Bernadette Banner, attention-whoring again

1 hour in. This guy is such a simp.
Well, the mature thing is to either agree with it and double down or PROVE them wrong.
Have you never heard of the Streisand effect? You keep video vaguebooking and hinting about your life like you’re so bloody interesting and mysterious, you goad people into taking an interest in your sterile tumblrina life. Oh look, more shopping! You’re not like the other influencers, right? Please.
Either the comments (you fail to specify, sus much?) are true or false. Prove them true or false.
You became a public figure by choice, you use what you claim is your name and not Random Sewing Blogger or some such. So critiques are true or false.
Unless it’s correct but not something you want people to know about you. That’s deceitful. You put yourself out there and try to build up a little cult of celebrity. You secretly wanted that. Literally nobody is forcing you to do that constipated little smirk you think is cute, or affectedly throwing your nose in the air all haughty to try and reduce its size and ‘hint’ various shit you want people to hype for you. Go do yet another hair care video, that’s more your level. If you’re an historian, I’m Einstein, including the cousin-fucking. You post exactly zero actual references in your videos (pics don’t count) because most of your info is ripped off of obscure little sewing blogs with those tips, that you NEVER acknowledge unless it’s another Marxist ‘ally’, so no wonder you speak so negatively of them. Do the brands paying five figs a piece know most of your content is a rip-off? Those are Boomers in boardrooms, that income won’t last. And you couldn’t design an original outfit to save your life. All SJWs can do is copy copy copy, usually while missing the entire point of the thing they’re copying (note: a very white culture very Christian culture you openly hate). They’re so vapid with their womanchild larping (some of you Disney bounding? grow the F up) but think having a longer skirt will cover it up and make them somehow superior to the influencers who wear jeans. You’re not better than anybody wearing jeans and trainers like normal people who weren’t given a plush apartment for their hobby by their super rich NYT bragging parents. You’re still appropriating cultures you don’t belong to, and never will. In the time period you idolise, you’d be a ghetto rat in a Jewish slum in New York, at best, before being married off to some cousin, so it really beggars belief you expect nobody to notice how hypocritical your entire gimmick is. Your existence is a joke and the only people who actually believe your vainly twisted versions of our history are other Marxist nitwits and bored American housefraus who probably read Fifty Shades and thought it was good literature. People leave you on in the BACKGROUND, your opinions are NOISE. There’s nothing interesting about you to be yourself about. Copycatting like a Chinaman. People will find that tiresome. Same shit, different day. It’s like Smughan Markle. She kept hinting she was so wildly fucking fascinating and we all hate her now. You moved to the wrong country to play self-absorbed LA cunt, love. We hate the celebrity shit, even the celebrities I know deeply LOATHE it. Some have openly said how they don’t use the internet. It’s even worse for their relatives, reading about them and being powerless to correct anything. You chose this, though, you needn’t show so much personal stuff. People bore of the coquette routine, this is not Paris. At this point it’s like a prick tease except instead of sex it’s pretending you have a 3d personality, with original thoughts and opinions, or just something that isn’t loosely based on one of the shitter characters from Harry Potter. Get woke, go broke is the rule of the internet. This is not your place. You single-handedly ruin everyone you work with. Broadway was right to cut you loose. They know the difference between profits and losses. Your interference for political posturing was behind some of the biggest financial losses (not to mention national news level loss of face) the English Heritage charity has ever suffered. Your two-faced offers of ‘help’ (with a side of compulsory Marxism) have tanked their viewing figures, if you compared before your videos with them and after. You don’t uplift anyone without personal gain, it’s entirely self-serving. I’m sure you had no hand in suggesting their recent black supremacy content. Sure. Compare like to like videos and people have largely buzzed off from their ‘content’ – because of you and your meddling Marxist twaddle. People vote with their feet and it doesn’t matter how many subs your bougie parents buy you, while your comments are suspiciously going down and becoming bot-like, people are not obligated to like you. We smell the brainwashing bleach from a mile off.

