Depp got clever

I am 99% sure JD has read Vox Day’s books on cancel culture.
That 1% is a lie.
This is very clever. By focusing on the customer being God (Japanese phrase), that should help his popularity.
I confess I don’t really care about celebrities (well, they don’t care about me, it’s just simping) but I am fascinated by the strategy involved with this one. He’s cold and calculating but can seem otherwise.
I believe he has likeness rights re merch for Jack. That’s why they can’t just recast the character.
Very clever, but if he had read Vox he’d know the latter doesn’t ‘believe‘ in IP protection, which is exactly why we need it, in cases such as these. IP law is intended to protect individuals from corporations. Otherwise I could take Vox’s likeness and release a brand of Nazi Cola (that was a joke). Individuals > Companies. The American system is somewhat broken because the likes of Apple (who invent nothing) have perverted the system to favour companies but that’s an easy fix (and rescind the rounded corners patent, ffs). Extend patent rights for individuals and expand it over time so the little guy can make a buck back (R&D calculation), and abolish them for corporations holding them like trolls to prevent smaller competition. Or is that too logical for any of you?
I believe (opinion) that he’s taken from V for Vendetta the ideas are bulletproof concept. They can kill the films, that’s them. The character is him (like the I am Iron Man line) and he must’ve spoken to Bob (RDJ) about how an actor can become a character, meaning the actor really owns it, not the studio. This includes likeness rights.
Very, very clever. If so.
Quite hot, actually. This is the type of celebrity we like to see. Now just stop slagging off Trump and we might be onto something. Most of the country voted for him and he’s beloved internationally. That means ticket sales, so hush. Trust me on this. Think of the money, man. SO MUCH MONEY.

I hope he isn’t mental as I heard, my childhood crush for his Burton films would suffer for it.
Then again abusers are paradoxically nice to children and animals, because they already have control, and because they’re ‘venting’ on scapegoats behind the scenes, so it doesn’t tell us much and I’m disappointed nobody is covering the statistics. Jack the Ripper was very nice when he wasn’t butchering women, being nice some of the time isn’t some kind of free pass and women tire of hearing this excuse every damn time. If he were a woman, you’d be saying diva and bunny boiler. Acting human a few hours a week is no way to deny we all have a Shadow Self. I’d cover his astrology chart for lolz but people would complain, like they did when I accurately covered Meghan and Harry. And predicted what even the Royals didn’t.
He’s won back the hearts of men (mostly) but women would require the likes of Kate Moss to clarify that he trashed hotel rooms (yes, we all know by now) but at no point did he beat her. Stop trying to paint him as a Saint, he clearly has some violence problems, and that won’t work on women. We evolved to sniff out danger. Blaming the drink will just make women resent him (blame-shifting) and women buy most of the tickets. BE PROFESSIONAL.


Credit: Stop being a pleb

Get into rehab John and actually get off the shit. Put that picture on your fridge.
And that includes your wedding addiction. No more weddings. NO MORE. It isn’t as if you’re marrying virgins, there is literally no fucking point and we both know you’re not Christian. Although if you’re even slightly pointing a toe in that direction, aka not a Satanist despite the tatts, then being seen at a church would help your look. Amber will never play the God card and you’re from Kentucky. The Amazon show parodying superheroes might be worth a look, hell, get hired on, you can be a Gambit type character. Go church, not cult. The Boys series talks about cancel culture. I’m not saying to hire a meme dream team but… it’d help. Focus on the medical side and the religious, and ease up on the political, even if you hate Trump. The film studios who hate you hate him too. I’d love if JD came out in support of Trump (before it comes out he won) to piss off the film studios but that would take actual balls. Your move, bitch. It would only make you like a billion dollars to hold your nose and turn up at a rally. One afternoon’s work.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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