predictive programming lol

A lighthearted prod.

The system of control has been seeded in predictive programming for a while, most recently:

Right there, they’re telling you it’s mark of the Beast. Legion, Borg, whatever you wish to call it.
And biodata will be included, that means brain waves. Sound familiar?

The club where this plays is called Afterlife, isn’t it? More music here:

I am the man who holds the keys [DS: Prince of this realm]

I sow the seeds, and I’ve got what you need [DS: Promethean fire]

I live in fire, [DS: Must I point out only one guy lives in Hell?]

I am discord [DS: serpent tongue]

I destroy, I am a demon [DS: Prince of Demons]

Weight of the world, the price of a fighter [DS: army of Hell, as per Rev.]

Where I decide you’ll make your stand {DS; pride]

Rise of resist and disorder [DS: big on rebellion]

Rise of resist and disorder

Nowhere to run, it’s all undone [DS: God’s creation]

Everything burns, everything burns [DS: All of Revelations, all of it. Including when the Mark burns.]

I’ll watch you fall down, I’ll drag you face down [DS: hates man, tempts man]

Everything burns, everything burns 

Behind the veil is the machine [DS: The Mark]

It steals your soul, devouring all your dreams [DS: who doesn’t dream of Heaven?]

My hand is firm upon the wheel [DS: permitted to plot]

I control, I am the demon [DS: perversion of I AM, Original God Complex]

Hate for the world the birth of a soldier [DS: He was also a musician, people forget that]

When I decide if you live or die [DS: he hates his own and picks them off for fun]

Rise of resist and disorder

Rise of resist and disorder 

Nowhere to run, it’s all undone [DS: all human potential and goodness, envy of man]

Everything burns, everything burns

I’ll watch you fall down, I’ll drag you face down

Everything burns, everything burns 

Nowhere to run, it’s all undone

Everything burns, everything burns

I’ll watch you fall down, I’ll drag you face down

Everything burns, everything burns

Nowhere to run, it’s all undone

Everything burns, everything burns

I’ll watch you fall down, I’ll drag you face down

Everything burns, everything burns

I’m pretty sure Elon Musk and Neuralink are based off of Doctor X. Well, what they didn’t steal from actual researchers, at least. Doesn’t he have kids? Wouldn’t he have seen this, when it aired? Is this where he gets some of his ideas? “His” ideas?
I found a clip to prove this assertion.
Turns out, all Dr X needed was an expensive PR team and an army of reddit bots.

The sidekick even looks like Grimes.
What a time to be alive.
Honka honka.

Look at the (weeb’s) wives. + I was right, in news items

I called it so many times, I don’t know what else to write at this point. This is why inter-marrying should be and used to be very, very illegal. It’s like free real estate for Marxist money printers and honeypots.
I am Nostradamus with a vagina, apparently. I am so, so sick of being right. I just happen to have sources from multiple circles who tell me enough pieces of info to piece together. Plus a High IQ but…. well, duh.

At this point, how many of my predictions haven’t come true (yet)? Must be less than six, out of hundreds.

It’s also in the Daily Mail. They have not pushed it, they have suppressed it.

CCP spies all over the place. Not always Chinese.
Honeypots, also thrown at celebrities abroad to ‘own’ them with blackmail material.
I have been calling this for literally years.

Hunt always had cuckface, like most of these losers. I suspect partial pedoface but only boys, it’s the lip’s inability to smile and the dead eyes (see pic). A long philtrum and close-together eyes is a sign of pedophilia in men, especially the sadists.

Note the possessive, femdom ‘handler hand’. She is also standing, leaning and holding him down, common to race-cuck marriages.
Remote control in the background is taking the piss.

Who’d be jealous of a dog like that, seriously?? But that’s literally the only line of rhetoric they have, she has a bigger jaw than he does (see pic). Contrary to what angry flaccid American neckbeards think, non-obese does not equal hot. Not at all. Especially when it has Dumbo ears, slitty high T eyes, no forehead/twohead (mental midget) and the flats of Africa nose of the cliche Mongoloid.

Seriously, she’s like a 2 in unedited pics. They don’t send the hot ones, those would be suspicious.
I suspect many of them are trannies with adopted or IVF surrogate babies. It’s the lawyercunt eyes and boat jaw combo. Doubt fertility.

“The programme has been praised in Beijing for its viewing figures while its reports on the pandemic have been credited with ‘playing a unique role in communicating the Chinese narration of the epidemic to the world’.”

The facts always run contrary to Vox’s Based Asian bullshit.
Get off the Chicom cock, please. They vote Left*. No cuckservatism here, weeaboo. The full bioweapon story will make him look really, really stupid, if not traitorous to American lives. But China is playing 500D Nationalist chess? That is in no way a good thing for whites.

*The ‘Left’ Marxists call them Model Minority, that should be a red flag. Like China.

“‘It’s about embedding content from Chinese state media or made in collaboration with Chinese state media that local audiences are already watching,’ she said.”

They’re literally buying our schools. This is invasion on every possible front.
Even Hitler didn’t have the balls to try and buy our schools.

“He met Ms Guo in 2008 when she was recruiting Chinese students for Warwick University.”

It should be whites only, and they shouldn’t permit foreign students either. If you want better schools, build them yourself (if your IQ tests aren’t fake – and gay) rather than Trojan Horse-ing ours. This is entryism and nobody on the controlled ops right dare say it. Who do you think is paying the SJWs, including Anti-fa? Who wants to destabilise America and get to their kids for Communism?
If white students were wondering why Uni is so expensive and impossible to get a place – it’s your race. In your homeland. America knows they’re stealing national security info from various departments.

Note: they always change their first name to something white-sounding. This is a spy tell.

