Why would your husband hate you?

Do some women choose shit men for husbands? Yes. Blame the father as role model on that one.
Are some occasionally tricked by psychopaths, to realise after the wedding? Yes. It happens. Lovebombing can happen.
Does the West practise arranged marriage? No.

So why are they acting like women want to be auctioned off like chattle? Courtship has a more reliable endpoint and structure (will end in marriage) compared to Boomer ‘dating’, which is mostly bobbing around and people lying about ‘commitment’ like using a word (GF/BF – not a commitment).


Edit: I keep trying to link this shitfest of an article so it’s in the caption now.

Now, what grain of truth do they exploit?

Well, some husbands are abusive. Financially, sexually, violently, verbally. They’re also likely to deny it and gaslight, including any children. The damage of abuse ripples through entire generations and the Bible speaks against it. Abuse does exist and men are the violent sex in the species, yes. But better then, to teach women how to filter out the men who would protect them from the ones who would hurt them?

They actually help misogynists by lumping them in with the good men.

I’ve mentioned the cottagecore aesthetic before in terms of politics, I won’t mention it again.

If they actually cared, they’d teach women the difference between this guy wants you to stay in the house because you mutually agreed you’d take care of the kids for a few years, to the guy who keeps his wife on a ‘budget’ with her own money so they cannot escape and refuses to let her work part-time, even when the kids don’t need her. That is a huge distinction.

Are there misogynists who just want a sex slave and unpaid manual labourer? Yes, certainly. But with a little instruction from other women, you can sniff them out pronto. Why not educate them on actual conservative values versus these ‘toxic’ ones, they claim are also conservative? Why the false equivalence? Marxism, we all know why. It’s nothing about women. They only aim this at white people and only the Christians. There are tons of Muslim bloggers and nobody breathes a word.

And why wouldn’t men have requirements of their wife? Women are the sexual selection in the species. Women have far more requirements than men, unless the man is mad and delusional. As long as he doesn’t want something totally hypocritical, an alignment of values is assortative mating. There’s statistical evidence for it. As long as he doesn’t feel entitled (narc trait) to a virgin when he is a disease-ridden manwhore, what do you care? They’re consenting adults and it’s their body, their choice. Be equally yoked i.e. if you a thot, you deserve a thot.

The only possible cause for concern is grooming, and I have seen articles from the manosphere openly discussing wife-beating (tell it to the judge), gaslighting (how to convince-type articles), how to mentally torture a virgin into giving it up (torture it is! coercion is illegal) and how they should only predate on women too young to know the depraved sexual stuff they want is NOT normal (misinformed consent is legally rape, whatever forum bros try to claim otherwise*). In general, marriages with an age gap over 10 years divorce more. Duh. Grooming is a huge reason why but instead of making it illegal to groom anyone under 21 (which shouldn’t be a hard sell politically) they instead feel entitled like the Africans who believe they can rape the HIV away (nope). These males also tend to assume they can wipe their sexual slate clear (including divorce risk) with a younger woman, or a virgin of any age. Let’s call it the Boomer assumption. They keep ‘trading up’ and repeatedly divorce. It isn’t the woman, it’s you dude. NO such thing. Most divorce is actually the re-married, trying and failing repeatedly. Ban re-marriage if you’re so ‘trad’. All the hypergamy in marital terms is actually seen in men, statistically. The manosphere are generally projecting personality disorder types, from histrionic sluts (seductive personality) to literal nutcases (psychopaths praising their own trait and feeling no empathy for women – or men, but they don’t mention that).

*even our annulments in this country account for this, certain deceptions are grounds for it, it’s traditional to protect against false light and other deceit because marriage is a financial contract, obviously we need fraud protections!

