Green wanker in green

Harry is now hated internationally for being an SJW wanker lecturing normal people on how they need to ‘save the planet’.
William’s big idea is to do the exact same thing and be even more woke, and expect his popularity to rise.
They really are inbred, aren’t they?

This green bullshit based on fabricated climate ‘science’ will be the forerunner to the Hunger Games if we let it. People competing so they can eat by earning enough ‘carbon credits’. The debt is intended to make everyone poor and desperate enough via inflation to accept a social credit score. Mark my words. NWO festival. Some woman won a million pounds for sticking a solar panel on a thing, meanwhile actual innovation in the country remains unfunded. Setting up an entire festival to celebrate a death cult about the planet (Extinction Rebellion is a death cult to Saturn) is not modest.

We can save the planet by scrapping the monarchy. They don’t need all those palaces.
Or they can go rule Germany, since they’re German. Recycle the whole thing.
This shall backfire. As the screw turns, the worm turns.

p.s. electric cars are terrible for the planet, actually.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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