Greece is waking up to the threat

Do it in another country. You can still do it elsewhere and import it.

Multiculturalism tells you baby mutilation (either sex) is fine. No, it isn’t. People have every right to impose ethical standards and if you do not like it, you can leave! They do not want you to colonise them.

The hygiene thing is a myth, I posted a video of a halal butcher where he tapped a carcass and a rat ran out.

It should be banned here too, it’s needlessly cruel.

Those religions enjoy the sadism aspect. It’s practice.

They also tell you it’s Biblical, note their taqiyya. The lies. The Bible says, from the time of Jesus, that Christians don’t need to slaughter animals to God anymore SINCE he died for their sins. Any further sacrifice is NOT to the Biblical God, so which God is it for?

If you don’t like it, go to Israel. We only permitted it to exist so you wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

“neglecting religious groups”

if you don’t like the country, leave!

you are not entitled to change their culture

it’s their country, not yours

Poland has done this before England, smh.

won’t let them torture animals > anti-Semitism

well maybe we don’t want animal abusers claiming it’s their religion?


note the comments

This lost world doesn’t care about people. Haven’t you noticed that animals are more important than humans. Abortion is okay but let’s save all the animals? What’s good is bad and what’s bad is good now. It’s all backwards.

Er, we’re increasingly legislating against abortion terms because of survival rates of younger babies given new technologies?
So it’s okay to kill a baby, ACCORDING TO THEM, so it’s ok to torture animals?

Do these people belong in your country?

What about animals that are hunted, they are not injected before they are shot and killed. The animals rights are not considered, when hunters are shooting and killing them.

Do the hunters torture them? That’s already illegal. It can take dozens of ‘passes’ with a blade to kill a cow the Kosher/Halal way. It is objectively cruel and I’ve linked vet studies before about this.

It is evil.

It is a myth that it’s clean/fast/painless. They enjoy the pain.

Animals flailing about terrified, drowning and choking in their own blood while the cult-like music blares over their screams. We have UK video about this heinous crime. It was in our papers. If Christians were told by God to do this, I wouldn’t be Christian. It’s pure evil.

Anyone who sees these poor creatures being tormented in their last moments knows what these people truly are.

And they practice decapitations for terror attacks. It is known.

No halal and kosher… but they will freely dish out swine, prawn (roaches), crabs (spiders) and the other insects of the sea.

You could always fucking leave.

Let them continue to try put our back against the wall…

when it isn’t raping your own kids sure

Satan is about to go down…

You’re serving him.

Jesus said his death would be the final sacrifice. You’re not serving the God who made him and brought him back. You serve his Enemy, who feeds on pain and death and torment. Animal torture has always been illegal among white people.

You wanted to be us – good luck. Your head’s not covered.

The delusion. Middle East didn’t always oppress its women. If it were about modesty, men would compete to do it too, moreso.
Nobody wants to be them. You’re miserable, angry at white people (nobody asked you to be here?) and we see constant newspaper stories about how your husbands rape his own teen daughter because you got too ‘old’ at 30.

Your rights do NOT include harming another creature, human or animal. They never have. Torture is ILLEGAL. Nobody is oppressing you.

As ‘refugees’ they literally don’t have a permanent legal right to even be here. Refugees are temporary, they could all be deported instantly.

I wrote to Trump about the evils of Kosher/Halal ‘slaughter’ and linked vet studies on the cruelty, to the White House some time ago. People in this country would like to buy American meats but they aren’t labelled for being religious slaughter (so you cannot find them here) and customers should have a legal right to avoid them (including atheists). There is trading deceit and it suppresses their profits, actually. People are unsure so they just avoid them altogether. A businessman should understand and at least CORRECTLY LABEL the products. At least if you don’t ban it to follow the torture science, then label it on the front very large and obviously so people can decide. Power to the People, right? But Trump cucked. Considering he’s cowed by his SIL I doubt he’ll move a finger once he’s back. Weak men, weak country. Let’s see how Russia does this. The Boomers are oddly silent.

The consent to purchase such things is not fully informed, therefore it’s an oversight and has been illegally labelled/produced for some time!

These countries like Greece are USING vet studies but ah…. the eternal liars never mention that!

This wasn’t out of the blue, this is cutting edge science.

They never quote the actual governments like Poland, do they? It’s SCIENCE. That’s why.

Religious practice is a choice. Just stop eating meat if it ‘offends you’, snowflake.

Civilization is not oppression.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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