Honestly, if you’re over 21 and marry a misogynist, it’s your own damn fault. You had the frontal lobe maturity at that point. Unless they were a literal psychopath and fabricated their entire personality before then, you saw red flags and continued like a Commie parade. Same applies to men who marry gold diggers, Ting Tong green card snatchers and the like. You get what you fucking deserve. You should’ve done the fucking legwork. Nobody shotgunned you into marrying them, marriage is not a status (prestige) to get egocentric about (cough Brittany) and become some obnoxiously off-putting… well, skank. It’s a personality type (conceited) in addition to a behaviour. Personally, some people are too lazy to do the legwork and stay single. Fine. There’s no Christian concept of a duty to wed, Jesus himself was single. Married people are not superior to Jesus. And I find the baby cult overtones to be disturbing because looking at the data, breeding as a teen mother (even wedded) is likelier to kill the mother and the child. We shouldn’t be encouraging this and forget that historically, consummation occurred much later, years after the wedding itself. Too many American assumptions can harm people who are trying their best to be traditional. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t work in part, you have to understand the whole thing.

You cannot be the USA version and expect Ancient Europe results.

America has been given over to the reprobate mind and it shows. How many ‘Christian men’ have fornicated? Get drunk, even after marriage? Go to a strip club for their ‘stag do’? Those are not Christians, hunty. Yet there are pick-mes (female simps) who will agree with anything an available man says, that’s usually the gold digger type. Thottery isn’t just T/A it’s also male attention if they’re mental enough (BPD, ASPD, NPD, codependents especially). Assuming all women want to marry because they’re sane is a mistake.

An Asian comedian described (I think on netflix?) how she viewed being a stay at home mother as a sponsorship. Naturally, once the kids part of the equation is socially achieved, they have no use for the sperm donor any longer and that’s why divorce rates are higher. But this concept is insightful. Some gold diggers do just want to open their legs twice (once to conceive, once to birth) and then live off a man for 18 years. So men do need to fear misandrists in addition, this cake cuts both ways. So men assuming women are sincere is also really, really stupid. Obviously don’t rape a girl who claims to be a virgin just to prove a point (although I’ve seen manosphere men say to ‘push’ for sex in that situation anyway, which is EVIL) but just bear in mind there are frauds for anything worthwhile. Fake Ks exist, for men and women.

If they really thought these women were dumb, do an IQ study compared to single mothers or working mothers or cohabiting mothers. Also ask how many books they could read from home versus working. Ah, but they won’t check! Obviously some men are tyrants as husbands and I’m not denying it can happen but we already have laws. If you taught about them at school they’d know.

And what if men want to raise the children from home? It can happen. Why not celebrate that? Oh, it’s actually about demographics and ‘whiteness’. Do you mean national success?

I’ve spoken to enough old people to know things were NOT better back in the day. Women did actually work, this was normal and they enjoyed it. They rarely did anything taxable. For one thing, that happiness study touted from America is self-report crap. There’s something called positivity bias that accounts for it. Meanwhile, instead of divorcing people killed themselves. Instead of reporting an abuser, the kids would eventually also get abused. It was not roses without thorns, that’s impossible. Instead of mentioning this, it’s a wholesale dismissal. That won’t work. I wanted to post studies here because nobody had the same… slant. I wanted the truth, I don’t care who looks bad. I don’t care as long as it works. Maybe a lefty idea or two is useful to us (cultural appropriation would keep non-whites out of white culture) and maybe some righty ideas are bullshit e.g. Israel is our greatest ally, trust all your money with the central banks, import immigrants because they’re ‘honest’ and ‘hard working’, civtnattery mostly. To date, I see nobody else doing this. Y’all pick a side. I point out the only sides are true and false. It’s a false choice. It’s like MGTOW or marrying a thot. Er, neither? You can pick a third option. People who deny this are literally selling you something. I never sold a thing here. Not once. Not a penny made. Yet I catch heat for telling the truth, and they attack me instead of my arguments.

Here the author admits the lie:

“It’s also clear, by the way, that these young women are very aware of the men who are part of the incel far-right. You see in the content and the comments that the girls see those kinds of men as misogynist assholes. They’re looking for an authoritarian, hyper-masculine figure who still respects them and their autonomy. It’s a weird kind of cognitive dissonance.”

Women hate Bluebeard? NO!

Say it isn’t so! Almost like women evolved disgust and hatred responses to sexual violence, or any prospect therein!

