Baby bodies stacking up

Do the GPs feel responsible? No. And they made a tenner for each life. That’s the price. All you/r family are worth.
Do the hospitals feel responsible? No. They were following orders. That’s more important than the sanctity of human life and genome (check the dead baby’s genomes – they won’t).
Do the unqualified volunteers feel responsible? No. They were being a virtuous person by experimenting on human beings. Aktion T4 all over again. For their own good.
Do the parents feel responsible? No. They don’t even know the name Molech. But he knows them.

But God feels they’re all responsible for the baby blood on their hands.

We’re soon approaching millstone time.

But apparently my posting about the fertility issues is a ‘conspiracy’. Really? Care to sequence their genomes?
Except they can be proven true, can’t they? If you actually obtain the data.

You could just test the placenta. Do you find spikes?

Plot twist: I warned you they’re stealing organs.
Organs must be taken when ‘viable’ i.e. when the person is pronounced dead but the organs i.e. They, are still alive. THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Keeping them on a ventilator would keep them alive enough to remove most of them, but unable to voice a No or a scream and the newspapers are REFUSING to report how many ‘dead’ people have had organs taken. You’re never supposed to ask. I’ve posted about this years ago, in addition to predicting the DNA companies selling your data for bioweapons development (DNA aimed diseases*) because it was in their T&Cs.
UK recently had an opt-out system for organ donation, whatever that means, it is NO coincidence.
They’re doing this to steal organs.

Legally, corpses are free. This must be changed, especially for Christianity.
I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re selling some overseas, like China. Lots of rich old Commies. Their own camps for Christians weren’t yielding enough.
Pfizer has something like 60+ Chicoms ‘spying’ on them and killing white babies, currently estimated but Vox thinks they’re our greatest allies. *Who do you think wants to buy white DNA data for bioweapons?

I swear under those masks they used the NPC face.

Conspiracy must be redefined as next year’s history.

Personally, I’ve refused to go to work events because this month they insisted on the Nazi pass. I just refuse. I refuse to obey this farce, that’s what the nice little obedient Germans did. We fought a war to swerve this shit, two. I’m far from alone. Apparently they’ve had trouble signing people up to go, and this was London. Plural events, big ones. Very important to the economy. They’ve been springing it on people AFTER they’ve signed up to go, to try and coerce them. You need to sign up to give the government your details, SURPRISE! Nothing is worth it. I might attend something reasonable but generally, broadly speaking, all the Atlas people are shrugging and saying fuck it, I strike. They’re just meeting privately. The event people are bricking it. There are going to be many unused places. They won’t publicly comment on such vacancies, there will be so many.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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