Part of infiltration. Should be illegal but, hey.
God forbid white men grow some stones. Lucia is a feminine form of Lucifer, btw.

There’s a reason SJWs fear to speak my name. I know them. I conquer. And I’m bloody right.

In other news, h/t Anonymous Conservative:
Storm’s comin.
“It couldn’t happen here” – idiots.

More cases in UK compared to pre-ModRNA

Menstrual issues post-clot shot
Spike detox? Doesn’t work like that.
However, I would suggest potassium mega doses, since that’s heart-protective. Lots of people been craving ‘nanas.

“US tracks stolen funds converted into Bitcoin, identifies the wallet, procures the “private key,” and seizes the bitcoins. I really don’t understand the mechanisms of crypto, which I know is unacceptable and I am working on it. But if the US can identify a wallet, and then obtain a private key on their own, doesn’t that mean they can seize any bitcoin anywhere, if they set their sites on it? Personally, I have always felt neighborhood observation posts were told to monitor neighborhood internet activity for any crypto activity, and get all the info to track and take the funds through classic surveillance and tech-monitoring techniques, and put that in everyone’s files. So IMO, no crypto is safe, secure, or anonymous. My own feel is the elites will set up a way to short crypto as it peaks, and then reveal how controlled it is and cause a crash, which will make them even more money than they have made off the rise of it.”
Yes, 10/10. Digital tulip NFTs. All have a backdoor. Human error a data entry ‘problem’.
Aren’t there Crypto ETFs (see below, yes)? And Digital Birkin bags. It’s a joke. Whore of Babylon Beyonce was talking about this FFS, NFTs I mean.
How does crypto work?
It doesn’t, it’s shitcoin. Rothschild owned. I had an opportunity to ‘invest’ very, very, very early and looked into the security before the propaganda fired up. If MSM is pushing it, it’s dead. EMP would make it useless anyway and any border control WOULD confiscate it, throwing you into a camp until you talk, tortured or not. It’s stupid to brag that the key is in your head. Same applies to a safe – then you lose fingernails. Spent electricity is not valuable, it’s a waste. The technology is not unique. Anyone can make a crypto, rendering it useless.

They’ve been awarding softcore for years, even in kid’s films.

“The Army is looking for internment/resettlement specialists. That is either very, very good, or very, very bad.”
Is the Muslim lesbian President?
Seeing is not believing.
I warned about this.

ModRNA > dead babies
Oh look, correct again!

NZ goes full Aktion T4
so fatal they have to kill them
no depopulation nooooo

High BP, sign of the conditions I mentioned in my micro-clots post

Norway: 98% Omicron fully modded
nothing to see here

That isn’t the Baphomet hand gesture, that’s the Freemason hand gesture, who also worship Baphomet.
Important difference. Proof:

Frank’s Preservation sign of Freemasonry

There are others:

It’s the Please Don’t Kill Me, Cabal sign.


Mentioned: the Hell Fire Club, previously covered. I’ve been there.

“It is made to remind the person giving it of his oath taken, that if he discloses the secrets of the Order or gives aid and comfort to its enemies, he should have the right breast torn open and the heart torn out. In sum, this is a ghastly sign warning of death to he who dares betray the Order of the Illuminati.”

It’s a tourist attraction, many have. Satanist Mecca.

Weird the things one grows up seeing and assumes have an innocent meaning, like a song one hears later. Transpires? Not innocent at all. I have several items and know many hand gestures I still don’t know the meaning of.

Theosophy was that Russian woman’s plagiarism job, often seen visiting the NY Library to rip off better writers.
“worldwide community, aim is Universal Brotherhood”
yep the manosphere is gender-swapped theosophy, take a cookie

The Theosophical Society is a worldwide community whose primary Object is the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction, based on the realisation that life and all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisibly One

Founded in 1875, the Society draws together those of goodwill whatever their religious affiliation (if any), social status, gender or ethnicity.  The Society promotes such understanding through the study and practical application of the Ageless Wisdom of Theosophy.”

Gee, I guess pushing mixing was their own idea?!

The manosphere is also pushing Manly P Hall’s work, blatant Satanist.
Which I covered ages ago. By their fruits.
Some of this New Age ‘living consciously’ shit has been manosphere for years now.

The pro-Buddhism push is Theosophy too, it denies God.

Global investors, = China
White genocide in real time. They’re doing it in white countries to reduce white family formation. The need to pay rent will make us serfs to Chinese people and their CCP banked loans.

See (d)

Make it illegal for companies and banks to own family dwellings. It’s monopoly.

Anything foreclosed must immediately be sold at actual market value, no auction tampering BS.

Best President ever:

Comic: Female-aimed pederasty advocates be like

Literally the current year.
Does this ultimately matter if their name is Abraham, Mo or Jimmy?

You lot often miss the forest for the trees.

Like the gay acceptance shit, they always lead with the blue-eyed white guy.
Statistically, this is false. But white skin and blue eyes invoke trust. They know this. Kinsey did many studies as part of this body of work. He forged what he couldn’t find.

Reproduce freely, and fruitfully, with adults only.

The early menarche is caused by GMO carb crap food, btw.

Historically white girl menarche was 18, so if we followed that logic, my assertion still applies.
If we ban the shit frankenfood as unfit for human consumption, since it is. And make child abandonment/deadbeating illegal, that also pushes it earlier. And ends the ghetto, in one fell swoop. But no cuckservatives will ever, ever, ever do it. Make r difficult, if not illegal.
I’ve posted about menarche previously on several occasions, medically.

