Blame the tradlarping cucks

Paper K-types, I warned ya.

Xenophilia is a pathological bias for novelty that never ends, it’s the clinical escalation of sexual debauchery (in life as in ‘porn’). Go live in Thailand with the other creeps and leave us free – of you.

In a real society, it’d be open season on pedos or anyone hinting that it’s acceptable.


I don’t see nation.

I don’t see religion.

I don’t see race.

I don’t see sex.

I don’t see age.

“Pedophilia is the end game of Equality. It always was.”

I try to warn you all. I give you years in advance of their plans where possible.

also, personally, never been jealous of a non-white, the concept of ‘you’re just jealous’ from the Thai-bender pedos is hilarious. White women don’t get jealous of them, we just …don’t? They call us ‘basic’, Becky, plain jane and other anti-white attempts to bring us down but all we need to do is point out how they need to cover up their skanky diseased cunt smell with odious heavy perfume (so never trust a woman with loud perfume) or slowly bring our fingers to our eyes to imitate them like a retarded Star Trek alien (hey, if you’re proud of that feature, isn’t it a compliment???)…. and they lose their minds. Well, Asians have higher mental illness rates among the women in general, note their SJW presence. but lose their minds like an Asian chimpout actually. It’s hilarious. Girl politics is a thing.

quote from

A new type of cuck signalling is the bog standard traitor type who’ll claim their green card waifu is “just as American” and “based/patriotic” as they are. What a cope. Utter shite. We all know you couldn’t get a white woman to save your life (a Russian or Eastern European may be desperate enough) but to try and act like their skanky dumpy smelly (why do they smell so bad? obviously soap isn’t enough) LBFM tramp is better than prime A-grade blue-eyed blonde pussy like Mrs Midwest is insane. There is no contest. They are not fit to lick the likes of her boots and they know it. Asians always try to look more European and even get surgery commonly to do so. Are we supposed to pretend we dunno? They imitate the brows, nose, jawline, everything. It’s like before and afters on porn stars but nobody calls it out.

They dye their hair lighter, they wear blue contacts. They KNOW. They know they low on the totem pole.

There is nothing traditional about being a rebel in the 60s and being a John Lennon. History will grimace.

Of all the sick virtue signals. The fake femininity (“leveling up” con) LBFM is humouring the target while they, in ebonics, ‘secure the bag’. I’ve written about Operation Half-White Baby before. The divorce statistics above the standard white US skank prove it mathematically. It is hardly my opinion. No, they’ll never be American, it’s a racial grouping that refers to the culturally founding European stock. America was only special when Europeans showed up (no magic dirt) and civilized the place, it took our blood and centuries to do, and when Europeans leave an area, the non-whites (including their shit-coloured slant-eyes that look like Pixar rendered obese Downies) are desperate to follow them like test-score tanking locust, lest the white people be happy and thrive in isolation and homogeneity. The white supremacy of it all. How oppressive that we want to be left the fuck alone.

They commit multiple disgraceful category errors like the hyphen American BS. CALL IT OUT.
As the great philosopher Taylor Swift said, “A friend to all is a friend to none”, and as the Holy Bible says, “A house divided cannot stand” you CANNOT logically be loyal to two countries at once. It’s impossible. Civnats reee. Loyalty has one home and it’s often genetic. Then again they’re being played so I vote for bigger alimony – only for Asians. Like she takes 90% of everything. Call it Opium War reparations. Hey, if she ISN’T using you, she’ll never exploit that, right? ….Right?
If you dare complain about diversity in the West or how awful immigration is, you don’t get to import it. If she/he* were traditional, they wouldn’t wanna live in a decadent gibs West with frivorce rights and alimony. Logically. If they want non-white poon, nobody is stopping them (seriously, PLEASE leave), move to THEIR country, don’t burden our system! I don’t want my taxes to fund your mentally ill little mongrels (Darwin’s term). I should have freedom of association in my homeland and I do NOT consent to fund my own genocidal replacement… because I’m not a self-hating white (cuck). We need an oreo like term for them. Reverse twinkies? Cook the rice, pay the price, don’t place it on your countrymen, anchor babies still count as an invading force. The Trotsky term ‘racist’ is weaponised by the race cucks, surely as any self-proclaimed Lefty. Tradlarpers must be booted out or you stand for nothing, as Vox enlightens us and posits herein. The mixing logic is the bloody same thing. The enemy is in our tent. I almost long for war so we can lock them all up for crimes against humanity (and spycraft). Contrary to what my treasonous detractors may claim, I’ve been told I look Asian a few times and I was so offended I could’ve committed murder. Comparing a purebred woman to an inferior race of, as Martin Freeman called Lucy Liu, dogs? I’d rather be punched than called so fug. Here’s an insight into the hierarchy of insults: Tranny would be less an insult to most white women, they can look athletic. LBFMs look like baby prostitutes, smelly ones. The plainly autistic weebs in question actually thought they were giving me a compliment because of their fetish clouding their judgement. Their faces were so surprised to see my abject disgust and horror at the accusation. Naturally their taste in women (short, dumpy chubby exes, and other descriptors that could never apply to me) was shit. I think they meant the long smooth hair from the back (God, I hope!) but it’s so fucking insulting when they get surgery to look like us, actually. They spend five figures on jaw reconstruction for this. They wear putty nose bridges to look like me. Do not insult my ancestors. We’d rather die than mongrelise. There’s an insight into female politics re race. That’s why white women mix the least, whatever they say. The highest disgust for it. Their racial delusions and fetishes are offensive to any right-thinking person. No wonder normal people in studies [link] view them (couples) as subhuman or more like animals, it’s bestial and extreme r. Speaking of – Have you seen the dyke couple on youtube where one’s a half-breed and the other a crypto Jewess in a wheelchair? I could hardly believe it. It was only something you could meme as current year. If you showed that [link] to the ww1/2 generation, they would have shaken hands with the Nazis faster than you can say degenerate gas chamber. [not to endorse that, exactly, just saying they WOULD… it’s so bake the cake, bigot, they would be horrified they died for that shit] That is the future of their prog-logic. It never ends at one blending. Vox is 100% spot on. You cannot have one type of -blindness without the ‘tuther.

