White fever cosmetic procedures

But we’re supposed to believe white women aren’t the standard. Sure, Jan.

Shaving down the bones in your face is totally normal. Looking for a pointier profile and narrower rounder face with a bigger chin isn’t racially specific, is it? Neither is the skin bleaching, huh?

They naturally have a flatter face, no projection and a recessed, mouth-breather jaw and chin.

From the front, the face is wider and the jaw squared, the chin too small for the overall face size. Europeans have a natural V-line, especially Eastern or Norther Europeans, whom they seek to emulate.
The Asian brows are also flatter (and straight, a high T feature), the nostrils wider like Africans are and the lower lip much bigger, again like Africans. Unsurprising considering their shared mtDNA. They’re getting these procedures to look less black, more white. They are the least neotonous race, Africans have larger, rounded eyes than Asians and larger foreheads. As a result, Asians do not age well and ‘need’ procedures to pass among other races.

Asian jowls are common, even in teens and this is seldom mentioned by people. There are also marionette lines, which in white people are only common aged 50-70s, but Asians can develop them in the late teens to 20s. Watch some youtubers if you don’t believe me e.g. Chase Amie. It’s common to tell an Asian or half-Asian is in their 30s by the deep set nasolabial lines that in whites only occur in smokers. This is why no Asian model has a very long career, the marionette lines mean they’re pretty much done by thirty. They avoid widely smiling to delay their onset, throwing up that peace sign and smiling with their eyes instead. They cannot get fillers there so the top of the face looks young but the lower third looks ancient. Especially by white standards.

The dislikes are from the Asians telling the dipshit Beckies their aging was ‘natural’. They don’t want the chinky secrets getting out. Genes don’t suddenly change your jawline!

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