The Great Awakening

Except wait until they discover the West has been in this cowed state for CENTURIES. I hope enough details are released. I’d like this echo chamber to be more of a stadium.

That’s a Scot I would vote for.

It’s like waking up from a nightmare to find you’re in an even worse nightmare.

My only concern is the extent of hyperinflation and how those I know on fixed incomes, barely scraping by, will pay their bills to remain housed and well… fed. The assumption is that everyone has savings or can have savings because they’re middle-class. I’ve over-extended myself helping family over the years, at great personal expense, but can do no more, especially if rent or food triple. A lot of people in this country were barely scraping by, there were no programmes to help them. Too white, you see.

Pissing in the wind but k.


People pay taxes the public servants do your job the people say no over 90% of us

They don’t work from taxes, they use central banker inflation usury magic printer to go bbrrrr and enslave your grandkids some more. By the time each generation figured it out, they were too old to rebel.

if you listen really closely, you can hear the sound of all the soldiers turning in their graves at the realisation they fought the nazis for nothing.

They wanted to kill off the white men to import the brown ones. Three to four generations slaughtered across a few decades did it nicely. Who sinks the ships?

This country – the birthplace of the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights and which led the fight against the rise of fascism – has taken a path I never, ever thought it would take, or be allowed to take. It’s quite unsettling how this has happened.

The scum of Multicultural Boomer entitlement. If you actually look into fascism in this country, it was really more demographic safety. The right to reject. To prevent rape gangs and genocidal replacement. That’s why the Marxists get vague on details, of the ‘evil’ fascist policies, their worst predictions and more have actually happened. That’s why we’re never taught what they thought, to reject it. We wouldn’t. It’s already happened. It’s plain fact. So we’re not allowed to learn our own history. Instead Marxist interlopers tell us what our history is, their revised version where Romans were black. Kick out the infiltrators first.

After all this, I hope the Boomer property market implodes – especially across the EU. They ruined this country so they could jump ship to France, Spain or Portugal with Judas coin. Fuck ’em with market forces.

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