Nazi World Order

People mocked my hatred of the CCP as “racism” but who was right, every time? Do you still like China?

These Masons are selected, not elected. Did you expect loyalty to English liberty from the most diverse Cabinet ever?

Supermarkets are the thing they’re waiting on. Stopping people from eating (likely around Christmas*, I’d guess) is something they’re easing into with the pubs and then restaurants, inching into the food supply chain. Starve them out.

Starve the Beast.

*to punish Christians and ensure alternatives are not open.

Now, I’m not saying claiming exemption is a good idea, because you’re technically still buying into their system. However, buying one of these, which the NHS says they’re legally required to let you in if you say you’re exempt (because all of this is illegal) might be a good idea.

https://shop DOT

As a back-up in case your family needed food. Not to get into a sodding nightclub. While this could end this year… they said that last year.

ONE person from the household could then, hypothetically, buy the foodstuffs required for all.

From the NHS website advice for venues: (NB – advice is guidance not law)

“Please ask your customer if they can demonstrate their COVID-19 status using the NHS COVID Pass. This allows your customer to respond with information about a self declared medical exemption.

If your customer confirms that they have a self declared exemption, but is unable to show any evidence, you should allow them access to your venue or event. You must not ask for proof of their medical exemption and it is not essential they show any form of exemption card at any point.

^ because this is all illegal and you should sue every Nazi business that does this.

Stop being the goodwhite and if your life depends on it, lie. Lying to Little Hitlers in shops is not only legal (it’s also legal to lie to your doctor, because it’s your body and you own it) but necessary if you look at history of tyranny. The people pretending to scan and log in at venues were an earlier form of this. Just fumbling with their phone or taking a picture of the scanner, not scanning into the QR code. That way it makes the shutter noise.

Please note any form of visual cue that indicates an exemption should be respected, however these are the most common you may see.

This may be as a badge, lanyard, or other.”

Imagine if millions of people just wore a lanyard. That’d be funny. Malicious compliance. Even do it for protests. Mock them with it. With a CONVID t-shirt. Cheering “nobody believes you anymore”. I can dream, can’t I?

It’s eye-opening to see which people I know, who otherwise seemed nice, would be Karen-happy to imprison people asking pertinent questions in the “mega prison” concentration camps that Oz is calling quarantine camps. Auschwitz was a hospital facility, but you weren’t allowed to leave…. that makes it a prison camp, kiddies.

Quarantine is for people with a disease. They have no disease.

A human being is not a disease.

Freedom is not a disease.

I should get that on a t-shirt. CBA. But I came up with that, if anyone steals it. Steal it for a protest, that would be fine.

I am cutting off the happy campers forevermore, that’s for sure. And a surprising number of classic liberals are on my team. Interesting. Wheat from chaff and all that.

One response to “Nazi World Order

  1. More of the Nazi card?

    If they were not allowed to leave Auschwitz, can you explain why we have so many “witnesses” that were released BEFORE the end of the war?


    You are one of the smartest women I know online, yet you perpetuate the obvious lies. I simply don’t get it.

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