Black men lying about white women wanting them

The sheer cope they’re gaslighting on this. Like women don’t talk. Women are way more racially selective than men have ever been.
White women are the least likely to race mix for a reason. Their entitlement is pretty funny. If all the Tyrones bought the same Text Game package from Roosh, do you really think it will work? Why do women now need to group chat and swap men’s text ‘game’?
If white women liked multiculturalism, why do even big influencers like Lydia Millen move to white places as soon as they have the savings?

Actions, not words.
You wouldn’t have to rape so many of us if we were ‘DTF’.
Women sense IQ averages, with our higher verbal IQ, do you think ebonics is hot to any of us?
Even mudsharks try to improve the guy’s speech. Item 1 on the My Fair Ebony glow-up. Talk gud.
Women don’t want ugly uncanny valley kids it looks like they stole, they don’t want stupid kids who don’t talk good, they don’t want a deadbeat or wifebeater who won’t pay child support.
Most importantly, women are refusing to become single mothers.
Y’all got nuffin to complain bout, how bout dat?

Race-mixing is undesirable to all races and the men are the last ones to figure out this has always been the rule among women. For example, I strongly encourage the rise of Asian and Black gold diggers if the white traitors are trying to take advantage of them in turn. Turnabout is fair play, old chap. You wanted it, you got it. Follow traditions or become statistics.

“The women of no color and the exoticals are realizing that the temporary worship isn’t worth the long-term headaches….”
DS: and white girl head punches in public on camera

Bm may not have any other accomplishments, but the fact that they are able to make LITERALLY EVERYONE ON THE PLANET tired of them is an accomplishment on its own💅🏾🤣🤣

My mom always said this to me about my own father “I will never have to bad mouth your father, because he will show you who he is” (she was right) and I see thats whats happening for all black men now… no one even has to bad mouth them bc at every turn, they are showing these other groups and everyone else EXACTLY who they are as a collective….

She hit the nail on the head. They’re projecting their self hatred into us because we are so fabulous and well educated and well paid…compared to them. They’re really mad at their Daddy but their Mom was the only one who stuck around so they take it out on her. Sad to see.

I’m Latina and i have never liked BM,but sadly they approach me a lot! And they get mad when i reject them,like dude just because You found me attractive, doesnt mean that i found You attractive too. It’s not My Obligation to Say yes to You or to anybody,then they try to scream at me or try to intimidate me, but when Brad or Tyler come to My rescue,the BM have flashbacks of 1810 and they leave me alone.
DS: that is called a lunatic. He probably complains ‘why aren’t women honest’? People like you literally try to kill them? They’re not flaking, they’re humouring the crazy. All women know about chimp-outs but the narc rage occurs from Asians too. We need a new name for it.

BM hate their mothers and blk women bcs their daddy left them. They never seem to direct that hate and disdain towards the father that added to their mother’s stress, exhaustion, pain, absence, lack or hardness. Now I’m not saying there aren’t some mean ass mommas but all this talk and going over to the preferences and blk women’s fault this and mama’s fault that, they always leave out that one other person. They think the preference is better or easier since they can only see BW as work horse mule mothers who got left and not as women to be valued and protected. I don’t know how that mindset will ever get fixed but I wouldn’t trust any BM that dates and sleeps outside of his race bcs of it

They get the same thing, babies, bad credit and bad memories

The whole world is tired of bm at this point 🥴

It’s funny how white women and preferences will come to a healthy conclusion faster than black women.

Can we name a racial group of men or women that BM haven’t pissed off? 😂

I’m double commenting but LISTEN, when the girl said “They make you BETTER!” She doesn’t realize how true it is. Women determine the value of men. If women leave men in droves other onlooking women will run too. Women know WOMEN. And we know why women stay with men date them or leave them immediately. I know if a woman is with a man because he’s financially stable, has good D, is fun, is the type she can control, if it’s cause she is abused… I can FEEL IT. These men just don’t know how women are spiritually and intuitively connected. That’s WHY they created competition within our sister bond. It’s a way to make women fight for them like they are the prize when WE ARE.
DS: women have left men in droves to grow up, what do you think the apps are responding to? Most female profiles are fake. How are fake profiles legal? Men are paying to see sexual options that don’t exist. You don’t get to blame women for that. If men won’t grow up, women won’t want them. Ever. All this playing off one race of women against another is insane. Women don’t care like that. We’re not jealous you get our trash. Race-mixers are not attractive to any group of women. Women aren’t supposed to compete intrasexually for the opposite sex- that’s the gender role of MEN.

The manosphere won’t address these videos but just paint narratives about how they are wanted

DS: easier to fool a man than convince him he’s been fooled. The manosphere literally profiteers off non-white male delusion (mostly Asian) that they can all get prime white pussy. Statistically white women are a global minority, no! It’s mathematically impossible!

Here’s the thing: white women, Latinas, Asian women, Arab women, Indian women, etc are taught to look for providers and protectors. This is the law of nature and science and they follow it to the “T”. Are their cultures, languages, and customs different from each other? Yes, they are, but their families, traditions, and values, are more the same than different. By and large, they weren’t taught to “wait for potential to blossom” and “hold a man down”. They also have men in their families that show them what REAL men are supposed to do and supposed to be. Once you get used to being treated well, you won’t tolerate bullshit.

