Video: Bank of England as a pillar of the Communist manifesto

I hereby stamp this as BASED.

You can’t have bread and circuses to turn people degenerate if you bill them fully up front.

You cannot have a Ponzi like retirement without earning it (thou shalt not steal) unless you can bill their unborn children.*

Molech takes a personal interest in finance because it kills babies too. Blood for the blood god.
Even chemical abortifacients like the Pill are Satanic. Even ‘Catholics’ take those.

*If you speak to Marxist Boomers who “fucking love” immigration, they only do so because they fully expect it to buy their retirement. 1. That’s slavery. Living off another’s labour. 2. it isn’t principled unless you count avarice and venality as principles.
This is also the reason many gave for aborting their children, because immigration would ‘pick up the slack’ – I have heard this, in person. They had zero shame. Shameless and oddly proud, like it was common sense. That is the face of evil.

“I can sacrifice my kids to Molech so the few stragglers can be raped by invaders I invited who agreed to bribe me into silence”. – the reprobate mind, literally

People think Marxist Finance and Satanism are separate entities.
The degeneracy is impossible without funny money funding. Think about it.

I would also like to point out many modern people do not have sex. Sex is babymaking, biologically. We are told to accept inferior forms that ‘identify’ as sex, including ‘oral’, which in WW2 was purely the domain of brothels. Now it is taught to schoolchildren.
A man buggering a man is not having sex. Sexual intercourse may result in reproduction. The Marxists have eroded the sanctity of the term. A sterile Boomer couple ‘swinging’ at an orgy are not having sex. A man with a vasectomy is not having sex, especially as the ancients recognised it, in terms of the man’s virility.A man was only considered to REALLY be HAVING sex if the woman got pregnant. A couple on contraception is mutually masturbating with one another, if there is zero ‘risk’ of pregnancy (treating it like a disease to be eradicated, over a Christian blessing of God). People are fucking each other like toys (called ‘fuck puppets’), which has all the downsides medically, financially and spiritually, but they sneer at actual plastic because that seems embarrassing and hollow. Well…… yeah. But it’s objectively better than what they’re doing, pretending to be in love when it’s all lust and mind games. They don’t deserve to be happy. They objectify one another like objects of pleasure. The asses of Pleasure Island. The paedophiles have pushed this pleasure and ‘harmless exercise‘ concept because it normalises paedophilia, since children cannot reproduce. Agreeing with the insane Marxist genderless concept of childless fucking is enabling it.

Why has nobody pointed this out?

“I had sex” – NOPE LOL

They have nothing to brag about. They’re wankers with one another’s bodies.
They admit this, if you point it out. But the term babymaking angers them because they envy breeders. A glory hole isn’t sex, either. Again, it’s mutual masturbation.This is entirely self-evident once pointed out. It’s a Marxist category error to normalise non-heteros. Intercourse is hetero. By definition. Tab A, slot B.

Sexual intercourse is an exclusive term that refers to ANY possibility of reproduction above 0%.

An act of 0% probability is not actually sex. Like a teenage boy wanking. Conception = Sex.

They are wankers, the slang for bankers.

They deserve what they get. The wages of sin is death. The Boomers are fast learning this. You vote for Marxism all your life, eventually you pay a higher price.

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