23 million refused the pandemic modRNA psyop


“As we can see from the above according to the UK Health Security Agency report, 32.4 million people have had a single dose, 29.7 million people have had a second dose, and 15 million people have had a third dose as of December 12th 2021. This means there are 23.5 million people who have refused to partake in the largest real-world experiment ever conducted, not just 5 million that has been claimed for months.”

As Vox calculates, that’s 42% of the population, hopefully younger, whiter and more Christian and nubile.



I said a while back if I were Q, not that I am, but if I were, then I’d do a lot of this stuff over the Christmas period. For strategic, safety reasons. White people mostly inside, unlikely to fall for riot bait. They already bought in a lot of food for the winter. Fat n happy. Not watching much TV. Shops largely shut up. Tourist areas empty. It’s ideal, really.
I failed to specify a year for this Christmas period.
Don’t go to outdoor gatherings for Crimbo this year. There will be blood and I’d rather it be Marxist.

As I’ve been saying and Vox is too:

“In other words, the pureblood percentage of the UK population is 42 percent, not 8.9 percent. The same is almost certainly true in every other Western country where the vaccines are being relentlessly pushed, such as the USA. Which, of course, is why they are doubling down on the media and corporate pressure to get vaccinated, which wouldn’t make any sense if herd immunity percentages had already been reached.”

So either he reads me or thinks like me.

“The linked article doesn’t quite reach the correct conclusions, however. Counting second and third shots as first shots means that a) the number of vaccinated people are overestimated, but b) the number of completely unvaccinated people is underestimated.”

I have also pointed this out, for oh, a year or so.
The lies are on both sides, you cannot trust any of their uptake data.
It’s propaganda, it’s pushing you to do something.

He’s also commenting on the China-Russia financial merge alt to SWIFT that I remarked on back in 2014 or so….
I believe my link was a businessinsider post. It was the best part of a decade ago, you go find it.
Read through my catalogue Vox, you might understand the economy better. I’ve tagged everything.
I also talked about overleveraged Silicon Valley, that’s ripe for mockery.

Currently I’m busy saving the world.

Pic is unrelated:

False imprisonment, human rights violation and death-care pathways in America

That’s what we call them here and they still happen, even to children and babies.
State sponsored murder. Welcome to socialist healthcare.

In the UK, the SS (Social Services, SJWs) are paid per child they lie about and kidnap from their parents.
Legally, they can medically experiment on these children.
Nobody is talking about this.
It’s Goebbels tier evil. Nazi type experimentation on minors, who obviously cannot consent. Anything Big Pharma pays them for.
In the past I’ve linked videos to them taking, among others, a 15yo white boy, almost old enough to join the military.
This is genocide.

The hospitals work with them to falsify data.
The hospital murders, like the Midazolam use in this country (check the drugs, America!) would be IMPOSSIBLE without social service SJW coercion.
Those are the ‘orders’ they follow, including the murder of that baby boy they refused to let go.

Social workers are pimping out kids in those so-called ‘care homes’ too. They’re violent brothels.
Tons of care home abuse scandals have come out, including taser use, quickly buried.
This is trafficking, this is child abuse.
And the controlled ops right do not care. They’re too busy telling you to emigrate.

p.s. the McCann girl was trafficked, I know for a fact.
Why weren’t the other children taken off the parents? GPs, friendly with Social Services, no doubt helping them fabricate records to kidnap other family’s children. Poorer whites, who couldn’t afford a lawyer.
This goes DEEP.
Class treason would cause blood to run in the streets, so they covered it up.
Do you think the blind eye to rape gangs was a coincidence, or fellow traveller?

The white middle-class hates you. They will permit the rape of your children to spare their own, for a while. R has zero loyalty, including to country. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is likely a plant, unless the parents are implicated directly in selling her.
Both parents have pedo face. Especially the mother. There’s a stone cold cunt look about her.

One critical piece of evidence? I know someone who went there on holiday mere weeks later. According to the mother’s story, she couldn’t see the door. This person went to the scene. She could. There was direct line of sight, from where she claimed to be that evening. No other exits. She saw who went in and out. No doubt about it. None.

Age of consent there, 14. Not the First World. Whites don’t make right, either.

p.s. Up until recently, France has no age of consent. This is why we hate the French.
And 15 is still too low. Look at the brain data and suicide risk for early ‘age at first sex’.
They’re also going to ‘prohibit sex with relatives under age 18’…… is that Catholic? Effectively legalising adult child abuse as if grooming prior to that won’t sway the child mentally? Giving the pederast/pedo an out? And if 18 is the real consent point, biologically, it must apply to everyone else?! LOGICALLY.

TLDR: The police know. The police covered it up too, probably raping minors in female pederasty just like the cops here are on witness testimony as doing, under threat of arresting the girls for solicitation. Sometimes they’d bribe them with food, the thing they need to live? So they’d buy these girls for a packet of crisps, less than a pound coin.
This is why the Bible outlaws prostitution, it’s abuse and the predators target younger and younger and younger until you get Sodom mobs. The age for your daughters will be the age for your sons.

At least make sexual activity during work hours illegal for cops? At least?

There is no acceptable degeneracy.

Make corruption get the death penalty again.

The grooming (corrupting) process has already begun in young boys but I guess that pederasty is okay? /s

Would this cause a lynching in the 1950s? A civilization test.

Porn is grooming, wake up. Otherwise ((they)) wouldn’t make it free. When do they make anything free?

It used to be that only sailors owned those things. Now it’s considered normal to have a human size plastic dead-looking body in a cupboard like a weeb. You wonder why boys are emotionally disturbed ‘practising’ their first sexual experiences on that bullshit?

No complaining about pedos and degeneracy and birth rates if you endorse this porn loving bullshit. Masturbation never used to need HD 4k and dead looking humanoid ‘dolls’*, that’s impotence, it’s addictive and there’s neuroscience to back this up, whole websites.