And all the men calling ‘wife discipline’ a kink can also tell it to the judge. Or a large jury. So everytime a woman cuts off a man’s dick and throws it in a blender because he cheated or thought about abandoning her plus kids, that’s what? Husband discipline? Discipline goes both ways, sweetheart and only men have external genitalia to beat. You’re wide open in terms of vulnerability when it comes to the physical so don’t set a standard you’d hate to meet. However, the stress of beating women (or raping them) can cause infertility (latter from scarring) or even death (from shock of the stress) so that pesky Holy Bible expressly states a man must love his wife as his own flesh i.e. no punching bag defences here. Seriously, did any of them actually read it?

Any man telling you he can beat you because God said so is no Christian.

As for the Gen Z up and comers, welcome. Browse the tags. Search for anything, I’ve posted on most things. Women have and will always hate Bluebeard. It’s that ‘toxic masculinity’ you keep bringing up! To beat your women, who should be under your cloak of protection.

They think misogynist wankers who’d tie them up to fuck them 12 times a day like a Muslim’s pet goat…. are a-holes?

WOW. I am shook.

It’s almost like they’re…. using their brain…. to discriminate… and discern… in a Biblical fashion…. which type of man is a patriarch, versus the type their husband would need to shoot like a coyote for preying on their teenage daughters with emotional abuse about how being a virgin is ‘boring’ and ‘everyone’ has herp.

Also LOL at being treated like a human = cognitive dissonance. Do they think Christians operate like brothels and lock all the women in at the end of the night? But the Left praises those brothels in America! PRAISES! Despite being treated like farm animals.

Really, this is the FGTOW I mentioned. Men don’t get to strike from women, but women get to strike from men. If they can’t get their needs met, why should they bother with men at all? To be treated like an object, a sex toy? This is empowering! Feminists in the traditional mould would’ve celebrated this agency to determine their life path.

Marxists want your tax money and your dead babies.

How can it ‘support toxic men’ when you just admitted they hate those guys?

Tradwomen want a man with similar life goals, not someone who crushes their own because of some bravado facade aping masculinity. If you don’t care about your wife’s ambitions and values separate to you, you have no business marrying her.

Naturally, nothing about ‘brown supremacy’ practiced by said Marxists is mentioned. Apparently it doesn’t exist, there’s no race-mixing propaganda in every advert or a black ‘Bond’.

” a toxic kind of womanhood”

don’t you mean whitehood? the place everyone wants to move to?

“competes for masculine attention” while there are ugly women playing pick-me and agreeing with abuser concepts, especially from MRA/MGTOW groups (or men pretending to be women online doing same) they previously admitted most of the girls hate misogynists. You JUST admitted. Reading comprehension is important.

the right is generally exclusionary to women, they get that part right
they ignore people like me when I have literal data for my points
only to complain why women don’t take them seriously – we look up the data, not some forum’s mass psychosis opinion with cult of personality leaders

the right is most exclusionary to white women, who have nowhere else to go
black women have a pretty strong Sisterhood online, as do other races
white women are also derided and hated by non-white women, which is putting them off Marxism (non-whites voted for Big Gov, look it up)
in addition, white men say they’re lying (this is gaslighting) about not being sluts… which is basically calling them a whore. Defamation, verbal abuse. Gee, I wonder why THOSE men are hated, and eternally forever alone? Maybe they deserve to be?

Drop them all in a time machine.

Who survives?
The bitchy men get killed for being gobby (duel, war, pressganging, whatever) and the women…? Get married? Oh wow, they’re so evil, aren’t they? Gamma males hate women because they envy them. They imagine all women would be gold diggers, if we could. God forbid we have the character they’re lacking, because narcissistic projection doesn’t account for moral difference. They actually believe the forum copes that women have less going on upstairs (then why did they ALL avoid you?) Then there’s womb envy and men claiming they want to produce children alone (you know legally you’d become a single mother with the same statistical outcomes, right? RIGHT?) and utterly refuse to raise their own spawn (that’s still abandonment and still abusive, buying a nanny won’t make your kid less fucked up).

