The rise of impotent Becky rage

Bonus points if you get the Impotent Rage reference.

Since they think white people don’t get to have opinions, that applies to them.
Gammon is a middle-class cunt term (Guardianista) to refer to white men in a racist way, especially the medical condition rosacea that causes a red complexion in white people. It’s rarely aimed at women. It’s also used to refer to anyone white who’s ‘old’ so to a Marxist teen trust fund baby, anyone over 40 or possibly even 30, if they’re married with kids. Such Marxists do strongly believe in their right to inherit their parents’ properties however, or they’d have to get a real job. So they are far from sincere. We used to just call that sort traitors (class, race, both, country). They will say anything to destroy the country, culture or family unit. Then screech when you dare point it out. While looking like something from the 80s. Marxists love the 80s, IDK either.
A Becky is a Karen in the making but it generally applies to any young, Marxist woman trying to show how woke she is to be a pick-me (female simp) to black girls. Black girl acceptance is the new Gay best friend. This type is part of an older term we used to use, a Mrs Grundy. So here’s Mz Grundy, I guess. Everyone hates them and they have crazy starey eyes. They almost look through you.
Interesting how THEY can mention black/white test scores but nobody else is allowed to mention how this has been studied, for centuries, and it’s caused by IQ. Stefan has interviewed academics in that field on the subject, he can suggest names. I hope GB News gets them on. Or just Stefan. DO IT. Also, get the DNA discovery guy they tried to cancel. If he’s still alive.
GB News was actually the top news show in the country (yes, #1) until they invited on too many neocon/civnat types, Marxists in disguise. Obviously she fails to mention that. Viewing figures dropped most when they promoted a black/Asian foaming at the mouth Marxist and also kept letting her interrupt other people’s segments, mid-sentence, to call them racist. Nobody could get a word in over the repeated chimpouts, so they tuned out. They were being filmed, it was a national embarrassment. It doesn’t help that she is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen, and the scale goes down to extra on Tarzan. These are facts. Nobody watches TV for ugly people. I don’t want to include a photo because I see it in my nightmares. You’ll know who I mean if you look it up. Imagine the worst features of both.
The cucking civ-nat style on twitter (for legal reasons) means they deserve to fail, (racism is a Trotsky term, and another way of saying freedom of association, but not for the white people) that and a mostly diverse cast, against the actual statistics of the country. Get woke, go broke.
Andrew was eventually sick of being repeatedly interrupted by OogaBooga woman.
If we wanna be insulted by ugly non-whites who insist on staying here, we’d watch that dyke on the BBC. Similarly, BBC ratings have dropped.
Her over-reliance on air quotes and childish sound effects make it so obvious she has no point. I thought you’d all appreciate me putting her on your radar. She’s early in the Marxist uglification process to constitute a threat.
“the right are just shit at telling jokes”
Says the woman making fart noises at Donald Trump
history books will remember him
nobody cares about you

I DO know that song at the end is going to age terribly so somebody please back it up for future reference. Especially the part about Ivermectin being useless and ignoring child abuse if Obama did it. I wish I could find the photo of him with a little Asian girl on his lap and his hand in a creepy place. This was in the White House. I’m sure the chans know.

They all use Patreon yet that’s a private company taking income tax. We must be able to do something about that. Also, if they’re in corporate debt, it’s only a matter of time until they crash.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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