Candace Owens: controlled ops

Well, it was obvious given the white fever. So much for loving her race, right?

Before you got into Cohens.

Hilarious black women, despite IQ averages, are figuring this out first. Great Awakening, indeed.

It’s true, they need a slave class. Planned Parenthood wants you barefoot and pregnant at 13, 15 and 17.

The baby cult is the foreskin cutting one.They need r-selection and dysgenics to keep the mystery meat plan going (look to that Gorilla Dick guy’s wife, go look). She doesn’t cite ANY stats or data from people like me because it literally shows the opposite of everything she claims. She’s a joke not because she’s conservative (lol no) but because she’s a race-mixing whore trying to pretend she didn’t marry for money and a whiter baby. Citations, Candace? Any? Later breeding women have better outcomes across the board, as do their children. For thee, not for Candace, really? It’s almost like the K-selection pattern described in Anonymous Conservative’s book is good for every race? Less mental illness in all parties, less divorce, longer lived woman, less chronic disease, more money. There is literally no downside. Yet she gaslights “fellow” women like pariahs* about being ‘sociopaths’, isn’t that sus? Wait, but the Cohen types don’t want that, do they? For anybody.

For ANYBODY but them.

The manosphere want cheap insecure pussy to go feminist half on ‘dates’ with. If women had more standards, especially the cheaper cuts of meat like Candace larping as Ivana Trump, then they’re actually fucked and need a new lifestyle. Such men do feed off the ghetto including the black ‘playas’. The deathstyle comes at the failure of other people, THEIR people (no group loyalty, pure R) including premature breeding and family dysfunction (to make slutty daughters). We have the statistics on this.

It’s controlled ops cuckservatism, typical civnat race-mixing trash.

Lying to women about their ovaries like they melt in nuclear holocaust at thirty is ridiculous incel logic like she doesn’t own a vagina. Americans are worldwide creeps about this. Many of us have seen women carry out perfectly healthy pregnancies into their 40s hitting up against menopause in our own families. You know, like Catholics? They exist, Candace? Do the ovaries pack up and go home at thirty Candace? Healthy pregnancies are the literal, overwhelming majority up until about menopause, or maybe a few years before. Anything to the contrary is genetic dysfunction or venereal disease. That’s a feature, not a bug. It cleanses the species. Why so defiant to this? That’s the problem with basing your pure yidiot bullshit on generalising herpetic American samples to the whole planet, and half the damn species, you look batshit crazy instead. She’ll never admit the real reasons, though. VD and genetic inferiority. Look at the number of mixed women like her who ‘need’ IVF. Isn’t that a failure as a woman, Candace? Should women be blocked lawfully from such things, for the good of the species? Isn’t God trying to block them? These questions are actually conservative and respect the natural order (i.e. GOD) minus naturalistic fallacy. Gaslighting women to panic and settle for a Benji will have the opposite effect, they can google it you know, they can google every fucking thing I said, but she and (((those))) funding her DO need cheap labour.

Intact families are harder to exploit, sexually or financially.


Unless she’s a lying mixing whore. Where would even be the proof for that?




Much to your cope, it never will be. The hamster wheeling from this one is extraordinary.

Instead she’s trying to be a Becky, like the Ting Tongs as well. Everyone wants to be white, as mixers discover when their kids hate them and have continuously proven mental health issues. It’s cruel to make such beings out of fetish or vanity.

*the smug cunts post-nuptials like their pussy is plated in gold now, like Pettiboned
they delay having kids for literally years because they wanted to get marriage, not be married
Just have kids and leave us all alone, please STFU and stay in the kitchen if you really believed that and stop trying to sell us your shitty books of tepid takes. Bloody conservathots, Cappy was right. I’d never go through that bloody indignity. Have some self-respect, just because you’re married doesn’t change your value to society (source: Bible) nor make the attention-whoring any better. If anything it suggests your husband is bad in bed. He cannot keep you in line.
I said narcissists consider marriage a status, didn’t I? Where’s the commitment?
As noted in video in passing, men control proposals, go after THEM Candace. Ah, but she a pick-me. Such desperate women imagine themselves trendsetters and social leaders, like the gamma’s Secret King. Secret KaWeen? Reality? Nobody wants to be miserable like them or she’d be at home happily instead of constantly finding excuses to leave the Benji beta (out of disgust) and ramble on at Boomer conventions. Instead of telling everyone else to have kids and raise them, go home and raise your own! Women see through it! RAISE YO OWN DAM KIDS, HO.
Going after women on marriage is like going after men on periods. Totally delusional.


Women like being left alone, I covered this recently. Women have never liked men in sum or historically most men would’ve bred. It isn’t even a secret among women really. Men often cause more trouble than they’re worth and there’s decades of data to back it up by now, especially with trade-up Boomer marriages killing the so-called sanctity of marriage. Good women, conservative, Christian, abandoned in their later years because hubby had a midlife crisis and wanted a Harley and a waitress wifey. Only to return later once she used him up for coins, feeling entitled to just ‘get back together’ like teen sweethearts, like no adultery or babies were traumatised in the process of leaving. I don’t blame smart women for seeing that and thinking No. Or a selfish psycho won’t let the woman work because he has control issues and dies without a life insurance policy, dooming their seven children to a life of misery. I’ve heard these stories, especially in America. There but for the grace of God go these women. Then there’s Build a Bros who want a struggle bus of bullshit. Women think it’s better to die alone than fuck you dude, take the HINT. You threaten them with a good time? Especially black women re black men. You think she needs a cheat, STDs and unmarried pregnancy? Really?


