Corporate bailouts don’t work

even if you pretend it’s UBI to private citizens. Not one person with no financial interest wanted to bail out hotels and airlines. Capitalism means no bailouts. Bailouts are Marxist socialism. The self-fellating of the taxpayer paying the taxpayer – and also the government in ‘admin fees’ for the privilege, is mathematically impossible. They should’ve saved that money like a private citizen would be expected to do, rather than pumping and dumping their stock with buybacks – which ought to be illegal.

Actually, not everyone is on so-called furlough, many vital people in society like carers aren’t.

It’s largely been Communism for the middle-class, proving they are absolutely redundant to the real economy now. They are totally wastes of office space, as well as air.

Most modern workers are now objectively proven to be freeloaders riding coat-tails of the ones doing most of the work and now the companies are wondering how to cull the busywork population, legally.

Usury destroys businesses, as countries. Supranational capitalism always fails, it’s a classic pump and dump like stock markets, pitting one nation against another. You cannot compete fairly with countries that use child slavery. Capitalism is national or the domestic workforce is abused by foreigners. Libertarians are extra-national lampreys, leeching from one country, sucking it dry before “””immigrating””” to another fresh patch of grass.


I disagree with your claim of “they are not going to willingly nuke their own bottom line”. That’s a projection of yourself onto them. The oligarchs at the top don’t care about profits and line going up. They want to have all the money/wealth/power, not just make profits. If they take a bath on profits and lose many big businesses, but in the process eliminate most of the wealth/power/market potential of the working + middle classes, then their end goal of being “Landlord Monarchs” becomes more realized. Remember AA, the people at the top blatantly say what they want… for us to own nothing and have nothing which binds us to the land or our people. Never forget that.


zombie economy


This just shows how many people do useless jobs.


Vast majority of people produce next to zero real value and get paid for it. It’s all a bubble. Everything.

Yep, thank the hippies. Because the West can afford to import millions from Asia and Africa right?


The basic UK position is 113 % public debt to GDP ratio and 342% external debt to GDP ratio, this is not a tenable financial position to be in. The UK chancellor, is not as of yet , taking any real positive steps to reduce the situation. Ireland’s GDP debt Ratios are in an even more appalling state , 100.1% public debt and over 800% to external debt. I think you are correct in that we may have weathered the pandemic thus far, but our long term financials are in a very unstable situation are they not? . Are we not over exposed and in very vulnerable state, and if a 2007/8 loss of confidence were to occur what would be our position?. I am trying to guesstimate how long we have before the chickens come home to roost so to speak. I freely admit that I thought our business loss was higher than you suggest.

Marxism kills.

Over 90% debt/GDP, profits stall. We’re well over that now. I’ve covered true national debt before, it’s trillions. I believe it was called “we are absolutely fucked”.

There was a Jew Yorker comic, replace planet with West:


Multicultural economy = Empire and they always die.

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