*the same ones given to pedos in prison by SJWs. Wake up.

Pedo necrophile proves they’re predators of opportunity

An undeniable case study and black swan proving my point, excellent timing.

Normally I cannot name how I know about necro-pedos due to data protection, sadly.

Just like Jimmy Saville hanging around hospitals, sense a pattern?
Adult women are more often available and less likely to be believed than an assaulted, adult man, but they prefer more innocent prey among virgins, whether adult or especially children, the sexes go unmentioned for a reason – while they hint female corpses, like that’s better…. that’s “hebe” reasoning, right there. Like calling male on male child abuse ‘gay’. Trivialisation of the evil, minimisation is a type of gaslighting. As if male pederasty is somehow different.

“Fuller had even labelled folders with names of the victims. The abuses are believed to have taken place between 2008 and November 2020. The dead bodies of three children were among those he molested.”

It’s about corruption and defilement, hence the pedo and necro link.
There used to be correlation studies of paraphilias in the prison population (i previously linked at least one) and it was stopped because of links like homosexuality, transvestitism, necrophilia and pedophilia, merely proving these links in known criminals was considered hateful by the propaganda teams and shut down.
Remember this the next time a hebe tries their slippery slope rhetoric on you.

Next it’ll be: if man on boy is gay, and boy on girl is acceptable, what’s wrong with man on girl?
Or something like: it isn’t rape anyway because consent isn’t an option and this way we’re sexually recycling them. What if they consented in their will to donate their body to science? This could be rehab?
That level of batshit awaits.

Note: crazy people often have the glass eye look but especially the craziest have one eye slightly off centre compared to the other. Why aren’t these places filmed as a matter of course?

And who let him in? Child abusers work in gangs and even give one another advice.

It isn’t considered rape legally if it’s a corpse because a corpse isn’t considered a legal person, otherwise taking organs (when biologically still alive and viable), port-mortem dissections and such wouldn’t fly.

Pedophiles know this and being opportunists, seek places that contain the corpses of women and children. They never specified an upper range because there isn’t one, they would also bone your dead 98yo grandma. Pedophilia is a behavioural symptom of predator sexuality, one outlet of many, preferred but not restricted. No minimum age was given, so you know there’s at least one baby, perhaps aborted.

What, you think they haven’t? Aborted babies go missing all the time. Sometimes they show up in boxes or drawers. Sometimes they never show up.

“but it’s just schoolgirls bro” says the ‘hebe’

Homicide correlates in prison studies, btw.

Shocking nobody who reads me. I said most rapists are serial rapists like most instances of murder are by serial killers. The group number is very small but repeat offenders. It’s the same group, mostly. Most rapists are also murderers, and most murderers are also rapists. This is why a death penalty for murder will mortally offend rapists. Tell a suspected rapist about that policy and gauge the reaction.

Also, check who buys those rape practice dolls online and ban their ownership, especially those made to look like children. This should be common sense but, here we are. Sex toys should not be humanoid. The SJWs have used them to appease/rehabilitate pedos, so that should tip you off.
The ISPs know who these people are, VPNs hide nothing. It’s evidence for court. Practising rape on a child doll then being accused of rape? What are the odds?
Practising any crime should be illegal. If they were selling murder practice dolls the same would apply. They make the child dolls with bizarrely long enough necks to practise choking them…. why? They know. It’s a requested feature. That fetish is the most common for murderers/rapists, in adult women they use the “she was kinky” excuse when the victim can’t reply to it. Jack the Ripper went for the neck too. By removing knives from the equation, it’s harder to prove murder. They premeditate.*

I’ve heard things that would make you vom.

*then again there’s a thing called knifeplay so

Kink is deviance, deviance is wrong. Stamp out the Boomer fad of cultural kink=cool and most violent crimes disappear overnight, with no sob story excuse for rhetoric. Teenage girls now wear BDSM harnesses as a fashion trend. This is deliberate.

nb Not every psychopath with glass eyes is ugly, either.

Note a subtle focal difference.

In many pictures:

Askew focal gaze.

The fiat is a forgery

The labour is real.
The bread is real.
That leaves the fiat.
>The fiat is a forgery.

The fiat ‘currency’ is the problem there.
Without inflation, the working poor wouldn’t be poor.
If the poor weren’t poor, they’d take time off.
This is bad for the tax people, hence they make the fake money and they tax you on it too – on their own money‘.
That makes no fucking sense if the money is valuable in any way. This is debt slavery. See Best Post for the ongoing strike about this.
Why not print off more, says the Marxist?
Well they’ve been doing that too, to speed up the inflation. That’s why you’re complaining.
Socialist spending.
Why don’t they teach this in school?

  1. Schools are socialist re-education camps.
  2. They rely on the tax money. Which isn’t real. They’re in the same exact camp as the bankers and crony companies sucking on your teat. Without your labour, they must work harder. Nothing good is ever free, including free education.
  3. Teachers are generally useless workers fit for nothing else. They can’t just ‘get a real job’, they’re desk jockeys with busy work instead of productive labour. This is why schools get more money every year for worse performance and the same is true of universities. Market forces are good for consumers – YOU are a consumer of the educational product.
    3b. Regulation would mean suing the provider when the goods are faulty or not as advertised e.g. permit students to return their degrees for a full refund, including any interest paid (since the money was never really created anyway), if the employment prospects transpire to be twisted statistics. The ponzi would crumble, including pension funds in America that rely on that money like vampires.
  4. The middle-class teaching set is motivated by seeing the poor suffer, thereby enforcing it. They encourage the children out of wedlock and so on, to validate their existence and position over them. Ever seen a socialist teacher, pissed you did extra reading over the summer holidays? I did. Ever refuse to answer advanced questions? I did. Ever get annoyed you point out an obvious solution to a social problem nobody wanted to try? Oh, I did. For example, let all men get the snip at 18 if they so consent and desire it, to prevent out of wedlock pregnancies? Oh, the anger! The fury! The howling! If looks could kill! We can’t have the poor contracepting themselves into the middle-class! Who’d wait their tables and drive their kids?!

