What’s the problem with micro-clots?

thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Yes, time for another original.

I needn’t glance beyond wikipedia to prove this. It’s so simple.

There is a reliable way to kill people only by causing microclots. This is due to the physics of the vasculature causing shear stress resulting in micro-tearing. You heard it here first.
When this arises organically, this is what it’s called. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Symptoms include bleeding from the teeth. It’s very random and could easily fly under the radar if you’re not looking for it. Nobody is looking for it. I’m just out here saving lives and nobody is crediting me. It’s fine. Sniff.
I await reddit and 4chan ripping me off momentarily. Meh. At least get the information out there.

If a depopulationist wanted to silent kill people, all they’d need to do is cause TTP.

It’s a very precise turn of events, almost impossible to stop once begun.
It’s a slow biomechanical death, turning the vessel structure itself into a targeted weapon against all the vital organs. Most of them are fairly vital. A ‘vaccination’ injection would be the ideal vehicle for the causative agent, spaced over several instances to avoid legal suspicion and ensure the widest demographic coverage radius, if you were pure evil. Sepsis and other clot or blood issues happen in old people all the time, so start with them. By the time they discover it, if they know what it is, they’re probably half-dead. I saw in person an NHS ad about mask wearing using the NPC meme. They know.

Let me quote arrogantly:

“The underlying mechanism typically involves autoantibody-mediated inhibition of the enzyme ADAMTS13, a metalloprotease responsible for cleaving large multimers of von Willebrand factor (vWF) into smaller units.

The increase in circulating multimers of vWF increases platelet adhesion to areas of endothelial injury, particularly where arterioles and capillaries meet, which in turn results in the formation of small platelet clots called thrombi. As platelets are used up in the formation of thrombi, this then leads to a decrease in the number of overall circulating platelets, which may then cause life-threatening bleeds. Red blood cells passing the microscopic clots are subjected to shear stress, which damages their membranes, leading to rupture of red blood cells within blood vessels, which in turn leads to anemia and schistocyte formation. The presence of these blood clots in the small blood vessels reduces blood flow to organs resulting in cellular injury and end organ damage.”

– and death

It’s a subtle point, isn’t it?

How to test this, begs the peanut gallery?

The adhesion shows up as a dodgy d-dimer test. Check mate.

But that’s early presentation, not a formal diagnosis and certainly no treatment option.
Hence my research. I knew, with my super high IQ, it isn’t the clots, it’s what they’re doing.
I just needed to prove it.

Feeling smug because you forswore the modRNA? Don’t.

Taking quinine can also cause this, which is why I haven’t recommended it. Like, ever.
Look on the page, it’s listed! That’s why refuseniks are also randomly dropping dead. From what diagnostically appears like the same thing. But it’s not. The same condition with differential CAUSE.

I am like the Batman of medicine.

Gives pureblood a whole new meaning, dunnit?

We’d expect more women to die from this. Women and trannies. Why? Well, taking the Pill or any oestrogen chemically is a possible, known cause. So add in a clot shot and it’s basically a death sentence.
I said you go after depopulating in two different ways. Long term sperm damage to men and simply killing off the women, since a population is nothing reproductively without its women.



“The mortality rate is around 95% for untreated cases, but the prognosis is reasonably favorable (80–90% survival) for people with idiopathic TTP diagnosed and treated early with plasmapheresis.[38]”

This is not idiopathic, it is accumulative and medicated (repeatedly) and people are being denied basic hospital care, including blood tests. Coincidence?

I’m not always scary, just usually.

Ask the guinea pigs if they’re getting strange bruising, or red or purple dots on their skin that don’t blanch when pressure is applied. Their life may literally depend on it.

They want you to cut off communication from them. This keeps them ignorant until all treatment is too late to be applied.

With enough schistocytes building up artificially, it could present much like sepsis, so it could lead to a different possible Cause of actual Death, called Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC.
Check schistocyte values too! nb. This explains the mysterious, pre-existing dissection findings of tons of coagulation in the clot shotted and deceased. It has a name. I found it. Check schistocytes in the living.

It’s just a blood test, it’s so cheap!

Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC is caused by a systemic response to a specific condition including sepsis and severe infection, malignancy, obstetric complications, massive tissue injury, or systemic diseases. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is an activation of the coagulation cascade which is usually a result of an increased exposure to tissue factor. The activation of the cascade leads to thrombi formation which causes an accumulation of excess fibrin formation in the intravascular circulation. The excess fibrin strands cause mechanical damage to the red blood cells resulting in schistocyte formation and also thrombocytopenia and consumption of clotting factors. Schistocyte values between .5% and 1% are usually suggestive of DIC.[7]

I told you the tests now do them.

Even if the mutant women survive, this fatal condition can be aggravated by pregnancy, so I guess it no longer becomes ‘safe’ for them to have kids, even if they technically can. All hail saving Da Planet!
Now that’s what I call a blood sacrifice, no bull required. Well, a little bull. Mostly in the form of appeasing bullshit to keep the lemmings questioning long enough that their own organs slowly starve to death.

Go forth and multiply – some guy.

p.s. look for blood issues in the excess mortality and anemic organs upon dissection, now sod off.

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