Explaining away ADE

Already they’re trying to get ahead of the AHA finger-pointing once Antibody Dependent Enhancement deaths go up.
Logically, why would they only go up among the modRNA-mutated? Will Oz or any place of low ‘vax’ rates also experience this spike? This is why they feared the control group. It can be used to prove intent.
Never get the flu one, either. They don’t have to tell you what’s in it.
Every old person I know (social circle) who got it, died that year. Of? Flu. The remaining old people noticed and have sworn off the shit. Those buzzards had to be locked up for a year to even warm up to another cash grab stab.
So probably a forerunner beta tester for this ADE purge of Boomer pension pot leeches. The flu one they’re pushing alongside could actually be the activator for the c19 one’s kill switch, since kids won’t be getting it. Excellent to put in the cauldron for cytokine storm.

They also want to excuse when the CDC drops PCR testing and the mask slips off this whole circus. They can pretend the sudden spike in ‘flu’ has nothing to do with Wu Flu but is a totally different thing.

Then there’s the mutants giving purebloods the stronger strains of flu (that will likely be BLAMED on wu flu*) that they cooked up in their dodgy immune system with a higher viral load. You know they’ll bask in those ones with the regular chant of SINNER SINNER SHOULD’VE GIVEN YOUR BODY TO PHARMA.

*otherwise they’d have to treat it with potent anti-virals, proven to work over decades

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