Marxism is a psyop from the “Bankers” to turn the workers at each other’s throat. If the national workers united, they’d be fucked. Well, deported. But it happens all the time. Because nobody has the balls to hang traitors and their entire families any more, just to be sure. This is how you get the Soros infestation. If you’re going to hell for murder, you may as well commit and make sure the world is truly purged of the evildoers. In the HOLY Bible, there’s no hate the sin, love the sinner bull, they are people known by their deeds, evildoers. And if it’s God’s justice, only doing a half-ass job will probably send you to hell for it, there is no mercy for evil unless you Jesus. Doing half is logically the worst possible thing.

If the atheist comedians like the PC Python getting cancelled feel cold for culturally weakening Christianity, don’t worry, the next place you’re going is much warmer.

I stole these memes and you should too.

Immigration is invasion by recession or invasion by submission. White flight is the polite term for fleeing the invading rapist, literally and metaphorically in culture.
It’s colonialism in reverse gear. Instead of us going to shitholes to take their resources and make something of them, they come here to demand a danegeld minus any actual threat if our leaders weren’t foreign turncoats themselves. Do you think the Muslims with 18 kids wanna farm here in the bitter cold to feed them all?

Welfare to the out-group, including anchor babies, is a gafol or geld.

It’s also genocidal but meh.

Exclusion is the rule of everything good, from restaurants to clubs and yes, countries. Start with banning foreigners from running your governments and voting (in their cousins) or rigging the postal votes, then maybe a smart policy of never permitting foreign persons or corporations to ‘own’ your country (aka real estate, properties) from beneath your feet. Otherwise the Nazis could’ve just bought us out.

The CCP has all the fake money in the world, It has an illusion of prosperity due to Marxist money printer. England only has so many mansions, empty family homes, apartments, farms and schools for them to buy. This should be common fucking sense.

Instead we have model minority bullshit while they’re out raping little kids, not the Africans! Well, a lot more at least. Measurably, in court.

The controlled ops of the fake right will uphold the muh Asian model minority and the good Muslim shit until they’re raped and or beheaded themselves. These people are insane, the shameless and reprobate. We used to place them in asylums. “Why don’t we let the whole world invade? What’s the worst that could possibly happen?” is insanity.

God split the nations. God split the cultures. God split the tongues and peoples.

Trust in God.

His Ways are Higher.

Or look at South America for the future of the North. You had laws against mixing to prevent that. Oddly, the controlled ops never mention this ‘tradition’, despite Biblical backing. The fairweather patriots are traitors in waiting and will get theirs.

The opposite of God’s will is evil. Blood is on the hands of those who endorse multiculturalism, they are bannermen for the invader army. Not those who defend their kids from rape and other evils. They have a birthright to be in their homeland. They made it worth the rape and pillaging.

Pedos call all adults jealous “whores”

Their copium is worse than SJWs, no wonder so many are secretly SJWs on race-mixing and fetishes like the furry shit. They decry the moral decay until it’s their turn to man up.

It’s never just one flavour of degeneracy, they always travel in packs.
Everyone is just jealous, dude, trust them with minors.
No slippery slope dude, no Overton window, man, they’re all just sluts, biiiiig sluts, even the adult virgins and conservative married couples, they’re all totes magotes super duper jealous of the gross pervert who wants to ‘diddle’ your drugged, unconscious daughter for ‘secretly‘ wanting it. Wicked temptress!
Don’t look at the suicide rate of minors who were touched or anything.
They’re just jealous – say all narcissists ever, when caught being evil losers.

I heard about one case from America where a father got custody and this sort of case is why the MRAs can bitch all they like about gynocentrism, the ‘father’ (yes, genetic) taught his toddler until the age of about 6 how to perform oral on him like a slave, on command, in their living room, then forced her to do it on her older, teen brother too (also living with the pedo dad and getting him into hardcore porn first to encourage the cover-up) and finally it was discovered because the brother invited entire gangs of school friends over and passed her around like a fleshlight. This was happening when she was 5-6. One boy refused the ‘offer’ after being invited by happenstance (being around boys who’d orally raped her before) and called the authorities later about what he was FORCED to witness (the trauma of just seeing that shit, can you imagine?) or she’d still be gumming perverts to this day. That’s slavery, MRAs. Also, lock up the teenage rapists who groom younger and younger kids in turn, because they’re still of criminal responsibility age, responsible criminally for their choices (nobody falls into a child’s mouth) and used by pedos as test cases. In my country, it’s actually illegal to have sexual activity (including kissing) with a minor when one is 18+ yet online the 16yo rule for other 16yos is still peddled, falsely. I’ve linked articles correcting this before. It’s gonna be the downfall of some Super Douche celebrities who were orally raping minors (<18, 15 at the time, as covered) on the set of disappointing girl power Netflix shows loosely based on Sherlock Holmes. Do you imagine there weren’t witnesses, possibly pics and videos….. let alone the rapist/s actually bragging? To many, many people? Openly? Proud of the ‘sex’? nb Rape is not sex. Sex is consensual with an adult. Minors cannot consent. They lack the frontal lobe maturity.

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK. I’ve been saying so for years.

