Consider the sauce

{Hold the walnut}.

Consider the source:

Ah. Considering this woman is the subject of multiple dodgy CDAN blinds involving children that’s like Stalin calling you a stand-up guy. Thinking aloud on this one. Jolie has been filmed talking about the initiation ritual, I’ve posted it before but it keeps getting taken down. Jolie herself is abusive, snakes defend snakes.

I’ve largely avoided talking about him for personal reasons but I did post a picture proof(s) of him once playing guitar, years ago. So I’ve been within spitting distance. I’m not gonna doxx him, partly because we have laws about that and he has more money than me. Like, laughably. This is an info dump and I know most of it to be true personally but other things are filling in gaps. A friend took these for me:

2018, looking right at me

I’m pretty much certain he’s a Satanist now, but jury’s out on what he’s actually done. I suspected from the type of tattoos. Similar to Jolie, ancient-seeming and quite linear. That’s how invocations are written, it’s a type of binding. Some ancient languages or glyph are just shapes, including sigils.
Amber wasn’t entirely lying, and he even admitted to hitting her and attacking her on several occasions (in court). He’s also been recorded admitting it so I don’t know why people are disputing this point. One party needn’t be innocent for one to be moreso in the wrong. Mutual abuse is a thing. Both have strong Algol in their charts, as does ..Hillary. Hmm. You don’t settle for millions over nothing.
He also did the same thing to Kate Moss, which is why they broke up but remain ‘friends’.
Pathological altruism will cause women to defend their abusers. It’s to help cope mentally. Similar to when boys are raped but tell themselves they ‘wanted it’ because the horror of powerlessness is too much.
Note Vanessa never married him. You think she couldn’t? A supermodel? She didn’t want to. Awareness of scandal potential? Likely.
Here’s something nobody else has disclosed online before (from what I’m aware).
This is a guy who had a whole character written about him in the popular witch film Practical Magic. His homage character was an abusive alcoholic boyfriend to thin, waif looking model-type women (played by an Eyes Wide Shut actress from a known Satanist family), he’s a real piece of work who flies off the handle at literally nothing (male diva), very brittle ego (insecure, deeply controlling, rants pretentiously and incorrectly about books – which is just spot on), who seems vaguely Satanic (never specified but is described as ‘dark and unnatural’ and has a forerunner to the Death Eater symbol as a ring, which he brands women’s bodies with, sex-cult style) and has plotted and killed people (cough River cough*). That’s literally the whole guy’s character arc. Obviously JD turned it down so they found a guy who matched the closest in looks humanly possible and gave him the exact same very 90s haircut and extremely specific dress sense, including silver death-themed jewellery on a man. To my knowledge, he’s the only person known for that, to date. Silver looks better in moonlight and he was known to be nocturnal and prone to mood swings like a woman with hyper-PMS (wearing silver supposedly enhances this). How obvious has it gotta be? They call the character Jimmy, which was the closest they could legally get without being sued. He also loudly sings Elvis when he’s drunk (JD is a singer and used to do 50s style greaser roles), wears way too many waistcoats and obsesses over the woman he’s with, practically possessing them (read his ex’s experiences of him and tell me that isn’t codependent). People assume JD is slurring in his speech but it’s actually the depth of his voice, it’s almost like a purr. I’m not ruling out brain damage much later on from drug abuse but I know he’s had a face lift since (you can tell, note eye shape and brows lifted). So far, so him. It isn’t that every woman he ever met is crazy, he makes them crazy, he’s a crazy-maker. Domineering type, which scares them off. I doubt he grew out of it and I think he wants more kids. Plenty of women would oblige. Hell, I’d be tempted. It’d be a story. Probably horror but the charm