DS: show me one sane woman who wants to be beaten up, impregnated and abandoned by a low IQ guy with a completely average dick size (there are studies). …No? The PUAs are high on copium.

If he can’t love his own women, or his own mother, he can’t love no women. You can’t spell self-hate without hate, you can’t love with hate.
DS: race-mixers are scum, all women secretly agree. The manosphere makes no profit without them though, so expect delusions to continue.

How long did they think they were going to get away with being disrespectful to every woman across the board? I’ve never heard Hispanic man talk about their own women the way BM talk about Hispanic women. Im waiting for WW to get the memo but I won’t hold my breath

This preference just traumatized blk men and popped their delusional bubble.

The “it’s not a compliment” part sent me 😩😩😩😩

I think the real problem is that fact that these woman don’t want to be associated with B.M. these are difficult times and NO one wants to be seen as the low price spread.

I remember years ago my friend told me that her Wyt coworker said if she could go back in time she would’ve never married her black husband and that she would’ve married a Wyt man instead. I knew it was matter of time until non bw see the light and it’s happening sooner thanks to social media lol
DS: she saw how the kids turned out, I guarantee it. Who wants to risk childbirth death for that?

I don’t see why any non-blk person would EVER consider dealing with one. They have actual builders, providers, protectors… why take the gamble. Unless of course he’s VERY wealthy.
DS: this all men are builders thing is a male supremacy cope, even white pick-mes buy into it (cough Albion cough). Really IQ is stratified within a race too. It’s just more obvious between. You aren’t Newton, Tesla or Galileo. They didn’t sit around complaining about women so they actually accomplished something! Real men don’t claim the accomplishments of completely different races and nations (like pedo-enabler Milo did). They have their own. You can’t fool women on this, we assess men as individuals for genetic fitness. There is NO collective male fitness, it’s a cope and a myth. Otherwise every peasant is a King. Every broke is a billionaire. Is every obese SJW a supermodel? That’s how idiotic you sound.
It’s like fat acceptance for men. If men are innately ALL builders, build something yourself or STFU.

shit or get off

Kangs with no Kingdom

That’s not a preference, that’s exclusion caused by self-hate.

DS: all women innately hate race-mixers but they may use you to get a whiter baby. I have warned of Operation White Baby. I tried to warn you all. Women know any self-respecting man wants his kids to look like him.

Lol look at her using Black girl magic gestures. You’ll see that a lot now with non black women. Black women are that influential. They’re so influential that now that they’ve gotten tired of bm’s shit and don’t want them now non black women are jumping on the bandwagon.
DS: I just thought this one was funny. Like they own gestures. Cute.

If anyone tells you they only date one type or they like to try all ethnicities (fetishizing)…. RUN.
DS: women evolved to smell crazy. All race-mixers are crazy, the women and the men.

Ive always wondered why would any woman feel complimented when a man says she’s “easy”🤣
DS: cool girl trope?

We preferences just wish these bm would stay out of our faces. Nothing new to learn. We wish they’d leave us alone. I don’t think I’m “easier.” It’s not a compliment

Ole girl had some good points though. My thing is, if you engage romantically with a man that hates the female phenotypical version of himself….what makes you believe he could authentically love you???
DS: a self-loathing man is a bad prospect. We all know race-mixers are the dregs of their own race. Studies prove it too.

@Carol Danvers Bff thats why i don’t trash Kevin Samuels. He is doing a Good Job keeping the dusties away of bw. The more they pursue ww and mixed women then the most secure bw Will be,but they need to protect themselves and be United.
DS: Yeah, non-white women love the pro-race mixing so-called ‘trad’ guys. Told ya so?

I avoid them and ignore them. Any type of friendly gesture they get they assume you want them. When they ask for my number I give it to them sometimes and block them. Or I’ll give them my dads number and a fake name. Its safer then telling them you aren’t interested. They are oblivious to body language, I can give signs that I’m uncomfortable and they still wont leave me alone. I stay in sight of non black male shoppers in case I get harrassed. I know they will step in if needed.
DS: Women don’t flake. They think you’re insane. Entitled or literally insane.
Also why aren’t women nice in public anymore? Being friendly is flipped on us as flirting. You played yourself. It isn’t safe to be nice like in the 1950s, when harassing random women got you beaten up by cops. These men are about as in touch with women as spergs but insist their ‘gurus’ (bachelors themselves) are knowledgeable, without actually asking women what they want. This whole comment section is a huge red pill the so-called redpills will ignore. They cannot handle reality.

