Oz is disappearing its citizens

like the CCP before it. Tell me, who is running Australia?
They’re never going to say it’s for death camps, are they?
But if you’re trafficking people, hunting them down and falsely imprisoning them for existing healthily, then they never come back because the State won’t let them live freely…. is that not genocide?

In this country we enshrined the right to a trial by law so Australia is treating these people like criminals but refusing to admit it’s law enforcement because there is no law permitting this. This is tyranny.

“With military reinforcement” the military are not patriots, they are cronies for the State who pretends to pay them in fiat

Do the camps or ‘mega prisons’ exist? Yes.

This is evil and people are permitting it. Australia never stopped being a penal colony, the genes of the jailers still exist there. The Trump stuff needs to hurry up, assuming they care about non-America.

Kidnapping healthy human beings ‘for their own safety’ – evil. This is how the Mark of the Beast is coerced, by terrorism, this is State endorsed terrorism of the citizenry.

Freedom isn’t a kind of disease, you only quarantine diseased people, logically. Human beings are not a disease.

Australia is the test model used by Cabal for America and Europe. Everyone should be discussing this.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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