This is why fornication needs to be shamed among boys, porn told them that orally raping a little girl was ok because it was ‘sex’ and ‘nutting’. Porn should require a credit card to sign up for, even if it charges you nothing. As an age screen. Pre-schoolers are now seeing porn from groomers, including fellow children, according to a UN study I recall reading a while back. And grooming other teenagers with it needs to be a crime, the ancients called it corruption and it carried the death penalty, quite rightly. This shit is not acceptable in any civilization, stop enabling the chosenite pornographers who design a supernormal stimulus to encourage pedos and brainwash their victims with amygdala hijacks. Ban the occupation entirely, no form of prostitute is acceptable (camera or not) or you get trafficking. The data is out there. Free porn sites have tons of actual rape, rape of drugged women and rape of minors on there. Nobody shuts them down, no matter how many ((Cases)). They don’t even require signed model releases for each film, if we consider it modelling. It isn’t modelling. It’s predation. Nobody would sign a release for it.

Boomers enable pedos because muh aaaaaart, man. (Evil Boomers only, I know). Art needs to be censored, see Cardi B.
I can like some Michael Jackson songs, but he deserves to burn in Hell. K?

Slow clap to Vox for checking this bull:
“The appeal to history is misplaced. These men are not marrying and financially supporting young women in a society where life expectancy is less than 40. They are predators who are illegally abusing girls adult society has deemed to be incapable of supporting themselves or making responsible decisions about medical treatment, voting, drinking, tobacco, and sex.”
As a father, he’s a good one, I can tell.
They’re not women, they’re little girls and children until they are 18. Biologically, brain-wise.
Men need to police one another against child abusers. Women cannot do it, as you see with the gaslighting, slander and projection of insecurity. Men need to defend minors.
He earned a lot of respect from me with this.

  1. the marriage stats are false. Most women in medieval times married in their 20s after working a little while to support their families and royal minors marrying (notoriously mentally ill) were not permitted to consummate until the late teens or their death rate was so high the doctors advised against it. So it’s also attempted murder, if you look at maternal mortality from the time.
  2. Lolita was a horror book, Hollywood fetishised it. The author clearly hates the pedo. And he is a pedo. The girl is disgusted a few years later and rejects him. Maybe she’s worried he’ll rape her baby?
  3. Child predators are of opportunity, age and sex do not matter to them. Over time, like other sexual sadists, they ‘escalate’ to younger and younger prey. They don’t go straight to babies, like a serial killer starts out abusing animals and lighting fires. This is forensic fact. Serial rapists and serial killers are often the same group, like the piece of work in a high security prison in America I heard choked an 8yo to death by shoving her knickers so far down her throat she slowly drowned by the fluid in her lungs while he was raping her. So yeah, the victim doesn’t want them. Kids don’t lust after adults. Sexual sadism needs to be added to the DSM but they refuse due to the murderer/rapist overlap protecting you know whos. Look up what de Sade was and did. It isn’t ‘kinky’ it’s predation. They torture. They destroy.
  4. If you find minors of any kind sexy, you’re a pedophile. I suggest you give up porn, which promotes a pipeline to younger and younger looking women. Playboy posted a 10 year old for God’s sake. They are not subtle about where this ends.
  5. It’s harmless won’t work when the lynch mob shows up. Neither will ‘you’re all jealous’ as a cope for evil. I guess when the rape victim comes forward so they can be hanged, they’ll call him/her a lying whore too! It’s never them! Hypoagency wankers.
  6. You are the reason for entire fairytales like Little Red. They chopped up the wolf who wanted to ‘eat’ her. Clearly this was sexual. Wolves don’t lick their lips at little girls.
  7. The conservative women who want to protect their daughters and those of others are doing their duties as mothers and citizens. When they cannot, you criticise them for shit like Rotherham. Stop blaming the women, blame the rapist for their own muh dick decisions.
  8. Many rock stars are Satanists so the pedo shit isn’t shocking. We used to burn people like you at the stake.
  9. Women and girls were raped in the Middle Ages too, often as minors. We have court records that blamed pregnant little girls for ‘consenting’ due to the misunderstanding that you can only get pregnant if you consented (opposite is true, the stress of rape encourages sperm through the cervix). The olden times were dumb or enabling, this is a fallacy to presume they were all-knowing. To assume ‘she consented’ based on the arguments of a child rapist is horse-shit. Consent is a positive claim that hence legally and mathematically must be proven by the rapist. A rape victim cannot prove a negative, that is literally impossible. Rapists rely on this.
  10. A lot of Hollywood scandals are about to break, and I pray SuperPedo is among them because like many mentioned in #3, he began raping adult women vaginally, then began flipping them over like pancakes to rape them anally, then started on younger and younger minors. 14-15 is his ideal now. He thinks it’s okay because he was raped at 15 on a dodgy holiday alone to Italy (he admitted this publicly and tries to make it sound romantic). They always have a sob story for the cycle of abuse. He’s already paid off several lawsuits, including a John Doe herp case in Canada and everyone in North London knows at this point what a sick bastard he is, causing him to hunt overseas. This idea pedos look a certain way is Hollywood psyop to disbelieve victims (gaslighting they were too hot to ‘need’ to rape you, like a hungry rabid dog, so you must’ve ‘secretly’ wanted it – das telepathy!) of the Satanic shit. The Satanic panic was never debunked. If a guy’s favourite countries have a low age of consent, like Italy, Thailand, China or especially Serbia, where a lot of CP is filmed, then he’s a pedo. No doubt. I told AC it’s the second passport people, years ago. They hop jurisdictions until the heat of a rape charge dies down because the police assumed the attacker was a local who couldn’t skip the country and assumed they went through all suspects. It’s the same small group in several countries. I have posted blind answers from CDAN about these people but nobody really listened. It was under the gossip and Hollywood tags.
    Biblically, attempted rape was punished by stoning them to death, mob justice, so don’t you ‘hebes’ try dare appeal to tradition because Patriarchy hates pedos more than me, and that’s saying a lot. To call their bluff, we COULD force them to marry these women/girls and be responsible for their medical bills, including all the therapy they’ll need. But they’ll lose interest the moment the clock strikes twelve on her 18th birthday, because the fetish is a paraphilia for the corruption of children, hence escalation. They hate virginity, especially in adults (they think it’s an abomination*) and they mock the idea of innocence in minors openly, they ridicule and laugh at children for being kids. We need child innocence laws, outlaw all forms of grooming.

