Mutants v humans

Ah, predictive programming.

The basic ‘situation’ of these movies is a simple question, but without a simple answer. Should the mutant population of X-Men try to live in peace with the normal humans? Or; should mutants accept that the normal humans will (sooner or later) try to enslave or exterminate them (which would suggests that the mutants should strike pre-emptively to do likewise)?

When actually the mutants are building the concentration camps.

Strike pre-emptively = destroy, spitefully

Note the use of K-select motives, twisted. e.g. children with no family unit or reproduction, intergenerational estate owned by the childless, a disabled genius (contradiction in terms) and a sad tyrant (evil has a heart of gold, not).


 Equality is only one of the strategic ideologies that the demonic powers have used to take-over world government and the major functional social institutions; but equality was one of the first and most influential of such principles. 

For example; socialism/ communism has been a vastly powerful force of increasingly net-evil since the 19th century; until now ‘equality’ (whatever it is supposed to mean) is regarded as platitudinously true, to the extent that anyone denying equality explicitly is officially treated as a moral monster.

Suicidal altruism – often, but not always, in the name of ‘equality’ – had become the officially-sanctioned and -imposed religion of the masses.  [pathological altruism, Oakley]

Now, of course – as with all leftism – the concept of equality is incoherent and implemented only as expedient; so that equality policy often creates deliberate inequality, supposedly in pursuit of a higher and ultimate equality. Yet through all this, equality is maintained as a metaphysical good-by-assumption. …..

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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