Video: Marxists laugh as Atlas shrugs

ADE, the Grim Reaper taps his glass
I hope it was worth it, your ‘domestic pass’.
Your social credit score has a carbon limit
now you need ‘clean’ organs with no one to give it.
No surgeons, no nurses, no judges, no bakers,
no binmen or shelf-stacking candle-stick makers.
They don’t need a reason, their body is their property
and dirty little Commies want everybody to belong to thee?
Whatever happened to consent, the liberty of choice?
And throw over yourself a millstone, depriving children a voice.
It’s for your own good, said Mao and Mengele
and history thinks those guys were pretty swell.
You smugly thought you could travel, for many a year
but your carbon limit won’t allow, let’s shed a tear.
You’re saving the planet, but saving it from you
the experimenters didn’t need to tell you that truth.
The depopulation quotes were official for years
but you trusted journalists to feed your fears.
They etched it in stone, like Biblical times
but you said it wasn’t a Mark, you lied and gaslight.
The brotherhood of liars, with Masons at the top.
But it’s just a conspiracy, there’s no control to stop.
You were laughing at China having no human rights for how long?
Until you got a taste of power and sang in red the same song.
Braying for blood of your countrymen
because the best defence is an offense, again and again.
This is a war and you are the propagandist’s art.
Degenerate and treasonous, no brain cells to spark.
Judas felt enough shame to kill himself
But you spent sixty silvers in wealth.
You were given victory, the greatest historical society
but you found it boring and turned it into an orgy.
You gave the needle to your children like the Nazis did before
but times are different now, with no prejudice of yore.
You don’t believe in segregation, you said, or subhuman oppressions
social justice, much like mine is your social media obsession.
For I am become Death, and older than you all
I have seen much pride and it never lacked a fall
social justice is real, but it culls the stupid first
and in terms of generation, you, Boomer, were the worst.
You slaughtered your children and are back at it again
you cannot pay for heaven in blood, you paid to Satan.
Now your line dies with you
since you sterilised your children, fool.
Hate them as you may, the Nazis fought for their families
while you fought to destroy everything sacred in thee.
When you listen to the most atheist person in the room
you deserve no respite, you earned your doom.
Florida has no shipping problems, I wonder WHY?

Now hold still you filthy hippy, and prepare to die.

Above may be reproduced with credit for no profit.


Keep pumping it in, your insanity, excess mortality is chef’s kiss.
I’ll wait here to debunk the notion that ignorance is bliss
tick tick tick ding dong ur wrong
You won’t spend it all before you bloody die
you agreed to euthanasia, so there is no crime.

nb What an excellent way for the eugenicists to select the Thanos Snappers, by making them self-identify as terrified to die. It’s evil genius. Still, abjure the hippies in every generation. Boomers complain the Most Diverse Generation of Young People Ever don’t respect them, we all ask, why? Either you told them to hate white people (das you) or you murdered their siblings for being an inconvenience while asking the survivors Y NO GRANDKIDS. The good Boomers don’t have this problem. Elders are revered for religiosity and piety, that’s never been a Boomer forte. Everyone respected the WW2 generation for obvious reasons, what did you do that wasn’t stupid? It’s difficult to pull up bootstraps when you coated them in Third World shit. They have the honour to be the first generation to ever fail – the living standard predictions for their children and grandchildren are worse than they inherited.

Pureblood & Proud

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