Explaining !vaxx zombie traffic accidents


I’ve already linked this before

“left parietal pseudocystic tissue necrosis” – brain damage
They claim this is from previous issues… there is no proof of this.
In fact, old damage wouldn’t demonstrate fresh healing.


“Visuospatial navigation and reasoning: When you read a map, follow directions, or prevent yourself from tripping over an unexpected obstacle, your parietal lobe is involved. The parietal lobe is also vital for proprioception—the ability to determine where your body is in space, including in relationship to itself. For instance, touching your finger to your nose without the assistance of a mirror is a function of the parietal lobe.”

This suggests nerve damage, like the nerve agents used to poison by the KGB. Imagine you were poisoning an insect like a cockroach or an ant. They have simpler nervous systems for testing. How would you know it’s working? They’d have trouble getting up and navigating. This is more obvious from behind a two-ton death machine, where a split-second ‘mistake’ kills. Best part?

Insurance doesn’t cover damage incurred by experimentation.

So the insurance companies have every reason to fund a study.


re driving, parietal function:
“Distinguishing between two points, even without visual input.
Integrating sensory information from most regions of the body.
Assessing numerical relationships, including the number of objects you see.
Assessing size, shape, and orientation in space of both visible stimuli and objects you remember encountering.
Mapping the visual world: a number of recent studies suggest that specific regions in the parietal lobe serve as maps to the visual world.
Coordinating hand, arm, and eye motions.”

THAT’s why he hit the tree.
Cops need to learn neurologist tests, including some gait ones.

A burst blood clot (infarction) does not cause a cyst normally but a series of microclots might, since the damage would be slow and cumulative enough. However, chronic clotting issues caused by inflammatory injectables do produce cysts. A cyst is the body trying to heal around foreign damage and inflammation when blood clotting becomes ineffective. It does so by engulfing what is foreign.
They do not claim to have biopsy results of said cyst, to determine what is this PSEUDO-cyst, which is odd because they must have taken a sample… the CSF has also been shown as compromised in the modRNA morons. This would similarly impair driving ability.

The zombies may all have to be banned from driving, for life. Seriously. That would help Boris with his BS Green Deal. Almost like it was planned.


why teen? no old fogey excuses, no ‘prior condition’

The funniest part is that we cannot tell if they have brain damage because they seem exactly the same.

The depopulationists aren’t all bad, I guess.

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