The PM character has similar, purring rumbles and the same swaying hand gestures to show off the rings (like Solomon, who had demons at his beck and call). JD is not stupid, it’s just that people rarely ask him intelligent questions and they’re fooled by the Southern twang accent. Genetically, he’s almost entirely English, with one or two Frenchies in the tree (name, possible bloodline connection if you look at their Louis-types) and apparently one black woman (<0.01%). That’s why he currently resides in England, he isn’t American at all and terribly un-PC (talking of Amber hitting the Wall and hating on Musk, he knows about the red-pill section of the net, aka my section). We also have stronger laws re divorce and reputation than America, which is more slippery.
Despite this, he is without a doubt one of the only actors I still like and enjoy watching. I think we can be mature enough to separate artist from art. It’s like listening to Elvis in spite of the pedophilia or frankly, most modern music would disappear.
I don’t think the man’s a Saint, merely a talented performer. Remember, a talented performer can trick you when they’re not ‘on’ at work. I’ve met men socially with good looks just like that (yes, they looked like John) and the charisma oozes out of their pores. I’m not personally swayed by it because it reminds me of the stare of a cobra. You fall for it and you’ll get hurt. Don’t dance with the devil because a self-destructive person will take you down too. Male damsels turn me off and brooding is just annoying. But most women (and even men!) lap that shit right up with a spoon like chocolate. Or Chocolat.
More men fall for him than women, indeed, because he is so masculine despite wearing more jewellery than me on a busy day and more eyeliner than my goth phase. Just be careful not to simp for celebrities, is what I’m saying. Men do it more than women now.
When he talks about his demons, he isn’t being metaphorical. He’s always had a haunted look. I wouldn’t rule out CSA (childhood Satanic abuse).
When he cries to MUAs that he’s lonely, well, snakes are very lonely when surrounded by one another, yes. Maybe he should give me a call, people never stop talking to me I’m that type. They go on and on.
But they, in some ways, also deserve it. They’re all cold-blooded. He feeds off the energy of the women he’s with, both psychiatry and the occult call this emotional vampirism. He literally cannot function without a woman. That’s kinda sad. Solar men need someone lunar, someone to reflect them. He keeps smashing the mirror. Look at his chart. The Algol makes him self-destructive but since it’s with Venus, he relieves that energy by hurting women and destroying his connection with women (including his mother, who was cruel too). I don’t mean fluffy handcuffs and BDSM type stuff. I mean actual, non-consensual cruelty. More like breaking their spirit. A woman like Amber presents a challenge, since she’s so rough she’s practically a man (and has strong Algol, he met his match and still respects her for it). You don’t have to believe me but it’s true. Some people are like that, pure Marquis de Sade types. That’s why they’re still meeting up for dinner, A+J, as a blind alluded a while ago (AGC has it?) and the simping fanboys would feel so betrayed if they knew. Anyone “Dame” Jolie defends is on my radar most particularly. Having known a few Satanists at close proximity, there are little tells like how one dodgy person defends another in the most unlikely ways. I’d be silly not to mention this or bring it to attention.
Naturally I hope I’m wrong because everyone I know loves him, and I grew up on his films, but to see the evidence stack up is something. He used to trash hotel rooms back when he was with Kate. You can’t blame Amber for everything. Cults defend one another and he passed Kate around like an ashtray (“open” relationship). He frankly doesn’t respect women or I’ve never seen evidence he’s capable of respecting anyone whatsoever. Some people burn very hot but burn themselves up in bad habits. He might’ve been the guy behind that alternative Hollywood Halloween party blind but I don’t have the contacts to verify that because it was another generation. Algol is Medusa, who was raped, and supposedly JD has a rape fetish, an escalatingly realistic one. Essentially running a rape party with unsuspecting female victims would seem very Kate. She could be bait so the women feel safe. She’s ice cold and detached. It would explain why the host stopped (legal threats?) so suddenly. Manson was at his peak so him and JD I could see. Don’t fall for the puppy dog eyes, there’s calculation behind them. It would also explain why Kate is defending his character because if he goes down, she does too. Getting drugs for his daughter sounds like a grooming thing so no wonder she’d defend him. He has a natural menace. There’s something cold-blooded about him and Jolie, you can see it in the film they did together. Like siblings. He fell out with River (allegedly) who then, mysteriously and suddenly, died.

*I hope that’s how he paid for his fame (Viper Room, cmon) and nothing to do with kids (Hollywood Vampires? May as well call it Adrenochrome Pals). I hope he isn’t doing anything dodgy with the remote French village he owns or the Epstein-type island. My childhood would be ruined. Why did I suspect this? Since we heard about Manson and his appearance at Kanye’s show mocking a church, Manson being friends with both JD and Rowling, who hired JD… it fits. There’s a circle. Bit weird he’d choose to be hired as Grindelwald, who’s basically a Satanist obsessed with death magic. He could’ve cake-walked a nicer part. But no. WB sacking him would make sense if they knew more scandals could break. Replacing him with a guy who played several cannibals and did the one-eye illuminati pose in The Rake fits. Technically John has played a cannibal, if we count the guy who grew corn he ate over corpses.
I include the relevant astrology because people like Jolie openly talk about it. You can check up on me, see? Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I just want the truth. If he’s actually the nicest person ever I’ll backtrack and eat humble pie. With Jolie on side? Doubt.

You can tell he was kinda lying when he praised Jolie (basically all physical stuff), which gives me doubt enough to pause. And he’s yet to follow her on social media, which is a snub. It’s perplexing. I offer up my findings knowing some autist will make better sense of it. Polina was a stripper (“dancer” is how they met) so… JD could just have bad taste. Stop marrying thots? He’s turning into the male Liz Taylor.
You won’t find your soulmate in a strip club, mate.

Meanwhile supposed POTUS has prion disease, that looks a lot like Parkinsons. JD hates Trump which is probably the biggest blow to him being Old Fashioned American Boy. (Practical Magic referenced a cowboy thing because he’s from Kentucky, I think? Like, it could only be him).

He’s selling off the village, that’s suspicious. Bug out no longer needed? No war.

I’d design it in much the same way but the art studio is surprising. Does he paint? That’s the only way he could get hotter. I really hope he isn’t mental.

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