All-Seeing Eye – blinded

Put this at the foot of the Freemasons. Name the Beast. This will be like watching Sauron fall, slowly at first.

Anti-fa is China’s Beast but FMs belong to the Cabal central. All cults must be forcibly dismantled. Upon entry, FMs must forsake God. This is signposted. Why? All religions have a version of Thou Shalt Not Kill and FMs are a death cult. See who had ‘Freemason grandads’ and watch how they conveniently moved to the countryside to homestead shortly before the pandemic. Freemasons are familial. You never stop being one. It’s like the Mafia. They thought war. They moved beyond the reach of nukes, away from meltdown towers in nuclear facilities. Not a coincidence. Nobody is discussing this yet. The Gray State exposed the FM connection, they could not afford it to be released (UK). Read the comic From Hell, note the mapping of all Freemason ‘Temples’. Those are Temples of Satan, in plain sight. People will freak. Freemasons are mostly responsible for the Illuminati shit and military intelligence has blinded them. It’s Biblical.

Lodges are slightly different. They hunt people. It needs to be remote to have their fun long-range. Why does Parliament still have a gun range? A comedy recently starred Harry Enfield playing Prince Charles attending a meeting of the Church of Satan. He was possessed by Satan, which suggests someone knows something. What if footage or provable intel to that effect of Satanic attendance came out? Divine right of kings is based on religious legitimacy, i.e. Protestantism. This is big. Knights of Malta, William is one. Why is Andrew the Queen’s favourite son? What is the Satanic form of worship (orgies)? I’ve been covering this for years. Do you think Philip lived so long from diet and exercise? What if adrenochrome was no longer available…? They get MRI scans every year, sure, but that doesn’t heal you… what blackmail material does Harry have on the Queen, so much the stress could bump her off? A woman photographed cruelly throttling a pheasant who’s been quoted as saying she isn’t as nice as everyone thinks?

You can find these people on Facebook by listing Freemasonry as a topic of interest. Note the names. They’ll probably end up in some legal trouble shortly. Why does every major University with tunnels, have a secret Freemason society? They’re not listed on the website [SU] but if you google Uni Name + Freemason it pops up. Even interviews with members. Gammas who feel important. They think they’re changing the world. I’ve met some. They advocate depopulation. They’re also Marxist. I covered how Extinction Rebellion is a death cult to Saturn (homophone*) by its own logo. Do any such FM Universities have tunnels to royal boroughs or royal living places? That’s a short list, isn’t it? Leverage + Blackmail. Many go into civil service. The power behind the political face’s throne. Wormtongue is King.

People wouldn’t believe a genocide in their time (neither did Rwanda) until the dehumanisation begins.
When people know relatives being pink-triangled and yellow-starred (or pink braceleted in the case of US military) people start being reminded of what we were browbeaten with at school.

Rs didn’t go after military because you can’t really fake combat experience. The frauds were selected from the lowly recruits and promotion material was either fabricated (read: grounds for dismissal) and/or the stories used were stolen from soldiers deceased or killed if they talked (read: crime, grounds to dismiss and punish).

When people are shown the camps, including videos of people working in them playing dumb like the French bitchute video I posted a few weeks ago, they will be horrified. It’s a necessary horror.

The GPs in the UK have already accidentally on-purpose ‘leaked’ that they’re building lists. Why? To pass to whom?
The military has also been spotted at some supermarkets and testing sites, normalising their martial prescence.

In the UK, they also mentioned briefly in a news clip I’d linked that the army was going door to door intimidating people into disclosing their medical status. So papers please comes to you! This Australian BS about being a good little duckie under house arrest is while they tool the mega prisons, the concentration camps. That’s why I’ve covered them. That’s why I’ve mentioned the genocide angle (genetic or otherwise) for so long. Purchases can be proven, intent!
The way they’re rushing to ready the concentration camps can be proven in military court.
Body disposal en masse (crematoria?) + medical facilities (lethal injections, experimentation) prove plan. Global plot. Which drugs do they buy? Likely lethal injection ones like Midazolam. At killing doses. All meds are sold pre-dosed. Did the NHS buy those doses per head too? Look at the plot of the Island, China already piloted butchering camp members for clean organs. No spikes = clean. That’s why camps and no insta-kill.
Countries like Canada were encouraging relatives to rat on one another.
I told you for years to play the game ally or snitch. Who would keep your secrets and who would betray you?
This is important now. The Needle Nazis, as I called them, is not a mere meme. I was being quite literal.
The ww2 propaganda at school was to suspend belief that ‘it couldn’t happen here, we had so much education!’ hence the ‘Holocaust’ statue in London now…. except we never had a Holocaust in England. Sargon was smuzzled, smug puzzled, why this was needed. They cry out in pain as they strike you. They laid out the rule book, I’ve linked books where they openly talked about killing off so-called Aryans and we’ve all seen Marxists use the white genocide meme seriously and celebrate higher death than birth rates. The mask is slipping. Synagogue of Satan? Now, are some genetic Jews okay? My question is who cares? Investigate all the treason and find any rat who was part of this scam. Satanists may be a branch of Judaism, we know the Talmud includes pedo-bait and Kaballah is popular in Hollywood but honestly, I do not care. I care that they’re injecting kids with poison and tooling murder camps. That is reality now.

The immigrants are the intended guards. No loyalty to this People. Years of brainwashing to hate and blame us.

My only concern is that Trump’s slow movements will leave Australians and English in the cold. These camps already exist, they just need some fabricated grounds to begin round-ups. The guarded hotels near airports are a cold run. A …pilot test. Evil has a wicked sense of humour.
I have faith in God, not men, but second to that, Trump was in my area shortly before he left office and I feel a natural calm when thinking on whatever he told fake Buffoon Boris. “You can do this, but not that”.

I’ve posted about hyperinflation and deflation literally years ago.
I can see some pieces on the chessboard but even if it weren’t above my pay grade, I’m not writing it here.
Fear God and have heart. We fight principalities.

And to any rogue agents watching – following orders didn’t work a lifetime ago, either. I suggest you repent. They turn on their minions to hide the evidence. YOU are the evidence.

*Pronounce Saturn repeatedly as fast as you can. They don’t worship a planet. The r- is not used in English. Ss-ah-tuh-uhn. STN like a sigil. SAAAHTUUUN. = Satan. They’re telling you they worship Satan. That isn’t Roman paganism, is it? If someone tells you they do occult work and rituals for Saturn…. a planet doesn’t require ritual sacrifices, does it? The Bible prohibits misusing frankincense and other incense not for perfume but Satanists connect burning it to their rituals. Also musk because it’s the fertility of a mammal. Castration is Saturnian – limiting, denying, restricting. It works well with Ishtar fertility energy. Medieval scholars hated the associations of that planet but a cloud of dirt is not that energy. It’s a cover. Why does Hollywood pronounce it the Saturn way instead of Say Tan? It’s Say Toon like Amun Ra. The ooh sound. Sound is important.

re the German “Royals” IF Charles and William can be proven in on it, but Harry, being military, is not… and Harry has military contacts to track and record people he knows…. he could bump himself up the line of succession. Way up. That’s the plan, I’d guess. That’s why I predicted they’d move to America. Different military. Queen has no power there. Prosecution is done by the Queen here. Would she prosecute her direct lineage, for something she may have done also? Play the Big Cards now, Harry. By the time that book comes out heavily edited, no one will care. Queens don’t lawyer up over nothing.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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