There’s a monoculture among Right men online, they have no common culture, just postmodern multicultural anti-Marxist. They are not nationalistic so they will fail. Hell, they aren’t even racially awake. They think the race-mixers importing immigrants actually want a different demographic from the Marxists! God divided the nations, race and languages. This fake Right won’t last because it cannot, it violates commandments (do not adulterate your blood). Brotherhood is a myth, just like Sisterhood. Multiculturalism is death. The Brotherhood international bullshit is genocidal and largely aimed at whites, so anti-white to boot. We have Asian Muslims living in the West off welfare paid by white Western men writing long screeds telling men the very women who reject them (Asians) are massive sluts who love race-mixing and the white men are gullible enough to believe their historic and genetic enemies. Those are your competition. Darwin says you need to disagree with him or at least question his motives, for being here, if we’re so terrible, for daring to lecture you on your own culture (if a woman can’t teach, why an immigrant?) and thinking we won’t spot their obvious motives. Let’s you and him fight, says the Asian immigrant. White women are seeing through it, thanks to hostile abuse on all sides (more personal than white men get). If they cry out about the anti-white anti-woman abuse, they’re called Marxist by so-called Right wing men. Marxists call them Nazi. So yeah, there is a new group springing up. White men are pretending not to see, despite literal rape gangs proving these women correct, because they’re cowards. Frankly, cowardice genes need to die out.

Men care for demographic numbers, women for quality.

Anti-racist, pro-multicultural Right bloggers are not right. They’re money grubbing. No society has been ruled by them because they presage the end of the cycle of Empires. Their way is death. It’s an oxymoron. Protect your people by making friends with the enemy? It’s social cucking. There are no Nice Ones. They’re nice until they gain numbers and power over you. That’s war you half-wits.

Who was the author? Asian man. Nobody is pointing this out. It’s kinda relevant. Why are they telling us who we are? You’re not one of us. There’s no magic dirt. You don’t belong here.

“Let’s you and her fight” says the anti-white Asian to the trusting, gullible white people.

I’m clearly not the only one seeing this. Why is he living here if we suck so much? Deport all the people who say white people suck, to non-white countries. If not, you lie.

this is from 2018

Degeneracy has always existed and most of it is currently Asian (look at prostitution rates, HIV etc). Blaming The West for your personal failures in life doesn’t work. I sense a lot of these white guys moaning (nagging) aren’t really right-wing, they’re just losers looking for an excuse. Most of the manosphere is a cope for their situation in life, instead of them. That’s called a cult. It’s a cult of dick, navel-gazing but never moving. If you dropped them into the 1950s, 1850s, 1750s, they’d still suck but also probably die. Quickly. Cannon fodder is their highest life purpose. We all know the low IQ men stats.

Why aren’t women lining up to marry them? Must be the women’s fault?!

I reject wholesale, the notion the manosphere is 1. White (actually Asian, or with Asian loyalty) or 2. right wing or 3. Christian (not a converted slut) or 4. patriotic (anti-foreigner) and/or 5. high IQ. Most guys on those forums lie. They lie about their sex life, they lie about women and they lie about their IQ.

So tell me why women are supposed to desire (despite all stats) race-mixing, sexually promiscuous, entitled, low IQ, out-group loyal, compulsive lying, commitment complainers? How is that the problem of women, instead of personal to those ‘men’? Are men supposed to desire big tatted Marxists too? There’s no sexual AA.


You’ll be You, with more responsibilities. If you can’t stand the duty of a postmodern Boomer marriage, how badly would these losers fail utterly in a traditional one where everything is 100% on them? Trad means you can’t blame the woman. It’s all on you.

It’s like men who love the gym but hate the draft. If you love working out, why not get paid?

If you hate the West, be less of a hypocrite and burn your passport. Women see through these games, we have more verbal sections to our brain. This is why the gamma hates women. Verbal games only work on men. Men must coerce and force women, to get the same result. There are NO masculine wiles. Linguistically, you are dumb. Being angry at everything is still emotional and very male. Why tell a moron he’s being irrational? So women are oddly quiet on politics. You can’t fix stupid but it can stalk you. Men have life on Safety Mode.

Mostly the manosphere is a support group for traitorous (anti-patriotic) slutty losers. If you have data (not self-report) to the contrary, publish it. But the moneymakers have products to sell, so must make it seem glamorous. Do they seem happy, and glamorous? Or bitter, and lonely?

Protip: Successful people don’t hate the West.

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