Strategy requires premature action

Trump is a reader, he also has a prominent Jyeshtha. Considering he reads a lot about himself, I know for a fact he knows this. The Trump train and other elements of surprise like it require it. His inability to be defeated in debate is characteristic. It’s an open style compared to the sly linguistic trickery and cold deceit of Hasta people, especially the men like Peterson (where lunar energy becomes evil). This suggests what he’s doing. Waiting for the enemy to make mistakes, having walked in the cold light of the truth and thereby, defeat them. Like showing an opening in martial arts, make them think you’re not waiting for it. Mythology is fascinating, you needn’t believe in it. That’s why I didn’t bother memeing for 2020. I knew they’d try to steal it and he’d let them. I just didn’t expect it to take so long by the book but it’s all evidence and that fits. You prove your enemies are your enemies by showing the attack. If you’re premature, they have the strategic information to win instead. Ketu can enhance a planet up to 20x by the way, it purifies in a holy way whatever it touches, it’s God’s influence on our being here, who we are. The meaning of our birth. I have it with a strong Jupiter, so I know-know. In person, when I talk people listen, they sense the purity of the truth (albeit brusque at times) and it’s the same with him. There is righteousness and then there is apparent righteousness in the eyes of others. The People ultimately decide, who is on their side. The latter, apparent righteousness, has more political legitimacy. This is how Cabal kept winning by censoring, making everyone believe the propaganda with no alternative. The little guy gets screwed over if he isn’t strategic at all, because strategy is noble if dispensed correctly. Be wise as Serpents is the name of the Illuminati bloodlines book. A good quote. They went after him and now he seems out of the picture, their true plan is revealed going after everyone else. It would’ve looked cruel and mad if he hadn’t waited for that proof, giving future proves past wry meaning. Now everyone knows, oh, it IS personal. They are really after me, too. So nobody will wish to show pity or mercy to those who openly wished to enslave them. Devolution was his choice and depending on how long he permits those on very fixed incomes (the elderly, disabled on welfare) to suffer higher food prices they’ll eventually starve for, I believe it to be the correct one. Not everyone can afford gold, though. To assume this hedge is always possible is foolish. Pulling the cockroaches into the sunlight allows other people to surmise the problem. i.e. Not the person screaming about it.

I expect other people to rip off this interpretation minus the mythos when the audits flood in. Brilliance lies in the avoidance of fucking up. It really is like chess. Joke about 3d underwater snorkel chess all you like but Trump is a billionaire and you’re not. He started from scratch several times. Boris could never. That’s real merit v. puppet.

It isn’t a torch-wielding mob….. yet.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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