This white Dominican girl who I had mutual friends with told me to my face (a black woman), that we don’t know how to treat our men. This was when we we’re about 18/19. Fast forward a couple years later she’s a single mom at 24 years old to twin girls and take a guess their father is a BLACK MAN. I heard her mother cried when she found that out and that he was abusive towards her and even stabbed her new bf who was a Hispanic man in the neck. Ain’t that something 😂

comments end, race-mixers deserve their outcomes because they hate their own kind, let them go (and never return)

Wow, that’s natural selection, innit? The last one.
Narcissists hate being told no, I’ve seen white guys chimp out (narcissistic rage) when I told them no too. Apparently a white girl rejecting a white immigrant guy is also racist? The terms mean nothing anymore. It’s like bitch becoming a compliment.
Sexual attention is not a compliment. Ever. I don’t care who you are, leave us alone in public running errands. Go on a dating app, there is no excuse for stalking and verbally abusing women in public as a cloak of ‘dating’ now. You’re not dating, you’re being a predator. Some of us just wanna go to the Post Office in peace. We have a right to feel safe in the First World and our homelands. Porn isn’t real, most women are not slutty singles in your area. Funny how they also assume lesbians don’t exist. Disinterest is a preference too. You are not entitled to force somebody to ‘like’ you or every gay guy must permit himself to be raped by any woman who fancies him, right? Or straight men could be raped by any hideous SJW swamp creature that wants them. No? Oh, so only your No counts, huh? Wankers. Losers. Omegas can have dignity to bow out gracefully, the gammas are loud and shrill, entitled broflakes. Women are waking up across the world to this bullshit. There is no Sexual AA like pussy UBI, you are not entitled like a snowflake to force a woman to ‘date’ you just because YOU like her. The manosphere/PUAs lied to you.

The world owes you NOTHING.

It owes women NOTHING either. We’re not entitled to Ryan sodding Gosling or whatever, Brad Pitt, whoever.

Lust is not the object’s problem. Deal with your own feels. Stop throwing this on women: black, white, fucking purple and green. Men have a problem and it’s nothing to do with us. Seek therapy. Put down the pornography.

It seems even black women are sick of so-called black (hook-up) culture.
Yeah, marry him before having kids. It isn’t that hard.
To assume all women sleep around is an insult. Just because we’re walking around, minding our own business, doesn’t mean we share the same values whatsoever. In fact, you people disgust us all, it’s one thing we actually have in common. Hollywood has lied. This is not American Pie. You are not the main character. This is silly behaviour from male adults. Retreat to fantasy without predating on any of us.

Wait until they get to the Asian question and look at who’s really taking over multiple countries with colonies (not whites).
Women hate race-mixing, men who do it have no standards. The sexual disgust is getting even higher.

By the time the SJWs study this, it will be too late. Excellent.

Thanks to the internet, the younger gens like Zoomer/Zyklon are taking one year to read up on redpill topics that took us a solid decade PLUS to figure out. I wish these circles existed when I was a teen. I felt like I was the crazy one, since I was surrounded by blatant Marxists being told I was a “fucking Nazi” for not wanting Tyrone or Chang (but no means no?). Now this is the tragically common experience of many girls and amazingly, women are silently revolting. It isn’t the men they needed to worry about, women set the standards culturally. They never studied the backfire effect of telling women they had to fuck fug immigrants like a two bob whore to reduce racism. Women are redpilling faster than men out of pure survival. All women are affected, consciously or not. SJWs invented the simp concept with the derision at gamma larps ‘male feminist’ and ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’. Women will wake up before men do. We write, men screech into a microphone indignantly on a podcast nobody watches. My blog can be searched, so many youtubers are gone now (except, oddly, the pro-race-mixing ones). Who’s really the stupid one here? Who’s really the camwhore? Who’s really writing the narrative of the future?

Calling it: we are witnessing the slow death of hook-up culture.
In this sense, because white women refuse to tolerate being treated like a negress. There’s innate racial pride in any sane woman. Being alone is a good idea for women, by comparison, men cannot handle the lack of female attention. Have you seen some of the insane incel posts? This is what happens to men who actually leave women alone. (Femcels do not exist, those accounts are fake).

Seen above: Men go insane without female attention, trolls just get it by deceit. If you wanna go MGTOW, stop talking about women for ONE MONTH. You bitches cannot do it. Ignore Women May? Ignore Women November? You’ll never actually do it. Just stop nagging and you’ll instantly be more attractive. Stop talking about women 24/7. It’s like inverted simping. The attention actually kills attraction. But it lines the pockets of lazy guys who can’t get a real job.

(It’s projection (and mental) to assume all women are slutty just because you’re horny, women do not have a sex drive when they’re single anyway*).

*cept gold diggers

The preferences are getting tired because they thought in dating a black man it was going to irritate black women. They found out that we don’t care, so it is no longer fun for them. Poor things.

The motive of mudsharks is envy yes, glad somebody called it out. Same with Asians, always trying to make us envious of them as if we started the Opium trade instead of the Jews. There are billions of you, we can get one any time we want. The bobs n vagene group is not hard to seduce. Conclusion: We don’t want you. Adverts are fictional.
The manosphere is selling non-white men ego-masturbating bullshit dressed up as courses.
Zoomers are turning out great, they’re noticing a misogynist who hates his own race – will hate your kids with him. Race-mixers are always trash. It doesn’t matter which direction it is, good on them.

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