Moo for the !vaxx cattle

The Masons aren’t even subtle about their opinion of us now.

Disappointing me but surprising nobody, the old people are the little Hitlers and the young people no longer give a fuck about any of this. The formerly smug injected expected everyone else to be stacked in body bags by now and they’re increasingly defensive and hostile that hasn’t happened. The opposite – their death rate is higher, and climbing. It’s like five stages of grief we’re in better health. There’s a lot of vaccine envy, that is, the modified experimental morons envying people who always refused, the clean control group. They refuse to let go of the drug of social power. It is not uncommon to now hear proto-Boomers (in their 80s) in public feel entitled to nag everyone around them as to their ‘vaccine status’. We have data protection laws against this, not to mention harassment. They’re refusing to enter premises like shops unless everyone claims to have taken the toxins, which suggests a breakthrough epiphany on the horizon as to their ADE risk. Attention whoring from old coots is embarrassing. It’s mostly loud men who haven’t had a chemically unassisted stiffy since Thatcher was in power. They love Viagra and Big Pharma/Brother. One particular would-be prison guard was giddy and high on the power of it. I’m glad these people are coffin-dodgers (by age) at this point. Normal people are increasingly pissed at this intrusion. This includes the Boomer Karens who’ll stand intimately close to you in public to scare you, sans mask (any closer to my face and they could’ve leant over and kissed me), while talking at you so you can’t leave and look polite (big deal here, except I don’t care about Karen’s opinion and it took a few of these before I noticed it was intentional). They look annoyed when you aren’t scared of them, no mask, and shuffle off oddly grumpy like a narcissist would (see AC’s book). My protocol > your shedding, Boomer. Your pharma-loving days are numbered. Hoist the Boomer by their own petard and demand social distancing (not that young people are caring amongst themselves, we just don’t wanna talk to the Spanish Inquisition). I don’t wanna talk to them anyway, so threatening me with the good time of refusing to enter premises where I stand is funny if it weren’t part of the genocide scale involving dehumanisation to a disease (Awaken with JP has mocked this). They sense the jabs do nothing, if anything make them more likely to die and if there’s one thing an atheist hates, it’s the lingering thought they might be wrong, death isn’t the end and God has been judging this whole time. They would happily commit war crimes to please Big Brother and we all see it now. Every race and religion sees the threat of entitled old people. The type who’d clearly hold down nubile women and children and sterilise them to live one more week. I can see why the Masons wish to purge the species of this entitlement but there would’ve been better ways I can think of e.g. poison the Boomer viagra. I thought some of the Old Guard who dimly recalled WW2 would be more in-group oriented. Instead we get the common sight of public mantrums “demanding” to know they’re surrounded by people just as poisoned and doomed as they are. Milgram’s conformity murders spring to mind. Fear really is the mind-killer, but the Bible said it first. Death is a mercy killing for such people, a mercy for the rest of us that is. They’ll kill their own grandchildren like vampires to “live” and eek out another six months of Asian porn and pills. It’s been a redpill for me, which is something. Such people were always brats but in most of a century have never grown up. I can see why they were sold on multiculturalism, they were always traitors in waiting. They delight in this opportunity for one last moment in the sun before everyone agrees the Beatles were whorish race-mixing abusive horse-shit. They’d beg for more injections (even saline) for the prestige they imagine it, lording over “young people”. All the talk of equality is out the window to claim ‘young people’ are corrupt (by conspiracies – that happened) and ungrateful and in many words, inferior. Everyone fucking hates them now. Like, if you asked the average person pre-middle age what to do with the Boomers, euthanasia is probably the top favoured option for most of them. They’ve been so gaslighting and nagging and fucking attention whoring even the young believers find it insufferable now. It’s hysterical germ phobia. They are literally hysterical in public, fits of hysteria from old, gross men. Picture it. Pillow support at all time highs. I am shook. History has never seen such treason and evil within bloodlines, they actually want to destroy the country (in the name of ‘safety’) and economy and its future to Boom a little bit longer. They want no end to ‘possible’ lockdowns. You cannot reason with this level of psyop insanity. When the curtain falls on this, I don’t know how they’ll cope. They might refuse to believe it’s over. They’re all in. The Chinese wanted to turn the old against the young overtly and succeeded. We hate them now, the do-gooder Crusaderism wishing to poison everyone for their delusional bubble of comfort safe space is violating their old abortion principle of muh body muh choice. Hypocritical scum. What does a Scottish nightclub have to do with you, pre-Boomer? Their mental weakness is not our problem. If you can’t be in public without terror, stay home. The Chinese have won the psyop, for now, I confess.

Petition to put all (spiritual, not religious) Boomers in a germ-free hamster ball complete with military grade soundproofing. I am not kidding.

That or tin foil to keep out the nasty germs…

some people cling onto life without dignity, honestly. I’d rather be shot in the face smiling than be cowed and mewling like that. Have some God damn dignity you wrinkly little losers. The notion of respecting one’s elders now has a major cultural exception, we’re all fucking done with their bullying bullshit. The young are acting more mature than the old now. Respect us.

On bitchute they’ve covered mass hypnosis techniques used by MSM like the BBC but I haven’t much looked into it. Watching too much death porn propaganda is bad for the soul, it’s how death cults recruit. I mention in case people were looking. It’s on there.

One response to “Moo for the !vaxx cattle

  1. Baffling. I just turned 60 and know many in the upper 70’s and 80’s (including my Mom). NONE of them will take the jab.

    But I know hundreds of those younger who are taking it and wanting to force me to take it. The only arguments I get into are with younger people.

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