They’ll start calling the adult men jealous too, you watch. They’ll claim all adult men are secretly pedos jealous the predators are just acting on it, like the homophobia bullshit.
Predators have a victim mentality that due to cognitive dissonance never abrades their grandiosity that nobody genuinely think they’re scum of the earth and DEMONstrable monsters, nay, the entire planet is jealous. You know, like we’re jealous of Amber Heard too?

Narcissists have no self-awareness, let alone empathy.

*reprobate mind, up is down to them, manwhores project

Speaking of pedos and their sadist child-hating enablers, I could smell it on Anne Rice, especially if you read the pederasty scenes in The Vampire Armand ‘novel’, and her son Christopher, who seems to have been raised pedo, claims to be gay but has the slime I can sense in his writing too:
!vaxx dead, more blood for the blood god

The scenes I recall included a boy in a bath tub being touched (yes, there) by an adult man and enjoying it. I wanted to throw up, even younger than the boy myself when reading it, and thankfully I enjoyed other books parallel to it before reading this, feeling the whole thing was tainted now and hating her forever. It was supposed to be erotic, but just read it. She was a monster. In the regular series, the 5yo Claudia ‘sleeps with’ two adult men in their ‘coffin’ beds. There is no reason for this. It’s supposed to be sweet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed her own daughter for fame, because a sane, grieving mother doesn’t enter a book signing in a coffin. What a vulgar person, barely human. Death has mocked her back, now.

The Sleeping Beauty series is just…..

What little I have read…. should be illegal. So female pedos definitely exist.

p.s. The writer to Vox is defending female pederasty, why are some of you acting like Muslims are normal? They buy rape practice dolls of minors on aliexpress, make it criminal to own such a thing.
Pedos are predators of opportunity, if you normalise it for one sex, they’ll go after your sons too! Sexual emergency style!

p.p.s. But Vox is falling for the slippery slope of the hebes here, as if raping teenagers is less evil than pre-schoolers. Minors cannot consent, Vox. Any of them. Tell me the arbitrary age when raping a minor of their virginity is okay, then? There is no lesser evil, read the Bible! BOTH get the millstone, Jesus didn’t say attacking anyone’s unmarried maiden was okay. Otherwise gay is okay, even when it’s Stephen Fry joking about raping a choirboy. Because if you accept the hebe minor teen=adult argument, then all pedophilia is effectively legalised, because if an undeveloped brain can consent, that applies to babies. THEY PLANNED THIS. THEY HAD CENTURIES TO PLAN THIS. How can this guy claim to have high IQ, really?
Those ‘groupie‘ children were often pushed and groomed by sick mothers too. Lock up the groomers. Jared Leto is notorious for drugging and raping teenage girls, total sadist. The mothers sometimes trick them into the room and lock them in! It’s slavery!
Also, rape can leave a girl/woman infertile due to the scarring of the trauma. So naturalistic fallacy doesn’t work either.

Aged, post-Wall men when childless more likely to die young

and their r-select offspring, too, if they have them. Quantity over quality doesn’t work in the long run, see, so don’t worry about immigrants that much. Low fitness cannot win, long-term.
Mother Nature culls bachelors.

Slight repost for SEO. Nature, this year.

Impact of genetic risk score on the association between male childlessness and cardiovascular disease and mortality

Men need purpose of family or wither away. Believe no copes.

Childless men are reported to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mortality. Information on inherited genetic risk for CVD has improved the predictive models. Presuming that childlessness is a proxy of infertility we aimed to investigate if childless men inherit more often genetic traits for CVD and if combining genetic and parenthood information improves predictive models for CVD morbidity and mortality. Data was sourced from a large prospective population-based cohort where genetic risk score (GRS) was calculated using two sets of either 27 (GRS 27) or 50 (GRS 50) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) previously found to be associated with CVD. Part of the participants (n = 2572 men) were randomly assigned to a sub-cohort with focus on CVD which served as an exploratory cohort. The obtained statistically significant results were tested in the remaining (confirmatory) part of the cohort (n = 9548 men). GRS distribution did not differ between childless men and fathers (p-values for interaction between 0.29 and 0.76). However, when using fathers with low GRS as reference high GRS was a strong predictor for CVD mortality, the HR (95% CI) increasing from 1.92 (1.10–3.36) for GRS 50 and 1.54 (0.87–2.75) for GRS 27 in fathers to 3.12 (1.39–7.04) for GRS50 and 3.73 (1.75–7.99) for GRS27 in childless men. The confirmatory analysis showed similar trend. Algorithms including paternal information and GRS were more predictive for CVD mortality at 5 and 10 years follow-ups when compared to algorithms including GRS only (AUC 0.88 (95% CI 0.84–0.92) and 0.86 (95% CI 0.84–0.90), and, AUC 0.81 (95% CI 0.75–0.87) and 0.78 (95% CI 0.73–0.82), respectively). Combining information on parental status and GRS for CVD may improve the predictive power of risk algorithms in middle-aged men. Childless men and those with severe infertility problem may be an important target group for prevention of CVD.

