Video: Marxists are making themselves obsolete

MANDATES ARE NOT LAW. The government does not own your body and nor does a company. If the latter did, that would mean corporations are a higher authority than the government. As in, they own the country and its workforce (you). And the government works for them.

People who believe propaganda get what they deserve. The Biblical term for the thing to distrust translates as pharmaceutical. Your body is your Temple, there’s no blaming God for ‘letting’ this happen.

Wait until the fatalities start piling up. You wanted to become an experimental animals. Those die. They die for science.
This thing is really proving there are useless eaters.
You wanted a tyranny, for me, but not for thee? That isn’t how dictators work.


They have no problem with others losing their income but they freak when it’s theirs.

They don’t view right-wingers as human. Seriously. Subhuman. I don’t like lefties but damn they’re human, they’re just stupid.

An empathy test of people across right/left would be interesting.

“Privileges of being American”. Speaking likes true communist. We don’t have privileges as Americans, we actually have rights bestowed to us by the creator, meaning no government or person can take that away.

So when America goes bankrupt, they get to go to debtor’s prison?

Actually, in hindsight, debtor’s prisons should exist. America got that one wrong. If you don’t teach the Marxists early that others’ labour isn’t free, they become rabid like this. A debtor’s prison for them would’ve done a world of good.

I guess they’re finally realizing we don’t need them they need us LOL

Cheerleader effect with like, five thousand diehard Twitter commies.

I love how I got fired, nurses got fired and SHE is scared for HER financial situation.

They view you as subhuman and serving them.

Parasites eventually kill their hosts. Another leech seeing this first hand.

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7

My buddy took the jab. He got the Bell’s palsy. He could come in your restaurant and drool all over so you can wipe up his mess. That’ll keep you busy past 6. REEEEEEE.

Waitress: The thought of all these people not being vaccinated scares the crap out of me

She would totally push you into the gas chamber.

First time in history when the failure of a product is blamed on people who didn’t use it

Yeah, you go ahead and take all the meds and end up with flipper babies.

You sure showed us.

i just witnessed someone getting their 2nd “vaxx” and the thing that ended up pissing them off the most was how good i was feeling with my natural immunity while they were feeling like a pile of shit while they were trying to explain that it was just the antibodies creating an immune response that was making them feel bad…. 😒😓😔…. its like… that’s not how antibodies function… they are responsible for making you feel better not worse….

It doesn’t produce antibodies. Only natural real immunity does. Dozens of types.

The modRNA teaches your body about one specific type of spike protein. It gives you zero antibodies.

How are they this stupid?

One response to “Video: Marxists are making themselves obsolete

  1. Ah, no. You can go to prison over unpaid debt. My ex ran out on debts from Penna. Had she not disappeared, Nevada would have shipped her back–and billed her for it. As it was, she tried to get out of debt by claiming the bills and so on actually belonged to me and the kids. A lawyer made certain bill collectors didn’t fall for it, again. Thank God and Greyhound, she’s gone.

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