Suddenly relevant

Inflation = currency death spiral

except China has been buying property IN the West for WHEN we sue them for this bullshit and other, older bullshit.

Boomers think they’ll be bailed out when stocks (inc. property/REITs) collapse. No. Social Security will vanish into that good night. Boomers are now recently outnumbered by younger voters, many non-white imports who owe the Boomers nothing and resent them for being, largely, greedy hippies. They’ll have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps for the first time ever, save for their OWN gibs and make the trimmings to their budget everyone else has been doing for years because of them. The Landlord Piggy in the Middle economy is failing.*

try this, it’s hilarious




And if Boris could stop shagging Patel long enough to see he might be hunted down for sport once this is over, that’d be great.

Academic Agent should be covering this, but weeb degeneracy is more important. Nobody calls him jealous… and he mentions it more than I do. I haven’t done a livestream as long as a Hollywood film on the subject. Like, 3-5 blog posts. In as many years. But clearly noticing things is only kosher when it’s about black people, because that makes sense.

p.s. someone pay Clarey to talk about the Boomers during hyper inflation. Nobody can buy their shitty house = a pension plot.

Banks fail = Boomers fail. The evil alliance.

*I have asked the Boomers, if the banks have all the credit, why don’t they just buy the housing? They don’t realise it’s a pump and dump. Banks get 1. the house or 2. the mortgage money (rent to the bank), the deposit, a HELOC or four, and eventually the house when boomers foreclose. Banks use Boomers to inflate the credit in the system.

Then again you still trust estate agents. So you have Graham “Everyone’s an expert in a bull market” Stephan talking about Muh $8 million in assets when NO, assets are something you 100% personally hold and own. What YOU, 30-year old Boomer meme, have is at least 6 million in DEBT OBLIGATIONS to a BANK. All those years of work, to trust the banks won’t collapse in, oh, fifty years…. Lehman could never happen again, right? Boomerism- Property never goes down, right? Chucklefucks. Assumptions make an ass of u…. and only u. How to tell? He NEVER discusses the wording in his mortgage contracts. He doesn’t understand it. Estate agents never do. It’s a low IQ job. During hyperinflation you cannot pay them in inflated dollars. Read more, asshole. Lynette Zhang has covered this.

Boomers in stawks; see counterparty risk.

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