The Wall literally kills men. It’s undeniable. The MGTOW types are an anti-natal death cult as much as SJWs, except spinsters live longer, actually.
There is no accounting for this but genetics, as we see in the premature mortality of children if they do have them.

Risk of childhood mortality in family members of men with poor semen quality

Men who wait until postWall to have kids, tend to have dead kids. It isn’t just paternal age, it’s poor genetic quality or fitness.
Stop lying to men about this, they don’t have immortal sperm. No such thing. Don’t tell them to leave it too late while you hock them playa e-books.
So the kids they do manage to have will die early, this is also seen among the mixed with rare genetic conditions.

What is known already: Semen quality is an established predictor of men’s somatic health. We can gain a better understanding of possible genetic or environmental determinants of the infertility phenotype by exploring familial aggregation of childhood mortality in relatives of men with poor semen quality.


Get rekt, you’re already dead. So are your r-type kids.
This is why r-types evolved to have children as early as humanly possible, and as often. The high quality K strategy is genetically barred from them, no wonder they hate happy families, it’s like fat women hating thin ones. The kids don’t live long enough to act like a K, long-term. This is why fake Ks make me laugh and largely don’t concern me. You can’t cheat your own inferior genetic quality. Go ahead, have expensive medical bills for likely retarded or mentally ill kids, that will die before you get grandkids. See if I care.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Or maybe you aren’t listening to Him.
The sins of the father…..

You say, ‘God stores away a man’s iniquity for his sons.’
Let God repay him so that he may know it.

“Prepare for his sons a place of slaughter
Because of the iniquity of their fathers.
They must not arise and take possession of the earth
And fill the face of the world with cities.”

Sounds like early mortality to me!

There are many studies on weak sperm and premature mortality in men, I’m surprised really. Nature has the gold standard one because I know they’ll try to cherrypick around it.
They never discuss real redpills like this, do they?

If something cut a childless woman’s lifespan in HALF, you’d be sure they’d talk about it.

Men are, at best, dying of a broken heart in the mid-30s, early-40s because they have no family, and you hear crickets from the con artists who don’t really care about men, only wish to profiteer from them.

It directly contradicts their pure copium that ALL men have magical sexy singleton 30s (as K-type high fitness men might exclusively*), despite going outside, touching some grass and seeing how many let themselves go into grotesque swamp monsters. It isn’t just the women. Speaking to some Americans, I attributed a full decade or two onto their claimed age. I don’t think they were lying. The GMO carbs and booze age them like shit. The diabeetus fairy sprinkles them with powdered sugar.

*but Ks don’t sleep around, so it’s redundant to be hot. Rs want to be Ks so badly but slut genes lose.

CVD is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the US as well as in the European Union to a cost of hundreds of billion €, and responsible for 400,000 annual US deaths and 1.8 million EU deaths11,12,13. Therefore, improving CVD risk prediction and prevention is an important public health goal and is embedded in the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in the WHO European Region for the time period 2016 to 202514.

This risk was most pronounced in childless men with high genetic risk scores having up to more than three times increased risk of CVD mortality, as compared to fathers with low GRS. Furthermore, we showed that adding information on paternal status to the GRS-based risk algorithm increases the predictive power for CVD mortality during 5- and 10-years follow-up.

Previously, by using data from a prospective cohort of 22,000 men with long follow-up from the same urban population, we were able to show that childlessness can be regarded as an independent risk marker for CVD along with other well-known risk factors2, an association previously reported by other authors4,26,27,28. In the current study we used a similar cohort from the same region of southern Sweden which provided genetic data and was specifically designed to study CVD risk. We were able to show the same effect of paternal status on CVD mortality estimates as previously published2. To the best of our knowledge this is the first study which evaluates the impact of established genetic risk scores for CVD on the association between parental status and the risk of CAD and CVD mortality.

Family size can be directly linked to the male fertility status29 and therefore male infertility is most likely overrepresented among childless men. Similarly, increased mortality and morbidity risk have been associated with impaired semen quality2 suggesting biological factors related to fertility to also play an important role for the risk of adverse health events in those men—association already established for women30.

The hypothesis of shared genetic traits for CVD and male infertility is based on the model proposed by Skakkebaek et al.18. It suggests a common mechanism, involving a combination of prenatal life exposures and adverse genetic factors to affect the future health of male fetuses making them more prone to develop subfertility as well as various diseases in adult life and to have shorter life span16,17,18,19. The mechanism suggests a primary testicular dysfunction including low testosterone—hypogonadism—as a possible mediator for the aforementioned risks31,32. Since up to 15% of the genome is directly involved in the physiology of reproduction16, disruption of non-reproductive, including metabolic, pathways likely impacts reproductive function and vice versa. However, the lack of interaction between parental status and inherited genetic risk for CVD reported by us suggests independent mechanisms when using childlessness as proxy for infertility.

Our study has several strengths but also some limitations. Comprehensive information from Swedish national registries allows for precise information on date and cause of death, emigration, disease diagnosis and represents men from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The meticulous data collection at baseline provides an opportunity to adjust for a large number of well-known risk factors for CVD. Furthermore, the genetic scores used in the analysis were previously verified as a risk factor using data from more than 55,000 individuals15, thus making it a reliable factor in risk estimation.

The robustness of our findings is underlined by confirmation of the findings based on MDC-CVC sub-cohort in the analysis of data from the remaining MDC subjects. In the latter analysis some additional GRS 27 subgroups showed statistically significantly increased CAD HRs, probably due to larger sample size.

therefore the risk of our cohort to reflect voluntary childlessness is low.

TLDR: Genetic r.

Solution? Simple. Compel hot people to breed like military service and ban the ugly.