They’re trying to subvert our history on witches

Why claim it describes you when literally nobody was claiming that? See, if anyone else made that video about a ‘costume’, they’d be so cancelled they’d never be employable again. But it’s okay when they cover forbidden topics, since it twists them? Huge dislike count. People see through this shit generally. Let people wear the black costume, next you’ll be claiming it’s racist because every fucking thing about Europe is secretly about you, isn’t it? Obvious NPD case, no sense of self so it leaks onto other people. Everything must be about the Cluster B in some way, shape or form. You can’t just like something, it must be a coded secret message about them. Thank baby Jesus it’s not spawning. Pretty much the only hot Jewess is Eva Green and I’m happy to be proven wrong on that count. I think the Swede genes save it.
The Romans also had hook noses, nobody cares. Is it perhaps paranoia that people might connect the dots on your actions? Nothing I do could be more persuasive than this shit, just look at the glory of it:

I love how she tries to make her nose look huge but the prosthetic doesn’t fit right because it already is. They honestly don’t know how ugly they are, this is true of most ugly women in my experience. Why does she dye her hair red, when that’s a racial feature she has no right to? Goes both ways, bitch. She’s uglier in the photo on the right and I love every second of the irony.

Old women have drooping noses, not everything is about you. If you really wanna discuss the history of cannibalism, do that instead. Stop trying to whitewash child snatching as something nice.

Oh they’re not trying to brainwash kids at all, right, controlled ops? Halloween costumes are such an adult topic.
Continue to pretend this section of the internet isn’t rising to indoctrinate home-schooled kids into tumblr Marxism. Banner was the smiley, fake nice thin end of this wedge. This shit is exactly why they’re hiding the dislike stats soon. Echo chamber, literally. Thought Policing the comments means that any minors watching will be none the wiser about the inaccuracy of the clearly biased ‘content’.
Blood libel isn’t a myth. There’s actually a really long history proving it, if you only look. Instead of discussing that and saying who it really was instead of the Jews, this implies it was indeed the Jews. If you have nobody else to blame for those real events, when Jews happened to be the only common denominator in every case. Congratulations, you’re so inbred stupid you’ve told people the exact terms to figure you out because people who love history also love to do further reading. And what do you imagine they’ll find? You lied. This is like when Hillary Clinton used the term white genocide. You’ve exposed yourself more than a vag pic. The Cluster B is their own worst enemy and everything in all of human history is somehow about them. Nobody is beyond their crazy reach. What Napoleon wore on his deathbed? Somehow a coded message about hating the Jews. What Churchill ate for breakfast? Jews! Nobody is as obsessed with Jewishness and Jewish conspiracies as much as the Jews themselves, they go out of their way to randomly bring it up like this whenever things go quiet in case you forget their perpetual sense of victimhood, to the extent it looks like a massive arse-covering. Because we all know there’s never been any child abuse among the Jews, that’s not in the papers at all. Nothing makes a person switch off faster than saying “As a MEMBER of this OPPRESSED RICH GROUP RULING OVER YOU, I OBJECT to a CHILD’S COSTUME!” Sorry, literally how? Does cannibal cunt describe you? I love how she Jews her patreon segregation, like Banner. Let’s all pay for the pleasure of their company, like the whores they are. Rich kids asking for working class shekels. Gotta love the conceit of that. The racial personality really shines through, you embrace your inner Shylock while claiming the stereotypes are wrong, you mental midget.

Banner is smart enough to keep her mouth mostly shut on the “Wicca” front. Since she wants to be allowed near children to corrupt them and everyone knows the Wiccans are mostly pedophiles here or just very very creepy mostly. Like, walking about nude next to their kid in public weird. I’m sure you know the Satanic involvement in the 20th century invention of ‘Wicca’, which is Satanism for idiots. Crowley used it to obtain rape victims. The fact they aimed it at women is telling, the fact it’s been successful is depressing. I have a few Wicca books but it was mostly to read from the horse’s mouth the bullshit. It’s like red = fire levels of retardation. Non-Satan witchcraft is completely different to this.

Shakespeare would be cancelled. Remember that. The people who were censored in those comments for the telling the truth? This is why Hollywood films are shit now. If they’re wrong permit us to laugh at the comments. Unless they’re spouting proven historical fact and you’re a filthy liar, which just proves the stereotypes for lies and censorship even more!

Up until recent times, Jews have murdered people in ritualistic styles like most recently that nutjob comic book artist. Blood libel isn’t libel at all, since it isn’t false: it has case numbers attached in the modern era. Suck it. Jack the Ripper even wrote about Jews and there’s oddly no modern refutation of him being One of You. Implying you know. Implying he’s like you. Presently, some of you at least. Are there good Jews? Well they’re whistleblowing about the child abuse and the rest are trying to ruin them for it, which suggests a vast termite mound of child predators, doesn’t it? Looks like a cult, is a cult. Punishes confessions of truth to outsiders like a cult. Crabs in a bucket cult.
Just claiming something is a myth doesn’t debunk it. Unless you’re actually from tumblr.
Like, all of history is right there. How else do you account for the repeated expulsions? Fucking coincidence? They didn’t like their napkin place settings? What?
Did the kidnappings just not happen? This Gentile gaslighting will continue until people oppose it. Like the Shoah memorial in London. They will never stop. You cannot appease cluster Bs enough. They don’t move to Saudi Arabia and try to pull this shit, it’s just more ritualistic white-bashing, loudly proclaiming they don’t fit in and have never fitted in (to qualify as our history’s monsters) and even the most normie wankers are noticing now, it’s great. I wonder if Jews have an outsized risk of personality disorder. This one could be histrionic, similar. It seems so. The inbreeding would do that. Did no babies go missing? Is that what we’re gonna pretend? Do Satanic documents not list babies as integral? Are there zero ancient cults that literally murdered babies for ‘worship’?
Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

you protest too much

They draw attention to the monster and tell you it isn’t there.

1 in 157 people who saw this, took the time to dislike this. That’s a huge ratio of people waking up. By all means, keep telling us how multiculturalism has always been bad. I’m sure this is the one time expulsions are not humanly possible for you. Keep wondering why it happens, I’ll grab a drink.

She didn’t even mention the warts are meant to be herpes from circumcising babies. I guess that’s too on the nose.

It’s especially funny that rich Jews are trying to dress like the old Christians that expelled them. They either go designer label modern rich or really old hating them rich. Wear your own history, bitch. Complete with full face coverings, you fucking need it. She is definitely one you’d need to fuck through a hole in a bed sheet.


I had to edit to add this. It’s too poignant.

I love how the main thrust of their argument is that grooming kids on other sex is OK. No, it’s not. Stop all of it. Bring in child innocence laws and enforce them.

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