Video: La Petit CCP

We live in a world where comedians tell more truth than politicians.
I said, only listen to Trump on China. It may serve him to bend the truth on other topics but he’s 100% on the threat of that one.
I realised JP is aware of the CCP funding American colleges but Vox Day is still in denial and blaming white people (well, white-looking women). Sigh. If you actually look at anti-fa ‘rallies’ and socialist groups, it’s basically all men. And not white. Maybe white-looking, but not European.
Even the so-called Christian colleges are degenerate with a culture of Biblical whoredom.
Why do they need to be mixed sex? Why are there mixed sex dorms? The whole thing is rotten. Then there’s the racial angle and how Missions are commonly accepted to be an excuse for young white men and women to be total whores abroad. Because spreading the Lord’s word is meaningless without spreading your legs! Seriously, America, why are you funding all this? I mean when the CCP isn’t. If the CCP is funding Christian mission work, that would also make sense. Anything that increases race-mixing and helps rid them of some pesky leftover men. By the way, stationing military men abroad totally isn’t an opportunity to get blackmail material on your military using honeypots. And the success of actors with military families is sheer coincidence, even when they’re sponsored by Hauwei.

In comic news, Superman has always been gay. He wears his underpants on the outside, is friends with a dweeb called Jimmy and look up Pink Kryptonite. That is canon.

One response to “Video: La Petit CCP

  1. If you actually look at anti-fa ‘rallies’ and socialist groups, it’s basically all men.

    I did a quick search of antifa videos in several countries, and I see men and women (perhaps a few more men than women). Are you sure you didn’t mean to blame Boomers (almost none to be found in antifa videos)?

    Note, too, that BLM is a socialist group with ‘mainly’ women in charge and attending rallies.

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