as pre-school (UNICEF data, I believe?) and nobody cares. The parents turn a blind eye because they think it’s safe, only to wonder why little Timmy becomes a mentally disturbed man. Gatekeeping to anyone with a credit card, not to charge it but prove age verification, is the only way free porn can continue to exist online. It’s no different than showing ID to attend a strip club or burlesque show. The digital space must be segregated. This perversion is endemic.
As it stands, countries producing “child pornography” (an illegitimate concept) with lower (muh legalism) ages of consent are broadcasting to countries with more reasonable conservative ones. A universal age of consent must be agreed. 16 year olds aren’t marrying anymore to make babies (even certain fake Catholics claiming to be trad have recently gotten married and… zero babies, so they’re on the whore pills* too!) and even with parental consent, that is child abuse. Child brides are rape victims, not consenting parties. The Taliban is not based, they’re the same child raping scum as the Rotherham lot. Are we the First World or not? Do we set the fucking standard or rot?
And you wonder why the boat people come here? They think the streets are paved with trafficked white girls. Then, when they find they’re not, they form rape gangs and make it happen.
The natural outcome of a culture of ((lewd)) men who do what they please (as thou wilt Satanism) fornication pop culture is rape, rape fetishes, abortion clinics and Only Fans. This is the fruit of sowing your ((wild)) oats, another tribal myth. Respecting the women of your country was always patriotic until they showed up. Now we have multicultural Brotherhood (brotherhood is actually racially segregated, by definition?) worshipping on the tribal cock of corporate ‘success’ i.e. being a globalist wanker. Men are to blame for their own degeneracy, including that lechery. You do not answer for the souls of some imaginary hivemind collective of ‘women’ when you die, only yourself. Also, blaming the 99% for the actions of the 1% or less is SJW logic. The feeble appeals to moral authority of barren degenerate bachelors (the Russell Brand love the sinner types) will be met with ridicule, by everyone. Reee at yourself. This is the world you created. Your habits shape your society. Jesus hated hypocrites. The three generations of hippies (no sexual mores) who permitted this are to blame. The average 1950s white man wouldn’t have permitted a single strip club in ‘their town’ let alone 3 plus a Hooter’s for their young daughters to get groped at. Enabling this violation of values to get your personal end off gets ‘progressively’ worse until you see the Frankenstein’s monster you made rear up to finally kill its creator. You fed this Beast. It’s yours. America hasn’t been Christian for three generations now and you live the wages of sin.
The punishment of degeneracy is living in that society. Drink it in, son.

Those of us who never partook have been able to see the orcs on the horizon for a while.
We tried warning you but were told we’re ‘no fun’. Pleasure Island hears vague donkey noises, but you’re not supposed to notice. The guy who trafficked them in that film was literally the Devil btw.

*they’re only whore pills if used for Biblical whoredom i.e. sex minus procreation potential (even in marriage). Used for hormonal purposes is medically valid, especially if the user is not sexually active or using barrier methods (no chemical abortions). In this way, plenty of men are actually responsible for abortions spiritually (to God) and morally (personally) since they fornicate with no barrier method and rely on chemical abortion to bail them out of paternal responsibility. Don’t speak to us of hypoagency when you do that bullshit. Some just assume 100% of women are on the abortion pill (because they think porn is real – they are morons) and get angry when the babymaking… results in a baby. Like duh. You did the ONE thing to make the baby. School told you this. It wasn’t the woman’s job to endanger her health with that toxic bullshit because you didn’t want to wear a condom. No sympathy for stupid fuckers. Muh dick men should be shot. They would be, in a patriarchy. If you want sexual relief with zero “risk” of reproduction, it’s called masturbation. Abstention is really the only 100% way, by avoiding the opposite sex entirely with your rotten seed. Give free vasectomies out to r-types at age 18, I’d happily fund that than let the stupids breed. Better than funding twenty abortions from the lounge lizards and their harem of matching skanks later. Still, the Pill is unsafe for women (and the male one for men) and should be banned as a blanket use to minors, especially as contraception. This has been used as thin end of the wedge for pedos to argue medical and hence sexual consent. There is no room for discussion.

The patreon paypigs are just as bad as OF simps, but instead of sexual content they think their “fave” is really friends with them. It’s pimped out friendship, the exact same thing. How much worse is paying for an imaginary friend? You don’t pay for actual friends or access to their opinions. Simps for social love are so much sadder.

At least men paying for a digital wife are basing it on real urges to procreate.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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