“Never again, search block my name….”
Then you’re not on the internet, you’re in a cult. That’ s an echo chamber. SJWs always lie, you know she’s at least on gurugossip or whatever the site was.
People are actually scared to openly disagree with her in videos or dislike her work because she operates as Queen Bee of a clique or her flying monkeys won’t work with you. Relational aggression is something people will notice, especially if you use it to isolate people with better information. Tyrants get toppled.
“There’s no reason to get this false idea of yourself”
you’re doing this interview
you want to be a celebrity
you’re actually just another failed actress
the Marxist tendency to try and censor reality is amazing
“this isn’t real, for me”
That means you’re crazy. You make hot takes on topics, people will have video responses. This isn’t a sermon in a church.
“there’s no reason why that should be real-“
er, nobody is exempt from criticism?
the conceit, wow
so you just lord it over other people and tell them what to think? no dialogue whatsoever? ok Hitler
and if people correcting you when you ARE wrong on something would ‘affect’ you so, you have no business being online
if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
I don’t sit here crying that people have lied about me
literally everything, including attempted doxxes that weren’t actually me like wtf (but also LOL)
that’s actually illegal here, I’d have plenty to complain about
people lie about you online and most of it isn’t a huge deal it’s just shitposting chatter gossip stuff
people have lied a lot actually, about me and I mostly mind my own business (no face, no voice, no video)
questioning my sex, my sexuality, my nationality, my race, guessing random people (readers or just totally random or powerful people like scientists) because they couldn’t doxx me, and you can’t prove a negative so I’m like, whatever? let them fuck up?
I don’t sit here and cry about it I woman the fuck up
because either you want to be online or you don’t
and you just wanna attention-whore
what’s with the damsel in distress routine? is this like gamergate? are you trying to wrangle a ted talk?
you don’t actually engage with people and they sense it
they’re slowly hating you as a result
don’t blame people for noticing the things you repeatedly choose to do
and obviously if you mean what you say, you’ll never see this
(unless you’re a huge filthy liar, that is)
indeed, I probably have a comment or few from you in my spam folder (I never check) but I get a lot of comments and much like vox just figured, fuck it
difference is, nobody is paying me
this isn’t my job, let alone my main source of income
you OWE people that engagement
you OWE them better sources than random sewing blogs you hastily pasted into books and passed off as your own work (which is illegal, btw, under copyright, and fraud too since you’re paid to be original or they’d get a ghostwriter)
you aren’t blessing them like a rainbow sent from heaven
you OWE them, that’s why it’s called WORK
the rank entitlement of her attitude is so off-putting
I’m so glad she moved here
this is gonna be fun
we make mince meat of talentless hacks who think they can be celebrities
especially the Muslim population when they know a mouthy Jew’s around
every cloud has a silver lining
lot of acid attacks in london recently…. keep filming there, despite No Go zones and see how long the illusion of safety lasts, babe

You haven’t experienced a London Riot. I have. There are no New York safe spaces.

“I know what you’re talking about”
yeah she saw the gurugossip thread

“it’s not fame”
nice way to dodge responsibility for your political activism
“like who the fuck even are we?”
a Victorian wouldn’t say that, see how the real her peeks out
but you are giving an entire interview about what a special snowflake you are and how people should imitate you
the arrogance of these yanks
“I happen to hate the public aspect of my job”
you make videos, not blog posts
you make videos with clickbait and thotty social media posts with “Victorian” dresses that contain Victoria’s Secret padded bras (how authentic)
BULL SHIT you don’t like the attention
or you wouldn’t be giving interviews, yuck
she’s like Markle, all “I don’t want publicity / here’s another interview”

if you want privacy, just BE private
none of this “leave me alone but look at me” nonsense
don’t constantly attention-whore about yourself then ask woefully, why do people think I’m so interesting?
you’re not, you’re annoying
and people are resenting you for it
now wake up and act like a normal person already or just stop fucking thotting
camwhoring isn’t limited to showing skin, it’s this narcissistic “WELL I WAS DOING THIS” like we don’t need to know how you wipe your arse we’re fine without that information actually
I haven’t clicked on any of her shitty videos, from a new browser with no cookies, and her parents have done such a good job buying her career like a D-list model (cough Cara cough) that her furious ad-buying has pushed her into my recommendations
does this look like the sort of shit I want to watch?
I didn’t seek this out, which means she is shilling it HARD
we want to be left alone, you keep teaching things you are absurdly ignorant of and so yes, people will notice

1:06 she lies and acts like she doesn’t have representation and an imdb page
bitch we can google
stop lying

they cry out in pain as they strike us

“who started calling me an expert”
because they’re your friends
you only help your friends
those are minions, not a valid source of opinion

if my friends called me an expert on something I’d tell them to piss off, it’s like guru
I wouldn’t use it as a totally not made up anecdote, with no name or example, in a very public interview to hype myself up and then everyone clapped

I’ve been OFFERED interviews.

I turned them DOWN.

That’s real modesty, not fake.

“everyone’s problematic”
I sense an arse-covering and I don’t mean a bustle.
I wonder what she’s so afraid will come out.
Make another Victorian pissing video, you’re still no expert in European culture. It isn’t yours.
But you are good at taking the piss.
If you think people will continue to support your leeching on Patreon, despite the way this economy is cracking up? Hilarious. We live in the biggest tech bubble of all time. Youtuber is not a job. This is bigger than dot com. The influencer bubble of delusion will be fun to watch pop. People were dying and she was all “I can’t skip along to the fabric shop any time I want” and you wonder why they hate you?
PEOPLE ARE DYING KIM. Despite all this money, she still jews out on the cheapest, most kid working in a sweatshop fabric humanly possible. Absolutely disgusting.

“I’m hopefully not spreading too much misinformation” 29m

oh, she knows

admits to sneaking around copyright law at 38m

das illegal

can e-celebs just go already?
can they just die and wither on the vine like myspace emos?

The bubble cannot pop soon enough. Bring on the goog suit.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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