Pro-mutant propaganda

But not everyone is consenting. People are being held down, including children.

Which version was Trump suggesting people take? Which version did Warpspeed approve? Any ingredient changes are totally illegal.
He said freedom to choose. Did the people forced have freedom? Collateral damage. Only adults can legally consent to be in clinical trials.

IF Cabal has cures to most disease, wouldn’t that include most caused by ‘jabs’? Short of death and stroke and brain damage, I mean. Well, I posted before about amino acid types and brain damage/IQ. So maybe not that last.

This vaccine damage, like all the others, for decades, reminds me specifically of the Extremis plotline in Iron Man 3.

Remember, it alters your whole body. Genomic therapy, not genetic. Genetic is smaller. Genomic is modRNA.
And in the trial phase, in that film, it killed the people they gave it to.
Then in Endgame, the depopulation ‘debate’ in pop culture over how great that would be for ‘The Planet’.
Surprised nobody has covered the angle through Marvel films, considering Disney CEO is/was a Satanist. Lots of Disney shows abused children. How many kids have gone missing at the parks? All the bodies they keep finding in mass graves, do you think there aren’t any for them? Why build random abandoned ‘parks’? Why build over old buildings?

re Aktion T4 – they went after kids too. I hope abused children sue their Karen parents who forced them, too. Even the disabled ones. God knows they’ve gone through enough. Oh yes, people forget they’ve pushed this onto disabled kids in the UK. Now, with proven murderous intent, what will they compare it to? What did I compare it to? T4.
Long-term effects explored: possible sterility. How many doses needed? Are some doses ‘contaminated’? Do we have the full ingredient list? Has the WHO developed an antifertility vaccine in the past? How often does it require injection? 2-4 times per year. How many times do we supposedly ‘need’ boosters? …
Why inject the elderly first? What if the different batches do different things? Fatal for care homes, fatal for disabled kids. Sterile for everyone else. Unless you’re their enemy. Why was I invited back in March? I’m young. They lied and said my age group was only permitted in past month or two. This is a lie. Others I know, still younger than myself, were offered same time as I. Commonality? Enemies of Cabal. How? GP appointments. If they know when and where, and you don’t know the person administering it personally, what’s to stop a plant administering a more fatal form? [nothing]

A number of years ago, I posted about network infiltration. It was random. Similar content?

Fire SFX no coincidence = Hellish.
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. The meme? Well that’s genome, as in Human Genome Project. Not genetic, a smaller scale.

“not just a nanotech virus but a subtle genetic upgrade which makes it seem more real and even more threatening since someone with a virus can look like anyone walking down the street” – read this in 2021, OOF

Turning people into weapons against the People.

Did you think years of injections were planned to do nothing?

Why did Trump and military need alternative treatments and other versions? Which versions did Cabal test and try to release? Like the ones confiscated for contaminated batches? What’s in them?

STUNNED nobody has drawn this parallel yet.

And the Arab stunt was FAKE.


p.s. when this is all over, my life is gonna feel reeeeal fucking boring. Maybe I’ll marry an eccentric billionaire or something. Buy a lot of designer handbags. Make cheese. Something. Probably lots of things to replace this fun.

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