You can’t go partial Sodom.

There are no brakes on the train ride to Hell.

My model of reality is more predictive than yours, so listen up.

Bonus points for cognitive dissonance and racial gaslighting about muh colourblindness, if they count the mongrel half-breeds as ‘honorary Aryans’, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be. You’ve seen the mental illness dooming those half Asian kids in studies. It’s sick to produce such a creature, selfish and grotesque to knowingly produce such a being for your kink. The prog-logic is evil. It’s hippy Boomer ‘if it feels good, do it, and doom your country’. And what, are naked kids running on the beach Honorary Adults to pedos? It’s the same reasoning, exactly like Vox Day says. You cannot endorse race blindness without age blindness, as he correctly logically states. You cannot deny one without the other.

I see the tide turning on China’s purchased popularity btw, between their cash grab and wu flu.

So the days of Model Minority are a myth in the process of being debunked.

They’re literally buying schools, bribing universities and stealing IP (including from our militaries, as I WARNED) but the weeb says ‘it’s fine’ despite billions of single ‘bob and vagene’ men on the horizon wanting to steal the women of his own tribe. The cuck cries out ‘racist’ in faux pain as he kills his own demographics. Evolution is zero sum. No kvetching about muh white birth rates with crocodile tears when you bring half-breeds into the country, you utter disgraces. It’s like the crusty Lennon Boomers starting second families in Thailand. Bar them from re-entry, they wanted to leave. Make them lie in that bed. Then again, we all know they’re closet pedos because they never want the adult looking Asians, only the ones that look like 8-12 year old girls (by studied out-group, white perceptions) with narrow hips, short limbs and no tits. I vote we deport the cucks with the anchor baby mommas. They are not entitled to live here. Rice Queens? Rice Queens. To defy the pedo-pushing, we must deport the ‘sex tourist’ pedos among our own ilk. Stop pretending pedo rape is only a Muslim thing. They make this easy now they’re getting second passports. Revoke the Western ones.

*Female weebs are just as cucked and pathetic, btw. So this has nothing to do with envy (not that someone on my level would), it’s the principle that mixing is sick and unnatural and anyone who does it is practically committing bestiality, (see study above) if you know your Darwin. Anyone else see that hilarious barren/impotence tale with the female weeb recently?

This one: the biggest white thot in Hong Kong:

Some people filmed themselves getting colonoscopies, she films herself with a probe in her vagina. Class act. I would bet money she’s bipolar. There’s a PCOS link. A 5 in Ohio becomes a 10 in China. Weebs think they’re clever. Nature has other plans.

Who could’ve predicted this bullshit? If only someone had discussed fertility problems in the mixed…. outbreeding depression is real, bitch.

It never occurs to them (conceit, weebceit?) that God blessing a union with children is telling the mixers they’re damned. Like sure, you can fuck over Mother Nature with multiple rounds of IVF but doesn’t that necessity of it suggest it might be an abomination at some point? Like how that literal whore Anna Bey can’t get pregnant with HER Arab ‘husband’/sponsor. It’s so predictable and preventable with proper stigmas. A stigma is there for health reasons, dumbass. In former centuries, they’d just die trying. We’re not being mean. We’re trying to stop natural selection killing you or wasting decades of time on a barren, cursed union. I have no less disgust for female weebs, hate-readers, the practice is nauseating and nature literally aborts their foetuses (see below) to back me up on this, even when directly implanted. You have to take Frankenstein level drugs to make it vaguely feasible.

God is telling you NO for once. Listen?

The funniest part is part three when she cries about it being chromosomal ‘abortion’ (too early to count, never implanted, her body is rejecting him at a biological level take a hint lady). Would you rather have an expensive retard ruining your life, at best? You’ll have to care for such a potato until you die and then it suffers a few decades longer in a home. It’s cruel. Well, it being racial incompatibility makes it literally chromosomal you dumb little cunt, yes. Maybe they couldn’t tell her the full reason (she seems simple) or she doesn’t believe it’s the coupling. Biology > You/r ego.

And the husband in the above video clearly hates her and views her as a dumb white baby machine. He mocks her constantly and laughs at her xenophilic attempt to ‘assimilate’ into his ‘culture’. Do not be surprised when he divorces her some time after using up her womb. Called it. The contempt from the Asian side is merited. Take our trash, please.

Like, please keep them.

Asians are more materialistic than white women. The next crash will prove it. They’ll jump ship from the SS Wyt Dick.

They also seem to be imitating black American women, which is concerning. Part of the mental problems?

Classic case of Latex Face too. Horrifying. So stretched and like Botox bloat.

Note: disbelieving in physical boundaries is how you end up in prison, though. Tyrone think he the prize….

The Bible warns against this practice out of wisdom. There are no exceptions.

Blend at your peril. It never ends.

Imagine my shock.

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