Domestic pass proof, 2022


Now, Vox has predicted America won’t survive 12 years.

Hold your sides together on the hippy optimism of that prediction.

Turning America into the Third World wasn’t purely financial. It was an Asian invasion of honeypots. White births are declining while mixed are rising. Statistically, white women are least likely to mix, so they’re not the ones letting down their team. What is the Third World demographically defined by? What practice killed the patrician families of the Roman Empire? This has all happened before. Rome was killed, for turning Christian. HOW?

Look at the Central Bank debt in the past two years. It is engineered not to last another two. The Gray State trailer hints at this, forced compliance by starvation if necessary. Deliberately meddling in the food supply chain to produce empty shelves. There is no war excuse for rationing, however.

Later this coin, Rishi Sunak (beautiful British name) is revealing our version of FedCoin, called BritCoin also.

Erm…. why? And why not English, since it’s the Bank of ENGLAND? Hint: It’s not English. It’s for Double Passport “British” like Sunak. Patel. “Muslim Grand-dad” Johnson. Zahawi.

What connection does keeping everyone locked up, have to do with the money supply?

Literally everything.

This prevents people from prepping, forming communities and building alternatives.

It prevents people arming themselves against the hyperinflation, by building pressure behind the lockdown dam. Meanwhile, China and Russia aren’t doing the lockdown thing. Do you still like Asia?

What will happen to those guys when the economy goes poop?

A white baby (half-white) is also a status symbol, and once they have that, the man is redundant.

The Asian waifu e-book writers need to filter the women by asking their opinion of Anna Bey.

“Game” is literally an egocentric cope for prostitution. They want money, you want pussy. That is not romance. It does not apply to normal people.

Foreign women are also called Forbidden:

For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil,

So who’s really playing who here? What do you think an economic crash will provoke in their plot?

The Hebrew term for a foreigner or stranger is feminine:

“Preposition-m | Adjective – feminine singular”

How can a continent of HIV and syphilis catching whores be considered traditional in any way? If she were, she’d reject you. By definition.

12 years with NWO’s plan? That’s hilarious. Look at school demographics. You were already invaded. They just sent the women first.

You had ONE job as men, protect your country from foreigners. That includes the women. Sink the ships, don’t pay for her whole imaginary family plus a plane ticket. Even Judas would blush.

I wonder how many honeypots (like those who married politicians, possibly called Hunt…) will be exposed as spies and dubbed enemy combatants? You know the spouse would also then be liable for treason, right? Aiding and abetting. Collusion. Fraud (marriage).

Don’t be surprised.………..

You can’t testify against your spouse, because you’re legally responsible for them.

If they’re dragged into military court…. who brought them into the country, in the first place, to spy? Judges ask these questions.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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