No opinion, no platform

Google have successfully killed Youtube.

The whole point was feedback, otherwise it’s TV.

It’s going to just be TV. And die like TV too. The Deep State will tank the company rather than permit wrongthink.

Comments have been deleted by bots as people have typed them, now this.

It’s the dislikes on the ‘vaccines’ and ‘domestic pass’ surveillance shit, so they have to conceal that by pretending it’s everything.

They want to hide from the People how powerful they really are.

They want people hopeless, despairing and caving to their system of control.

Excepting anti-trust action and correction of bullshit like this, Youtube is dead and good riddance.

Safe spaces aren’t for the internet. Pretty sure this violates an amendment.

We need a browser add-on that allows people to vote on a page, that would be funny. Something with no log-in.

(I wouldn’t care if people downvoted me, by the way).


That would be funny if everyone just started commenting “dislike” on a video to take the place of the dislike button…


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