Bernadette Banner and the shocking story of nepotism

Every. Single. Time.

“it’s more about who you know” they admit the nepotism as they play victim
straight from the horse face mouth
so they weren’t smart enough to make her finish school first? totally nepotism, because letters from literal minors are always read by the top execs, the rich parents didn’t involve themselves and BUY her career WHATSOEVER
the world is way more crooked than people think, the illusion must be maintained or people might crack down on the nepotism and it’s always the same group kvetching about that, isn’t it?

I’m sure the rich Jewishness was no factor at all.
They just decided because she’s a special Mary Sue.
When they’re actually talented, they keep them on. They don’t fire them. If they left by choice, well, would they mention it at every random opportunity (literally nobody asked) hoping to be taken back like a scorned lover? Make another Disney video and shill some shampoo, pumpkin pie. Topically, maybe a video about lesbian vampires would be more your interest?

Nice to see an uncensored comment section (well, largely):

I mean, this assistanship was probably unpaid. And living in New York, rent free with your parents, is a huge privilege in itself. Don’t beat yourself up y’all

I think a lot of people somehow think of Bernadette as this poor or middle-class girl that somehow transcends money-issue to chase her passion, they wanted to connect with her. She’s hella rich y’all, it’s a big reason why she’s able to have all those vintage materials, clothing, lifestyle and other stuff

The things I always want to ask every “entrepreneur” is 1) How much money are your parents and grandparents worth? and 2) Whose health insurance are you on? If they own a house, add another 3) Who, if anyone, EARNED the money for your down payment?
Without those questions being answered, NO ADVICE WHATSOEVER that they give has value to ANYONE. I have truly grown sick and tired of these kinds of stories being pushed to people who grew up having to snip pennies in half.

[OP simps]

@Video Husky Yeah, but that’s not possible for people who don’t have good connections. If a normal person, who just is ambitious to work for a costume designer were to write the same email Bernadette Banner did, but didn’t have the same connections as she has, would probably get ignored. Furthermore, How did Bernadette have enough money to go to New York? To leave home at 17? To move all her things?

@PRINCE KRAZIE Unsubstantiated so take it with a grain of salt but I’ve read online that Bernadette’s father is a big NY real estate owner or investor. So maybe that helped with the money and connection factors.

It’s in the Jew York Times, it’s substantiated.

Note: her sub count is going up, while her comments go down and her views are going down compared to the same videos a few years ago. You can only recycle the same tired format so many times before people get bored.
I’m sure her parents aren’t buying her subs at all, y u ask?
Jews are always huge on Jewtube, from that cooking guy to that other cooking guy with very kosher names. Uhuh. Gentiles are called Babish and -ski and -berg. No wonder advertisers are figuring there might be some fishy numbers being sold.
Now she’s FLAGRANTLY disobeying Government orders in a pandemic.
Funerals are still restricted, people can’t see their dying relatives in hospital, cancer patients are having to miss treatments and we’re being told not to mix with relatives over Christmas, but Banner is such a special snowflake she can mix with ex-porn stars to talk about some shitty scribbles. I’m sure you couldn’t have done this over a zoom call, you people make me sick. At least ask him what male whores wore in the time period, to be attention whores. Their hot takes are literally from wikipedia (like Peaky Blinders being Victorians). Everybody knows that. Your general audience is smarter than you. Do NOT trust the gay guy with the guinea pig.

In reality, Halloween costumes aren’t supposed to be practical, they’re supposed to be easily removed when you get laid.
Thank God these Trigglypuff people aren’t breeding. Keep being all snooty and judging poor people from the real estate you own. It’s a really great look. Doesn’t look out of touch at all. Will age very well. So far, approx 1 dislike per thousand views. That’s bad.

And where are the masks?
All this for shitty shitty clickbait. The filth. She doesn’t mention she gets paid for that link, which is illegal. ASA would crack down on that. If they were held to real world standards and not the ones of nepotism.
Note the dislikes. People are complaining about this snowflaking in a supposed pandemic and she’s hiding them, so they still count as comments. To show sponsors. This is a common form of influencer corruption. If we assume all the dislikes commented, that’s about 710% of her comments total right there. Quite substantial.
I love how they’re criticising fast fashion from basically a mansion (in London, the most expensive place to live in the world on most lists). Banner still buys slave labour fabrics. STFU, whore.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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