TLDR: Men wanted to have their cake and eat it and women are eating their own cake. This upsets the entitled men. They thought you’d be lonely and leave your cake. They only ate their cake because they planned they could take yours too, you see. So really, you owe them cake reparations, even though they knowingly chose to be a Boomer about it and eat their own cake. You need to bail them out of their cake fiasco. We have ambassadors like Candace standing by telling you what to do with your pussy shaped cupcake. Because you see, she thinks it’s HER cake too. Even though she gave hers to a white guy. You’re not really hungry, because the entitled ones are in need, since they already spent years eating their own. You owe them yours, racial guilt is very woke. Stay on the plantation and hand it over for nothing, please. You should listen to her or else she might write angry random tweets about crazy women with no citations. Don’t make her do that. Her sponsors might need to get a younger, bouncier Candace. Or maybe an Asian.

Butthurt boys: If you could be replaced by a dog, you should be.

The fewer dog moms breed, the better. I assumed the holiday around it was a 4chan op – alas no.

If dykes can hold the trannies to ransom, the rest of men are rekt. Stay pressed. Men are beggars, women choosers. Only weak men oppose this system, since she’ll never choose you. The reee is these men.
The men wanted a gender war and now they’re pissy they’re losing because men are not responsible for sexual selection. It’s like if women challenged men to a dick measuring contest. We would similarly lose. Hook-up culture is dying with the Boomers, shouldn’t you be happy? Does Candace want her taxes going up to pay for the unwanted babies? Thought not. Cuckservative.

I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘black community’ but slow clap on addressing unmarried pregnancy.
By all means, evade the dusties willing to abandon a family.

if only I had a meme for this

The manosphere:

Women have gone FGTOW, accept it or not. I don’t much care either way.


Same. Ever since I was a little girl I hated playing with toy babies and didnt see the point of having kids. Literally everyone in my family told me I’d “grow out of it” yet my brother was hoeing around ever since I could remember. But for him it was “boys will be boys”, no one ever hounded him to settle down, so why should I?

Free Pussy or Family. Pick ONE.
You wanted Boomer degeneracy, so now you get Boomer family package.


I’m NOT against marriage and having children but « unmarried and childless women are the happiest subgroup in the population. And they are more likely to live longer than their married and child-rearing peers, according to a leading expert in happiness. »

How dare you bring statistics against poor Candace and her multi-millionaire white husband.
How DARE you.


Literally, had a conversation with a guy about how I don’t want children and he spoke for almost 30 minutes trying to convince me to have a kid. “I would never have a kid on this earth that have to live in a community like blackistan” I said. And then he said “then what am I good for then” and I said to tell more women and girls to struggle alone than with children that hate living in a world you brought them in. He was shocked 😯

They see it.

reply I had a ex’s tell me wished they got me pregnant…… 🤯 I was like… what? Why? Men like to control/keep tabs on the one that got away! No children for me

That’s reproductive abuse. It’s a category of rape? Not the same as violent rape but still illegal.

Their women are too smart for them, this will be hilarious.
Next I predict the Asian waifu backlash as strong, independent shit.


She can’t be out here telling us to stay in the kitchen when she has a talk show, writes books, and is always touring. She even married a rich man that could allow her to be a stay at home mom and she’s still trying to advance her career. She even wants to run for president.

That would be hilarious.

comment, knowing the Clarey way

Most of these people I see out here with kids are miserable and broke.

comment, being logical

It always surprises me when a woman tries to tell other women what to do w/their bodies b/c they know how invasive and offensive it can be. Other women know how heavy the investment is to have kids. Men, on the other hand, are tripping. The day a man tells me what do with my uterus is the day that I can force a man to get a vasectomy. If one can chose to vaccinate, then one can chose to procreate.

It makes more sense to offer men free snips at 18 but hey ho.

These little Hitler freaks ‘be acting’ like their husband. Nobody wants to be married to them.

reality is sinking in, comment

I don’t know about that. Some times getting married and having kids makes you bitter.

reply Of course. There are entire online communities like r/breakingmom, r/oneanddone, r/regretfulparents on Reddit. Those women opened my eyes.
reply and scary mommy
reply I know many women like that, the children and the marriage cause them to get bitter and depressed.

We all do. It’s like seeing them die inside and losing soldiers in battle, one by one they gaslight each other into it (if you hear ‘our kids can playdate’ – RUN!**). Having kids is like crabs in a bucket for the MumsNet types. They’re cuckoo. Nationally famed fucking cuckoo.

**they want a free sitter, forever
totally unpaid, r/entitledparents style

comment Misery loves company most of these mothers had babies with the wrong men Plus when they weren’t financially ready

reply My good friend’s husband has told me multiple times that he realizes now that people pressured him and his wife to have kids because they envied their freedom that they had when they were childless.

You can’t remake a pro-natal culture wholesale. It died. Shaming random women won’t bring it back. It’s made by men marrying?

What the manosphere will never tell you.

This is all Boomer anti-natalism wanting fresh meat every few years.

Almost like it’s all a bratty manchild cope, to shift the blame onto women wholesale.
It couldn’t be that, biologically, men are ALSO responsible for the birth rate?

comment Conservatives like to say having children is a doing God’s work meanwhile there is a long list of Catholic saints who chose not to be parents to dedicate their lives to god, also known as a career and lived long and peaceful lives. But Catholics and Christians will never bring that up.

Jesus had zero children. Was he a bad Christian? Weird that a religion about a virgin is obsessed with babies, AMERICA. Will End Times kill them all, yes or no? Did you even read the bloody book?

This Darwinism is funny from people pushing race-mixing, when Darwin openly spoke against it (making mongrels).

If motherhood is the most fulfilling act a woman can do, then why is SHE working and away from HER child? She can’t blame lack of resources since she hypergamously married into a wealthy family. Why hasn’t she gone away to simply be a loving wife and mother? Her hypocrisy is astounding.

She hates them. Duh. You don’t avoid kids and husband you LIKE.

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