Media is lying about the petrol ‘shortage’

There is no Energy Crisis. The Central Banks (including BOE) are hyperinflating the currency on purpose to push you onto Sunak’s Britcoin/Fedcoin (for a bail-in of 99.99999% of your assets, as taxes you’d owe at hyperinflated prices).

There is also a strike, especially of BP workers. Why just one company in particular?


Over 100 garages closed.


BP and similar companies are trying to mandate the toxic shots.
The media is covering this up.
They are doing this by coercion and trying to force invasive medical exams (“tests”) if you don’t get the clot shot, as punishment. Possibly daily, invasive rape with objects. This is naturally a violation of human rights in either case, so a strike is entirely justified. They do NOT consent. It’s their body, the company doesn’t own people, that’s slavery.

Slave owners used to subject their slaves to experimentation.

Lefties can’t say it’s a strike and admit they hate strikes for once.

Boris is using all this chaos as a distraction to push through his Green Deal bullshit. Like the New Deal, it’s designed to cause hyperinflation and the Greatest Depression. Then they can force you into their Reset. If you like eating, that is. Why use Green as a cover for depop? There would also be a carbon credit in your social credit system, so limits on plane rides*, alcohol**, ciggies, meat, petrol, clean air, clean water in plastic, basically a sin tax. This wouldn’t apply to Parliament’s many bars, which are taxpayer funded, somehow. But the Freemasons populating London (look up how many ‘Temples’ of Satan there are) aren’t a problem, yet?

Also, the police have been filmed escorting the Marxists to sit on the roads. They’re protecting the domestic terrorists, against the people. The videos keep being removed. The drivers pay for those roads. It’s illegal to stand or sit in the road. Police are not enforcing the law.

*Influencers would initially think it’s sustainable until they can’t go on holiday except every 5 years, and it ruins their careers. It would also apply to export/imports, so all those online shopping hauls would go the way of the dodo. It costs oil to ship over their luxury goods in tankers. Boomer ruin. I wish I could see it. No more Boomer cruises, imagine. Hoisting the hippy by their Green petard.

**Taking away bread and circuses, to cause riots as excuse to put down patriots with military. Hence Amexica’s labelling of patriots as terrorists. No pubs, no collective action except online, which can be tracked or blocked. So if the pubs want to enforce Papers Please, remember they deserve this.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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