Depp needs to do damage control

I already suggested exactly HOW in my last post with his name but here’s an insight into how he’s regarded in this country.*

reposting for humour and maybe to serve as an ice-cold wake-up call if he ever reads this:

“Not every victim of “cancel culture” is completely blameless.

…In response to a tidal wave of what’s become known as “libel tourism” (foreigners suing in U.K. courts because of the lax rules), British judges have become quite unfriendly to people—especially Americans—who engage in the practice.

Poor Johnny Depp should’ve known that. Depp, a delicate, drunk (former) A-lister who married a bimbo 23 years his junior only to express shock when she turned out to be an impulsive, violent, childish brat (who could’ve seen that coming?), had the kind of marriage that resembled a Three Stooges short—lots of slapping, nose-twisting, and eye-poking.

In 2018, Depp traveled to London to sue a tabloid for labeling him a “wife beater,” and the irate judge decided to “reward” him by ruling that Depp is indeed officially a wife beater. Right or wrong, that verdict allowed studios to drop Depp from a whole bunch of movies that likely would’ve sucked anyway.”

DS: We really hate celebrities here. Like, we don’t let them get away with anything at all. We pride ourselves on NOT being American and more unbiased when it comes to the poor little rich, famous people. We’re more likely to convict them for crimes, for example.

“So last week, there was Depp at the San Sebastian Film Festival complaining about “cancel culture” and ruing his “cancellation.”

But maybe there are lessons here beyond “Cancel culture sucks.”

Like, don’t marry a child and expect a mature relationship.

And British judges are sick of hearing these cases and they’ll do you up a treat if you trouble them with your petty crap.

Also, when you’ve spent your entire career doing the same pursed-lip Chaplin routine, people might not react with sympathy when your child bride punches your eminently slappable face.”

See? My level of wicked humour is just the norm here. She was in her mid 20s but the age gap of a generation is extremely creepy to us. Will he sue them for calling her a child bride? I dunno. The rantings about cancel culture without supporting Trump’s efforts against it will fall on deaf ears. Shit or get off the pot. Currently he sounds like he wants to get back with her, if rumours of them having dinner meetings are true (yes) and he needs some serious therapy to rid himself of that trauma bond, before she succeeds in bankrupting him. I’m sorry but if he’s going to be a manchild about this and go back to her (you may laugh but he MIGHT) or endlessly complain without supporting the obvious parties with the real power and popularity, then how many chances can you give a man pushing 60 to man up? This is one the case studies in how mid-life crises are totally real and something to be feared. He’s ruined his whole life over a verified axe wound, no doubting that, but he married it. If you stick your dick in crazy, and marry the Bad Girls, what do you actually expect to happen? It’s like the teen who has a druggy violent BF and it’s like well, duh. You wanted the Bad Guy, bad things happen. It’s difficult to see what his angle is unless he sidles up to Trump. His Hollywood ego won’t let him win the war against the battle axe, and that’s downright pathetic. Victory is within sight, he’s snatching defeat from the jaws of easy victory.

He’ll just get married again, he’s a marriage addict. If you look at his astro chart (yes, I peeked) that’s a ridiculous idea. All his marriages will fail unless he turns to spirituality first. Marriage longevity is Vedic, his d1 chart lord Moon (Lagna Lord) is in 6th house of divorces and public disputes and his 7th Lord is in 7th House, as Saturn, retrograde. Bad karma and dissolution of unions, especially marriage. D9 Ketu conjunct Ascendant, spirituality must come first and he must marry someone spiritual/religious too. D30 chart of troubles have Rahu/Ketu in 8th house of death, including death of unions (marriage). D60 chart has Moon (d1 Lord) in 8th house – suggesting death by suicide after a public scandal. As far as yogas, his d1 has Daridra, “even a royal scion becomes poor”. D60 Sarpa yoga “miserable unhappy cruel and dependent on others”. He thinks the money can never run out, so he’s never really saved. The same Sarpa is present in D9 (marriage chart) with Paasa to quote Jagannatha Hora software, “talkative, characterless, may be imprisoned”. If he keeps running his mouth about his marriage/s, it won’t end well.

D9 10th house Saturn retrograde, public loss of face as husband, yup. He needs to just clear his name and quit while he’s ahead.

I like the guy but that’s literally the worst marriage prospect in a chart I’ve ever seen. He’s looking for a soulmate in a brothel.
Oddly, his chart only activates for serious money when he’s married. D60 Moon in Aries, death by violence (like hanging or stabbing or during surgery) or sudden drug abuse/OD, so not worth it. I hope he has sane people advising him and not feeding revenge fantasies and ego. Potential for suicide after a mental breakdown.
D10 (career chart) has Ketu in 1st house, public loss of face possible, including ego and fame (Sun). Retrograde Saturn with Moon in 10th (bad career karma activated by death of Mother). At least, it looks like he should literally never get married. The odds of a Come to Jesus are unlikely. He wanted the bad boy image in the 90s and now resents it? Decades too late. I said about the free software, go and check his chart for yourself if you don’t believe me. Great on money, big on divorce. My own is great on money, power, intellect, fame etc (look up Lakshmi yoga and Raj/a yogas) and a bit crap on marriage, so it’s hardly a character thing. It’s just reading the tea leaves.

His approach is really weird, it’s almost like he’s trying to trap them with him for his elderly years. You attract more wifey with honey than vinegar. If she’s already fucking you though, there is zero reason to marry her. If he has abandonment issues, get therapy man. Women may leave you eventually but your mother didn’t go on purpose.
That’s why I think he wants more kids, to feel young again. I just hope he wants kids in an innocent way, unlike most of Ho-wood.

We don’t have to side with her to know he did actually hit her, especially since he admitted to hitting her in court, which is the basis for the judge’s decision (I don’t like the guy). You can say mutual abuse sure, but nobody’s asking her to defend a libel claim of husband beater. She wouldn’t challenge it. It wouldn’t be strategic. I just hope she doesn’t win in general and if he ever goes back to her… I’ll personally protest outside his mansion. I know where it is. I can make signs and everything. Tie myself to the big bloody wrought iron gates and everything. Am I joking? Well, I dunno. I could, I guess. We’ll see. 😛

I hope he doesn’t end up like Edward Scissorhands trapped in a big empty house on a hill. Waste of talent.

*And why everyone thinks Cavill is a pedo for openly ‘dating’ a teenager young enough to be HIS child. See the pattern?
Either way, Cavill’s wife would cheat on him and he’d cheat on her (I checked). Maybe the Indians have longer lasting marriages because they check this shit?

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